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quickly you create templates :)

Well, I’m on vacation and for that reason I have much time :)

Indeed :) you again, one more left :)

Good but not totally amazing. You could have spent more time and not just rush to get in for the competition. Take a look at Slate Admin 2.0 for example.

Sad to see the money/competition have more value then time, care and quality.

It was not my intention to rush for the competition. I always try my best and hope that this theme will improve over time with updates. It’s my second theme here and I try to improve myself of course. I know that I need a better eye for details, but I will learn it and I try to be more patient :).


nice work, GLWS :)

Thank you :)

Any chance for a fixed version of this ?

Fixed version is released

Yes, I see, i’m gonna buy it tomorrow, thank you (:

I’m glad you like it :). Thanks

HOw do I install?

Well since it’s a template there is no real ‘install’. You have to customize the html elements, which are explained in the documentation, to fit for your page. Read through the documentation. In the next version which will be uploaded in 2-3 days is an empty starting-template for a new page, it will contain all necessary elements. Thanks

Where do I find the documentation?

The documentation is in the folder ‘docs’. Just open the file index.html in it.

That was quick!!

Good job! Congrats.

Thank you, I appreciate it!

Hello, I would really like to buy this template though I don’t know if it is fully compatible with ASP .NET web sites, is it?


Well, first you need to rename the files to .aspx. Then it should work but if you want to have more dynamic content you need to do some more changes. But as I said, I don’t have much experience and can’t help you further. Maybe this helps you: http://www.ehow.com/how_5458918_convert-html-aspx.html

thank you for replying, this seems to be really easy. I will take the risk!

The theme has a great looking by the way.

thanks again.

I hope it is working.

Thank you!

Nice template – and I think i would buy it for my next project.. Can you please add one more page for ‘view form’ That is when user view a user profile or a product record – most of projects needs a screen to display data that was entered using form or stored in database.

I will add this in the next update.

Ok, added this sample page. Version is released!

Thanks for the update, however there are still few issues

1. On login form remember me text is not well aligned with check box 2. on Forms screen, the form action panel of block ‘More basic elements’ goes outside of the widget area (firefox) 3. On invoice screen – table header (description, price qty etc) is messed up (chrome)


Fixed 2. and 3. -> Can’t see 1.

I can still see the issue 3 in chrome (win7)

Should work now.

One great addon would be a signup page like slate admin 2 – With facebook/twitter buttons

Thanks again..

Good suggestion. I will think about implementing this.

Done. Check live-example

can the menu open on mouse over?

I will add this functionality.

Added. Check the sample page ‘navigation expand on hover’ in the live-example.

Nice theme!

Will Neat Admin stay current with future Bootstrap-Twitter (point) releases?


Thanks, yes I will try to update it always to support latest Bootstrap version.

Thanks for the timely reply!

Great template! Just bought this. Saw your Kroko template too. Any chance you’re adding the calendar plugin to this one?

I will implement this in the next update (will be released next week).

Calendar is implemented. Regards

Hi, great theme. You plan to add field validation to SELECT , CHECKBOX and RADIO BUTTON ?


Will be implemented in next Version (this week)

Perfect, I will be pending. Thanks for your quick response.

Update released and validation for select, checkbox and radio implemented. Check the bottom of forms page.

I finally bought the theme and let me tell you that works perfect with ASP .NET.

Anyway, could you add more info on the usage of the icons please? It’s not clear the class-name for the icons.

In advance, many thanks :)

Thank you very much! :D

No problem ;).

Thanks for buying the theme!

what is the logo font + size?

Hello again, I downloaded the v1.2 and started applying the theme to a website I have. The problem is I do need the new functionality and bug correction about validation.

Could you tell me which files should I update? so I don’t replace everything (I have made some changes to css and js to make it work with asp.net)

in advance, many thanks!

As usual, short and precise answers. Thank you very much.

Your welcome :)

Your welcome :)


I like very much this theme, but is possibly add functions of DataTables 1.9? For example Export to Excel ó PDF , using the same buttons you currently use in theme…

See here http://datatables.net/extras/tabletools/


I will add this in the next update