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For the login page, I don’t see anything to report to the user invalid credentials. How would you go about displaying an error message?

I will add this in the next update



I found this template yesterday an I really like it, infact I just bought it!

However, as I am a neat person and like my scripts neat as well, I find there are some issues with the custom.js-file included in the template. Using jshint.com (remember to tick the box “assume jquery”), you can find that there is room for improvement in this file.

I have cleaned the file up for now, but I do not want to do this in the future as well if you release another update. Is it possible to request that you make sure they are clean in upcoming releases? I can email you my own cleaned up file if you would like (for comparison or reference).

Thanks anyways for a great template!

Cleaned all jsHint.com errors

Another point in the custom.js – to be able to implement this more easy, I would like the see the section labeled “ONLY FOR DEMONSTRATION ” to be lifted out into its separate file. That way, that code is easy to skip in my own implementation.

Another request is also to lift out the css-sections needed for login-page and error pages into its own css-file(s). I won’t personally use those, and I generally don’t like to include code that I know I will never use.

I hope you get my points here. I really think this template is the best by far I have ever seen, but there is still room for some improvement =) Keep up the good work, and thanks for at least reading my comments!

I will make all those suggestions and improvements in the next update! Great to hear those ideas. I appreciate it really. I will come back to you when I uploaded the next update! :) Thank you!

Login and error page are in own css file. Demonstration code is in demo.js


I have used many admin templates and I must say I am fairly impressed with the quality and the completeness of the package that you have provided.

I am however having problems with one thing, and am also wondering if some additional things could be added.

The thing I’m having problems with is the Datepicker on a page with Tabs. For example in the “userprofile.html”. If you take the “Birthday” date selector and move it into the “Security” tab, it stops working. Is there a fix for this?

The couple things I’d like to see added are in the left hand navigation as well as the navigation at the top. The ability to have sub-menus go to the right. For example if I hit “Category 1” it drops DOWN to a list of items, and if I move mouse over to “Subcategory 1” another list of items drops to the SIDE .

Also I’d like to have the ability to put “Tabs” on the top of content boxes. For example, again in “userprofile.html” there are “Basic Information”, “Security” and “Notifications” tabs. I’d like to move those to be displayed on top of that “User profile” box.

Lastly, would you be willing/interested in making this template into a WordPress template?

Thanks in advance for your time and response.

The bug with login-box is also fixed. I do not support IE8 and will not provide support for it.

Thanks for the fixes and the added features, much appreciated.

I am saddened to hear that you won’t make the few fixes to make this fully working in IE8 , considering it is still the #2 most used browser version on the web ( http://gs.statcounter.com/#browser_version-ww-monthly-201107-201207 ), next to IE9 – and in the corporate world the number of IE9 installations is still low.

One last thing (hopefully), is there an easy way to do columns inside of boxes? In many situations I’d like to put more than one input field in a single row. The current classes for the “control-group” and “controls” seem to force the fields onto their own line.

Great work, thanks.

Of course you can easily add columns inside boxes with the bootstrap grid markup. Just insert in the box-content for example: col1 col2 . It should be working properly. I will think about IE8 again and come back to you.

Hi again,

I found another thing that bugs me. It’s the side menu, and the highlighting and arrows. The top menu items can have classes active or open (or none or both).

I thought that active meant that the item would be highlighted (darkened in this case), and that open meant that the menu was indeed opened. However, if I only have the class open set, the menu is highlighted anyway.

The toggle-subnav icon on the menu is also bugging me. These 4 icons exist on disk in the source: toggle-subnav-up.png toggle-subnav-up-white.png toggle-subnav-down.png toggle-subnav-down-white.png That tells me that all 4 possible states should be supported, but right now they are not.

I would like for this: “no class defined on item (closed, not active)” => not highlighted, toggle-subnav-down.png displayed “only class active defined on item (closed, active)” => highlighted, toggle-subnav-down-white.png displayed “only class open defined on item (opened, not active)” => not highlighted, toggle-subnav-up.png displayed “both classes active and open defined on item (opened, active)” => highlighted, toggle-subnav-up-white.png displayed

This is just my preferences, if you want me to supply you a sample of what I mean, I can absolutely do that. I just don’t want to make my own customizations to this template if I don’t need to, since you are so freaking amazing when it comes to releasing updates.


Yeah, I was not sure if I should highlight the element on dropdown or only if it is active. I will think about it and maybe change these things in the next Update . Thanks for your suggestions.

What also would be favorable is to image sprite all the four toggle-subnav images into one image (and therefor also only one http request)!

I like this, now you must put the same design of your theme KRONOS ADMIN … lol I’m kidding, I’m going to buy it.

Great attention will be pending for updates.


I will notify you when I release an update :). Thank you.


could you please provide me the documentation of this theme

The documentation is in the folder /docs. This is also written in the readme.txt.


I like the theme, but have you consider to implement tree plugin? I would love to see how would that look in these theme.


Sorry, I will not implement a tree plugin. You can easily do it your own. Just follow the readme of it, shouldn’t be too hard. Regards

Did you use LESS to create the CSS for this theme? Great work by the way!

Yep. Thanks

Hi eakroko,

I really like this theme. i’m having a few issues with this template when viewing on mobile resolution sizes (iphone and EVO ) and ipad.

On iphone 4, login widget is cut off on left hand side and i can zoom out or scroll over that direction.

On both devices, after login the header doesn’t fill up screen(there is a gap with background on left and right hand side). But the menu/dropdown nav section only has gap on left.

Also, on ipad i found that the top bar nav items disappear, is this by design?



I will check these things and come back to you afterwards. Thanks

thanks for the quick response, I can provide you with screen shots if that would be helpful.

I was able to reproduce them :). Thanks anyway, I will try to fix these issues as fast as possible. Probably next week.

I bought a theme download file PSD ? design file ?

There is no PSD file included as written in: “ThemeForest Files Included” on the overview.


I need to set datables default value to 100 records (without playing with selector), is it possible and how please ? It seems locked to 10.

Many thanks

Hi, check this page: http://datatables.net/usage/options#iDisplayLength there it is explained :).


thank you :)

Great looking theme, and it is just what I was looking for. It is indeed “neat” and what I really like is that all the additional features does not giving me the feeling that it has just been poured on top of it to make it sound better, but it actually neatly integrates into the design.

I have found 1 small bug though (nothing major though): http://i.imgur.com/1zatw.png I produced this bug by resizing my browser window – Chrome latest version.

Other than that – I love it a lot! :)

Ps. will you be updating to the latest bootstrap any time soon?

Thank you :). I really appreciate it! Oh that bug was already fixed but it seems that I forgot to upload those files to my server. In the downloadable version it should be fixed (and now of course also in the demo).

I will update it when 2.1.2 is released.


Ahh I see, thanks for letting me know – good to hear :).

Hi man,

If I buy this theme today, can I get the future updates?


Hi, yes you can.


Hey, i have a problem with the EqualTo Paramter.. I tried:

<label for=”password”>Password</label> <input type=”password” id=”password” name=”password” class=’{required:true}’> <label for=”password_repeat”>Repeat</label> <input type=”password” id=”password_repeat” name=”password_repeat” placeholder=”Repeat above password” class=’{required:true}’ equalTo”#password”>

But if dont check if they values are the same.. WHy?



for the Passwrd the metData workf fine now. But how to to this for email?


Wont work.. It dont check if its a valid email.


Ah.. Just found it out:

required:true, email:true, equalTo:”#email”

Thanks man.

PS: Love this Template :D

Thank you very much :), I’m glad you like it!

Hi, I have difficulty to use server-side behavior into Media table. Could you kindly give some examples of integration? thanks

What’s your problem with the media tables? I can’t provide help without knowing the problem. The media table gives you a thumbnail with mouse hover effect. How to use it is written in the documentation. Thanks

Hey again,

i tried to use the form wizard but it wont work proberply.. It shows all steps directly..

Which .js Files do i need to include, to get the wizard to work (the custom one).



Ich versuche grade den wizard zu integrieren, es werden aber immer alle steps direkt untereinander angezeigt.. Welche .js Datein müssen integriert werden damit der custom wizard aus der demo läuft?

Noch ein anderes Problem:

Wenn ich im Dropdownmenü auf einen Punkt klicke der sublinks hat verschwindet beim schlieessen des Menüs ülötzlich der kleine pfeil der rechts ist. Das ist in der dem nicht so. Woran kann das liegen?

Hi, schicken Sie mir bitte einen Link zu Ihrer Version (können Sie auch per Email machen, wenn es nicht öffentlich sein soll). So kann ich besser nachvollziehen, wo die Probleme liegen und dementsprechend auch besser und schneller helfen.

Hi eakroko,

Any chance to change Date Format in datepicker?

I tried all the options… no luck. http://api.jqueryui.com/datepicker/#option-dateFormat

Regards Jerzy.

Hi. Yes, please send me the page url and login details.

Thank you for help. Like always quick response.

It’s the best Admin Template so far in my opinion.

Regards, nanetorg

I really appreciate it! Thank you so much.


Hello. I want to buy it, buy I look at this theme in Mozilla Firefox 16.0. When I move to scroll down, then scroll does not stop.

That is caused by the style switcher, so its only in the demonstration. Regards