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Hey Ed, is there any way to disable / hide the Checkout Modals (FAQ, Returns & Exchange, Shipping Information, Email Customer Care)

Thanks in Advance!

Nevermind, got it!

Glad you sorted it!

For anyone who finds this and wonders the same, you can hide these by removing all the text from the options.

- Swift Ideas

Ecommerce Theme:

1) Is This SSL ready?

2-1) Can I have a single product parallax on the home page? 2-2) Can I have a single product on the home page and then also other products below it between 2 to 4 number of columns with categories as headings for each row? 2-3) I want to control the size of product images and column widths in 2-2) is this possible?

3-1) Have a built-in unlimited product options w pricing? e.g.

Main product = Laptop = 1500 usd Option = titanium = 100 usd Option = SSD drive = 200 usd Option = etc. Auto calc the Total =

3-2)Also when any option above is clicked, the photo of that option appears?

4) does each product page have built-in social share = pinterest, instagram, facebook, twitter? 5) built in payments that’s ready to for paypal , ccard transactions? OR i need to install plugins? 6-1) Do you have a built in newsletter sign up? 6-2) Do you collect the emails inside the wordpress dashboard? I don’t want to integrate with any 3rd party, I want to collect the emails inside the dashboard.

7-1) built-in review ratings? 7-2) allows ONLY verified buyers to review? 7-3) Can I control the rating fields: add, delete, edit fields?

8-1) pages load within 2 seconds or less? 8-2) require special hosting for your theme to be fast (less than 2 seconds loading) ?

9-1) full order management system: 9-2) customer can add notes to orders during checkout? 9-3) customer can add to their wishlist? 9-3-2) if a sale on any wishlist item(s), will I be able to click on “notify wishlists” and it will email all customers automatically? 9-3-3) I can notify via email all subscribers when there’s a “store-wide sale” or “discount” ? 9-4) inventory control: quantity decreases only after I click on submit “tracking number” or “shipped” with tracking number. 9-5) tracking number box field in admin dashboard is avail, and once submitted, it will email customer with their “order number” + “tracking no.” , and the order will be marked as “shipped”? 9-6) returns for defective and “other reasons” requests avail inside customer order dashboard?

10-1) filters for searches and search results?

Hi there,

1) Yes.

2-1) What do you mean by “single product parallax” – please confirm. You can use parallax in the page builder.

2-2) Yes, you could achieve that using the page builder and WooCommerce shortcodes.

2-3) You can set the image size in the WooCommerce options, but the column sizes would need custom css to change.

3-1) This is a variable product – https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/variable-product/

3-2) Yes.

4) Yes.

5) See here – https://woocommerce.com/product-category/woocommerce-extensions/payment-gateways/

6-1) You can add this with HTML from your newsletter provider.

6-2) No, you’d need a plugin for this, it wouldn’t make sense for us to build this into the theme.

7-1) Yes.

7-2) Yes.

7-3) You’d need to search for this, not something the theme controls – this is WooCommerce.

8-1) Depends on your hosting, but yes it should do.

8-2) As long as you have decent hosting (not shared) it should be quick enough.

9) This is down to WooCommerce, please research that.

10-1) Please clarify what you are looking to achieve?


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Hello, thanks for your excellent theme! My support period is expired but I never utilized it so I think you can make just a little exception.

I’m trying to serve checkout page under SSL and everything is perfect except for the background that is served under http connection instead of https! If I disable “Use background Image” in Background Options everything works perfectly! How can I fix the theme to make it work properly? Thank you very much

Do you have the WordPress HTTPS plugin enabled? We don’t hardcode http:// links for those options.

- Swift Ideas

I have the “Cloudflare Flexible SSL” plugin enabled. Should I use a different plugin? It seems strange that every content loads on https except for the background image

Thank you very much

I do understand it is strange, but this must be because the option is stored in your database as http://

Potentially try this plugin? https://wordpress.org/plugins/really-simple-ssl/

Else we’ll need to take a look at your site.

- Swift Ideas

Hi there

I recently purchased the woocommerce currency converter. Im now trying to incorporate it into my theme by adding it to my header menu on the far right. But I’ve had no luck. I’ve tried adding another page-menu entry but then it doesn’t give me a button to switch, just text which takes me to the button. How do I go about doing this? Please, really need help with this.

Secondly when I do add it, I would like it to look like the rest of the menu items if possible without the button look around the text. Is it possible to remove the button look and just have the text with a drop down?

Hi there,

Unfortunately this would be more work than we can provide with support, as it requires modifying template files to quite an extent.

If you are are able to get the currency switcher there, and then just need a bit of help with the styling, we’ll be happy to assist.

- Swift Ideas

Thank you,I managed to get it there. How do i change the button so its just text? Can you help with the styling please. 1.Need the button colour to not be visible 2.The drop down arrow is on top of the text, has to be next to the text 3.the drop down spacing seems to be quite a lot, can I have the text closer together?

Thanks in advance. :)

We’d need to see a link to your site to check it. Please log a support topic and then post a link here.

All support is provided through our support forum – http://www.swiftideas.com/support . This will allow you to view knowledgebase articles, search existing topics, and if you are still stuck then you can post your own topic and receive support from our super helpful support team. Please log a topic with a link/login if needed so that we can look into it for you.

Register – http://www.swiftideas.com/wp-login.php?action=register How to find your purchase code – http://www.swiftideas.com/how-to-find-your-purchase-code/


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When will there be a update….. Please

Update is due to be released within the next week. Thanks!

- Swift Ideas


Instanote Purchased

Hey Team, Suddenly when adding to cart Ajax Added to Cart message isnt coming but when we select Favourite it works fine.

Also when are you updating theme,wocommerce keeps throwing outdated errors.

Hope for such silly queries you won’t be asking me to renew support. Reply awaited.

Love your theme as always! Just keep pushing updates montly.



Instanote Purchased

Please why inspite of full width it appears to be boxed one? Its purchased theme and in support you can find i had been yelling my lungs out. Please help me with this fix asap.


Instanote Purchased

Hire me as a tester ! Issue persists when you create child theme and your whole footer and theme goes into box mode.

Hi there,

These are not issues that are occur on the default theme, they are likely something to do with your site. If you have a support topic posted, we will get back to you with assistance – please don’t post it here as well as it simply makes for redundant communication.


- Swift Ideas


_eddy Purchased

Hi, somehow all additional information from single page dissapeard. How can i turn it back? Thanks


_eddy Purchased

solved… i’ve replaced functions.php and all works. sorry

No problem!

- Swift Ideas

Dear Costumer Support,

I’ve just updated both your theme (3.4.30) and woocommerce ( 2.6.4) and there are a lot of woocommerce templates out of date:

neighborhood/woocommerce/myaccount/form-edit-address.php versione 2.1.0 il file non è aggiornato. La versione di base è 2.6.0, neighborhood/woocommerce/myaccount/my-account.php versione 2.0.0 il file non è aggiornato. La versione di base è 2.6.0, neighborhood/woocommerce/myaccount/my-address.php versione 2.2.0 il file non è aggiornato. La versione di base è 2.6.0, neighborhood/woocommerce/order/order-details.php versione 2.5.3 il file non è aggiornato. La versione di base è 2.6.0, neighborhood/woocommerce/single-product/review.php versione 2.5.0 il file non è aggiornato. La versione di base è 2.6.0,

When you are going to update this templates?

Thank you very much! Federico

Hi @Federico

Did you update manually? If so – please remove all of those files, as they are no longer included in the theme.

Hope that helps.

- Swift Ideas

Dear Costumer Support,

Yes, i ‘ve updated manually: so, i ‘ve just to delete theme via ftp to fix the alert?

Thank you for your help!


Just delete those specific files that you are warned are outdated – that’s all.

Happy to help!

- Swift Ideas