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Hi My Friend,

I like ur theme a lot. it has few features which no other theme has. Like the wider grid. and the services module.

I have been able to do easily all I am trying to achieve.


I have a concern here. All that i need I have to first make a new module then in the page selege page template as module generator. Now in the page if i want the rest page to be a normal one with other content and in the end with just one module then I have to selevt a module genrator and if i do that then for rest all content as well I will have to keep making a new module. This is something which is making little tired. I was assuming that all the modules will have a shortcode generator and in the normal page we will use that shortcode. So the rest page I type content on default editor and for the special feature i put shortcode. This will allow me to use both together whereas rite now If i have to use a module then everything on the page has be brought through module

Please guide if there is a solution to it or it can be intefrated in upcoming update?

Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing Nayma!

Nayma offers the modules system for flexibility purposes. And yes, as far as flexibility can take you further, you’ll need to go that road if you want to take it to that level. The modules work like that within the Modules Constructor template and are thought as complete level elements which serve for the creation of bigger structures.

If you are building elements after elements of regular content with just pieces of “special” content between and don’t want to create those Canvas modules for your regular content perhaps you can use the Visual Composer on a regular page template. It won’t be the same, but perhaps you find that faster.

We’ll think, however, about implementing shortcodes for the addition of modules. Can’t promise you it will get it, though, but we’ll think about it.

For any other support requests, please open a new topic on our dedicated support forum at http://quadroideas.com/support/theme/nayma-wp-theme/ and we’ll be happy to assist you.


AMAZING. I love this theme. Is it possible to use blog posts instead of portfolio items and still have the masonry style of this page:http://themes.quadroideas.com/?theme=nayma (Just using blog posts instead of portfolio items)? Thanks!

Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing Nayma!

You can, but it’ll look a little different…


It will behave like those items when you resize the screen, though, with the same masonry functionality.

I hope that helps! :)

I bought this theme a few weeks ago and I just wanted to say how amazing the support is. As a designer with some front end development experience, I’ve worked with a lot of themes. This theme is definitely top of my list in terms functionality. More importantly, your staff has been so supportive in helping me get my site just perfect for clients. This is exactly why I spend the extra money on premium themes :)

Just thought I’d share with anyone that is considering purchasing the theme!

Thanks for that nice comment! :)

We are glad to hear that it’s been such a pleasant experience for you. Keep up the good work!


I would like to add video backgrounds to parallax sections. can this be done here and if so do you have a sample?

Hi there,

That feature is not available right now, sorry for that.

Hope to see you around!


we have problems with the website on a Samsung Galaxy Tab. We’ve tested it on 2 Samsung tablets and it does not work on both of them…

Can you please help me with this?


Hi Centrino!

Thanks for purchasing Nayma!

Please, open a topic in our dedicated support forum here: http://quadroideas.com/support/theme/nayma-wp-theme/ and share there a link to your site so we can check that out.


I really like the shortcodes on the front page (the flip icons) is there any way to purchase those separately, or are they available on Code Canyon or somewhere?


Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing Nayma!

Nope, they are not available. They are even not a shortcode. If I understand correctly you are referring to the Services module of the theme, right? If so, then no. We are sorry.

Let us know if we can assist you anyway else.


As i add a portfolio Item to home page, I just get a wheel for like 15 seconds…its not loading very fast. Using Hostgator, reseller running latest php.

Any Ideas? I just did theme update

I noticed theres a plug-in called nayma portfolio – does that need updated?

also 2. Why do I not have shortcode or wp-bakery control i portfolio type?

Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing Nayma!

You need to install the Nayma Portfolio plugin, as stated in the documentation file, to use the Portfolio type (I’m not quite sure what you are asking in your third question).

And nope, nothing should take as long as 15 seconds, so there’s definitely something weird going on in there.

We handle all our support in our dedicated support forum at http://quadroideas.com/support. Please join us there and we’ll be happy to assist you.


Hi there, just downloaded this theme yesterday and was saddened and stunned to find thatthe only option available is the “Teaser” blog layout when searching for a tag or category.

Honestly, I’m stunned that the “Teaser” layout is even there, as its so ugly and useless for pages with any amount of content. I’ve also never come across a wordpress theme that had such a different search results page relative to the masonry. and am tremendously disappointed that I’ve spent so much time on this only to discover this at a late stage.

So, what is your estimated time for implementing this? Can you think of a workaround?

Yeah, so all that work for a nice front page of posts and then when anyone actually tries to navigate anywhere in it…..they see a long stream of text with every photo and video in the post content all in one long row.

Can you see that this is a serious problem?

Hi TasGeo!

Thanks for purchasing Nayma!

We’re sorry to hear your disappointment about that part. Actually, the archive isn’t the same as the search results, and also it’s different from the teasers layout.

When you search for something in your site, it includes results from all over the site (all kind of posts, pages, etc.) so we had to design a way to show all of them nicely and unified (a page can’t look like a masonry post).

Regarding the archive (when you click on a tag, category, etc.), it’ll show the articles as in the classic blog, because an archive isn’t the same as a blog page.

We understand your thoughts, and we’ll definitely consider that as an idea for a future update. Thanks for bringing that up!

We’ll be happy to have you in our forums http://quadroideas.com/support/theme/nayma-wp-theme/ if you’ll need help with something.

Have a nice day, Quadro Ideas Team

This theme looks great, my company is interested in purchasing.

We are wondering if this theme supports charts, graphs and specifically counters though?

Please let me know. Thanks!

Hi there,

We are glad to hear you are considering using Nayma for your project. I’m not sure what do you mean by “supporting”, though. Do you have a link to show us an example of those charts and counters?

Hi, fab theme! Can you tell me the css I need to add to change the colour of my header to orange please? I assume its something like… .top-header nav { display: block; float: left; color: #f68b30; }

Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing Nayma!

That’ll depend on the type of header you have selected. We address all our support requests through our dedicated forum at http://quadroideas.com/support/theme/nayma-wp-theme/. Please open a new topic there (or do a quick search for that, it may even be already answered) and we will be happy to assist you.



I’m helping a client with your Nayma theme. Will you update the Visual Composer to 4.1.2 to support WP 3.9 soon?


Hi there!

It was already updated, and it’s available within Nayma’s last version.



I cant save theme settings. I think its a conflict with the code and PHP 5.5.11

Hi there!

Thanks for purchasing Nayma!

Please, open a topic in our dedicated support forum here: http://quadroideas.com/support/theme/nayma-wp-theme/ and explain in detail your issue so we can check that out.


Hi , not all the psds are included inside the downloaded template :S

Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing Nayma!

As extensive as the theme is, and as flexible it can get when used in conjunction with the Visual Composer, not every possible element is on the PSD file, but the basic styles and design that truly compound the theme. If you need any particular piece or element let us know over our support forum and we’ll see if we can assist you with that. Otherwise you can import the Demo Content into your install and play with it to obtain similar results.

Let us know over there.


I saw were this question was posed last month but not answered.


Was unable to reach your support page. I’ve got a question regarding the homepage. Is it possible to get rid of the title on the homepage when building it with the Visual Composer? I’ve set the template to ”Page – Full width”.

If you could field that it would help a lot. Thanks! -Derek

Really? That seems odd. We’ll check that out.

The Modular Builder template offers the possibility to hide the header through a simple option. For doing that with that particular template you can use some simple CSS rules. Please post this question in our support forum at http://quadroideas.com/support/theme/nayma-wp-theme/ together with a link to your site and we’ll be happy to assist you.



I’m really considering purchasing your theme after watching it for a few days. However, on return to today I find your theme is displaying funny on the preview, with menu items disappearing behind the slider image and the site not displaying full width?

Can you reassure me that these issues are not a problem to my eventual purchase.

Many Thanks, Robin

I don’t know… it could be. I’m not seeing anything like that at all. Keep in mind, though, that the site is not full full-width, but up to 1400px wide. So, if your screen is wider than that you will see a background on the sides of the main site area.


Thanks, I have purchased the theme and everything is going great. Excellent work :)

Glad to hear that! Thanks for purchasing Nayma :)

If you have any question while you’re working with the theme, feel free to join us in our support forum here: http://quadroideas.com/support/theme/nayma-wp-theme/


Love the theme and had absolutely no issues with it until we moved it from our test site to the client site using Backup Buddy. Now we’re getting the following error message:

Warning: require_once(/home/content/41/7286641/html/wp-load.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/41/7286641/html/wp-admin/admin.php on line 30

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ’/home/content/41/7286641/html/wp-load.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/local/php5/lib/php’) in /home/content/41/7286641/html/wp-admin/admin.php on line 30

I can’t edit/set-up plugins without getting these errors or a 403 error.


Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing Nayma!

Those are not errors related to the theme as far as I can see. Those are WordPress files mentioned on the errors.

We’ve seen your topic on the forum, though, so we’ll follow this conversation there.


Hey there ! What’s up ?

Could you explain me why the Text Block’s WYSIWYG Editor of Visual Composer doesn’t working since the last update ?

Should i buy this plugin ?

Need your help …

Thanks a lot ! Alex

Please make sure you are updating the plugin in the way described in the messages and documentation. You need to remove the previous version of the plugin, and then install it again via the “Install Required Plugins” notice or from that same menu under “Appearance”. Trying to update it from the dashboard will give you an error since you don’t actually have a direct connection to the plugin’s authors.

Let us know you got that working.


Hey !

Thanks for your advices ! It works now :)

See ya !


You are welcome! :)

See ya!

Hey Nayma staff. Simple prob, I cant figure out how to remove/edit the right sidebar on the page in the below link. I’m using template – blog classic no sidebar. Please help, Thanks!...


Wrong link

That’s the demo, not support


Sorry, this is the link to our forums: http://quadroideas.com/support/theme/nayma-wp-theme/


Hi there, love the theme but have a couple of points
1. When I paste a link for my home page on Facebook the thumbnail comes up really dark. Is that a color issue I can change in the theme settings or something else? It is also just taking the images from the nayma slides where as I want it to be a different image?
2. When I shrink the browser window and when it is on mobile devices there is a big black strip under the nayma slides. How would I go about removing that?

Hi blairb,

Thanks for purchasing Nayma!

We handle our support requests through our dedicated support forum at http://quadroideas.com/support/theme/nayma-wp-theme/. Please open a new topic there, and add a link to your site as well (so we can see what you are describing) and we’ll be happy to assist you.


Hi there can you clarify me please if I would have to pay more $16 to have the slider revolution?

Or it is downloaded together Nayma?

May I have a full slider with 3 colluns in masonry blog style?

Thansk in advance!

Hi there,

You don’t need to pay anything else. Nayma comes bundled with the Slider Revolution plugin and the Visual Composer plugin altogether.

If you mean having a slider and then the masonry blog with columns underneath yes, you completely can.

I hope to see you around! :)