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How do I find out what is new in the latest version?

Hi there,

Here at the theme’s details page you’ll find the Changelog (scroll down to see it) with the description of what has changed/added to the latest version: http://themeforest.net/item/nayma-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/6492730

Let us know if you have any question.


Only two questions. 1. How to set Vertical Drop Down menu ( responsive) with Nayma theme, 2) How can I hide the sticky Menu?

In my case, I dont want sticky menu or Top menu..Only one Vertical droopdown Menu With Responsiveness I use Visual Composer ( I purchased it as you stopted supporting that)

Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing Nayma!

Please, join our support forum and open a new topic with your question. Our team will be happy to assist you. http://quadroideas.com/support/theme/nayma-wp-theme/

When you do that, share a link to your site and a screenshot of what you want to achieve (you can use this site for that http://imgur.com/ ).

Have a nice weekend!


I just installed the theme and two out of the three plugins. I’m not able to install the Nayma WP Theme – Portfolio Type plugin because when I click “Begin installing plugin” it sends me to a page that says “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” I couldn’t find the plugin by searching for it either. Is there a manual way I can install it? I’ve never encountered that error before.

Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing Nayma!

That’s a weird message to get, I agree. If you are sure you are tying to do that as an administrator, please post this on our support forum at http://quadroideas.com/support, where our support team will gladly assist you.

And, by the way, you can find the plugin’s zip file in the /inc/plugins folder of the theme, if you want to try manually installing it.

Please keep us posted.



Nuajan Purchased

Hi there, i’ve realized that grid x4 portfolio, in big displays, is rendered in 3 columns instead; if you resize window manually it applies correctly down at specific size of screen. Did you also notice? Any fixes for that behaviour? Thanks.

Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing Nayma!

Please, join our forum and open a topic so our support team can help you with that.


Have a nice day! Cheers

I’ve received notifications that there are security vulnerabilities in Visual Composer plugin and all the themes including that should be updated to new ones. I have purchased a version of Nayma that includes VC. Should we update to this new version of your theme, and if yes, what will it do to the content stuctures of the website?

Hi there!

As the plugin was bundled in the theme (but it was not actually part of it) the content shouldn’t suffer at all, at least not from the theme update. As for what changed in the plugin’s new version, you should check it out over the plugin’s site here: http://codecanyon.net/item/visual-composer-page-builder-for-wordpress/242431.

Please write us to contact @ quadroideas.com including your Themeforest purchase key and we’ll assist you with this.


Hi…Can I easily add youtube or self hosted video background header? Thx

Hi there,

Thanks for your interest on Nayma!

Currently there’s no video header on the theme. It’ll possibly be integrated in a future but there are no definitive plans for that.


Hello, I’m interested in your theme Nayma and I like it very much, but one thing I checked when I look at the Portfolio Masonry x2, Portfolio Masonry x4 and Portfolio Perfect Grid x4, on a larger screen columns become 2 or 3 leaving a blank space on the right and the Portfolio Masonry x2 becomes the first column only and Portfolio x4 become 3 columns. Before making the purchase I wanted to know if you solved this problem that I have seen in your demo.

http://s18.postimg.org/gptjja36x/Schermata_10_2457319_alle_10_53_34.jpg http://s18.postimg.org/fdbuhe5rd/Schermata_10_2457319_alle_10_53_50.jpg http://s18.postimg.org/bsfyy617t/Schermata_10_2457319_alle_10_54_04.jpg

Hi there,

Thanks for your interest in Nayma! We’re very sorry about the delay on this answer. We wanted to took some time to properly check this out before we replied.

We see what you posted on your screenshots but we cannot replicate this on any device. If you want to give us some days, we’ll check that out thoroughly in the next few days and we can come back to you with a clearer answer.

If you want to purchase the theme anyways, you can jump over to our support forums and we’ll assist you there.

Hope to see you around!

Have a nice week :)

Just letting you know, another customer came with that and our support team found a solution. Here’s the link to that thread in our forum: http://quadroideas.com/support/topic/x4-portfolio-becomes-x3/

Have a nice day! Cheers

I have been asked to work on this theme for a client, they would like the sub menu to appear on the right rather than the left. I have been able to move the menu over – can you advise the css required the put the < on the left hand side of the sub menu? thanks

Hi there!

We answer all our support requests in our dedicated support forums at http://quadroideas.com/support. Please join us there where our support team will gladly assist you. :)


Thanks – I have tried, but as I did not purchase the theme it will not let me post on that forum…unless I am doing something wrong!

You need to be registered on the site to access the support forum, you’re right. But you can get those login details from your client, no problem.

Regarding your question, this should make that happen:

.menu-item-has-children > a:after {
   display: none;
.menu-item-has-children > a:before {
   font-family: 'FontAwesome';
   content: "\f107";
   margin: 0 8px 0 0;
   font-size: 12px;
   zoom: 1;
   filter: alpha(opacity=70);
   opacity: .7;

(we won’t be able to provide detailed support over here, so meet us in the forums to continue the conversation, alright?)


Hey there,

Is it possible using SiteOrigin builder in a Canvas module please ?

Thanks a lot.


Hi there,

Yes, off course. Make sure you enabled the Page Builder plugin first to show up in Modules (Settings >> Page Builder).

If you still have any question, please join our support forum here: http://quadroideas.com/support/theme/nayma-wp-theme/


This concerns the new 2.3.4 Update. I am trying to update my theme but it looks like the whole theme is downloaded. Do I need to delete the current them then upload the new theme? What happens to all the custom code if I do this? Will it go away?

HI Matt,

Thanks for contacting us!

If you download form Themeforest you have the option to download either the whole package or only an installable theme in a .zip file. To update the theme, the most comfortable way is to register your license at quadroideas.com/account and enable automatic updates on Theme Options >> General.

Now, if you have made custom modifications to the theme files, then there’s not much of a way around it. You can check all the files in the changelog that have been updated since the last time you checked it and go one by one. To avoid all that hustle, the best way to modify theme files and functions is through child themes. You can read about them here: http://quadroideas.com/faq/.

If you have any other questions regarding this, please join us on our support forum and we’ll be happy to assist you.


how to disable page title?

Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing Nayma!

That depends on which page template are you using and when. Please join us on our dedicated support forum at http://quadroideas.com/support where our support team will gladly assist you. :)


Hey, I have bought this theme a while ago and at WordPress 4.5.1 last update I’ve noticed that visual composer does not work, can you help me?

Hey Andreas,

I just re-sent the email to that email address (it was the same one we sent to last week). Please make sure your email isn’t going through some kind of file blocking firewall. The email’s got a zip file on it which may trigger some firewall alerts in some cases.

Let me know you got it.

And have a great day!


Hey Javier,

Still no email, please try to sent a address delia.craciun@ectc.ro.

Have a nice day!

Hey Andreas,

Will re-sent now. In the meantime, write us to our email (you already have it) from an email with another domain (like Gmail, for example) to discard the theory that there may be some kind of firewall on those addresses. Yes?

Have a nice day too!

Please, explain to me what is the reason for the failure reported by Chrome “Uncaught TypeError: Can not read property ‘length’ of null”. The errors are also visible in the console log at the link http://demos.quadroideas.com/nayma/ Thank you

Hi there,

That’s for reporting that. I’m not sure if we are seeing the same link, since I don’t see that error message on the console while at that URL.

If you are experiencing that on your theme install, please open a topic on our support forum at http://quadroideas.com/support and we’ll make sure to help you with that asap.


Updating from v1.0.3 to current. Is there anything I need to be aware of before the upgrade? Will my layouts or modules get messed up?

Your changelog, and support areas don’t contain any info regarding specific problems.

Not looking forward to it, very large site..

Currently having issues applying 2 modules, each with an image carousel on a page. Will that be fixed?

Didn’t fix it… The output page doesn’t load.

Here’s the scenario;

Created 2 modules, each containing an image carousel, using canvas with a text block, all in one row with VC.

When adding 1 module to the page, the page loads correctly. When adding the other module with the first, both are named differently and there are no conflictions with naming. The page doesn’t load. tried clearing cache and other things.

The upgrade didn’t fix the issue

Hey there,

I’m sorry to hear you were having trouble. I didn’t know about the two carousels on the same page, but will definitely check that out.

In the meantime, and to keep this conversation going, we handle all our support requests in our dedicated support forum at http://quadroideas.com/support. Please join us there describing this issue, and include a URL to your site so we can better see what you’re describing.


how about tutorial videos for how to use Nayma?

Hey Michele, Video tutorials for the themes are definitely on the agenda. Can’t release a specific date just yet, but they will be. In the meantime, if you have any kind of doubt concerning the use of the theme and strategies for that, please join us on our support forum at https://artisanthemes.io/support-center. We’ll be super happy to help!


taufanxxx Purchased

Hi, did this theme have a “Related Post” under the Post section?

Hi there! The theme itself doesn’t have a builtin Related Posts functionality. You can use any Related Posts plugin with it without problems, though. :) Cheers!