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hi, very nice and clean theme :)

one question: shoping bag… the apply button for the promotion code looks good on chrome and IE, but not on firefox .. how can i edit this by myself?

ty for your support

other little error. go to blog -> mini with both sidebars. and then try again to scroll down the blog menu or portfolio menu.. u cant. the first blog with image kicks u away :)

Thanks for letting us know, will get that sorted!

- Ed

This e-store looks amazing! Really!

Thanks, appreciate the kind words! :)

- Ed

awesome work mate

Cheers :)

- Ed

Really great theme! Congrats guys!

The only feature that you should seriously consider adding is mega menu support so as to be able to serve large marketplaces.

And one question. Even though the sliding effect on the products images looks nice, how easy it is to be removed?

Thanks vadmins!

We’re thinking about adding it to be a built in feature, however UberMenu ( http://codecanyon.net/item/ubermenu-wordpress-mega-menu-plugin/154703 ), and other mega menu plugins will work right out the box.

We realised that it may not to be everyone’s needs/tastes, so we added an option in the theme options panel to easily turn the effect on/off.

Hope that helps :)

- Ed

Thanks for your reply Ed!

I would like to see a more ecommerce oriented mega menu than a plugin as UberMenu.

Keep up the good work. I’m sure it is going to be a very hot summer for you!

We’ll have a look for something that would suit the theme’s features. Thanks for the feedback.

Thank you! Hope it is for you too.

- Ed

AMAZING! Can this be viewed in box mode as well as full width (so I can change background)?


Also, you can preview the boxed mode with the following URL – http://neighborhood.swiftideas.net/?layout=boxed . Any other page you want to see, just add ?layout=boxed to the end of the URL.

- Ed

great. Love this theme

Thanks, glad you like it!

- Ed

Looking great! Seems like usable for my project, but.. i’m looking for a way to sell products from an image. An image from a gallery (and later maybe from Facebook, Instagram or upload) to start a product such as a canvas or photoprint.

Is this an option that could work ?


Could you explain a little further what you mean by selling products from an image? If you can let me know some more details, I’ll let you know :)

- Ed

Great theme as always. Wish to see it in the Popular :)

Thanks imangm, appreciate it! :)

- Ed

Hi there, great theme. Two pre-sales questions : 1) would it be possible to have the traditional add to cart button instead of the onmouseover? 2) Is there a review indicator on the category pages (eg. stars)? Thanks.

Hi there, thanks!

1) If you wanted we could provide some custom css to have the black bar always shown. Alternatively, we could plan in a feature request for an alternative display with the button below.

2) There isn’t currently, but we’ll add this to the list for an update as an option.


- Ed

Would be great to have the two options available and lastly, would it be possible to create a custom tab on the product page with HTML contents? Hoping to integrate with disqus.

Will add those to the wishlist. What would you look to have in the custom tab? It would require a code change to add the tab then you could populate it with a custom field.

- Ed

hi Swift Ideas, very nice theme.

I have some questions before I want to buy the theme: it is possible to adjust to the product page, a magnifying glass function? or a magnifying glass function in the next update to add? why can not search for products? how to refresh your theme?

1) Ahh ok, we’ll add this to the wishlist!

3) We provide updates that you can do via the dashboard, just like you would update a plugin or WordPress.

- Ed

there is a simple possibility your theme update on your console?

Not sure what you mean, but updating is really simple, 2 clicks within the WordPress dashboard.

- Ed

Hi. I like it. Can I use this theme (menu, sidebars, shop …) in russian to? Thanks a lot!

Hi there,

Yes! We provide English po/mo files for you to translate, and offer full WPML compatibility.

- Ed

Hey looks good. Nice, clean, quite versatile. Have a few things coming up and this would be great for one, though just had a few questions:

1. Can gallery & individual images be selected to show as round circles too? (for normal pages, not on shop) Like the staff images are shown.

2. Can post & portfolio images be selected to open as a light box, not just link to the page?

3. Will you be adding parallax scrolling effects (for long pages with picture backgrounds)?

4. Would you consider adding a vertical tabbed box in the next update?

Thanks in advance!

Hey there, thanks for the kind words.

1) We uploaded those images as circles, so you can do this pre-prepared, but we don’t have any overlays to make them circular (nightmare when it comes to background patterns/colours).

2) Yes, you can choose from various thumbnail link types such as link to post, link to url, link to lightbox image/video.

3) We’ve got it on the wishlist, so it’s possible!

4) Can you show an example of what you mean? We have the tour asset if that’s what you mean? Just realised there was no example of it, so I added a page for you (just currently adding content to it) – http://neighborhood.swiftideas.net/tour/

Hope that helps!

- Ed

1. Oh right…I was under the impression that kind of effect was done with CSS or code of some kind.

3. This would be a really really handy feature for many people. Do you have any idea when this would possibly be added?

4. Actually that is exactly what I meant.

Yes that was very helpful :D Thanks for the reply.

3. No timescale as of yet, but will see what we can do.

Great :)

- Ed

Great theme! Good luck :)

Thanks louiejie, appreciate it :)

- Ed

Can you change the sizes of the product images, I would prefer either square photos or landscape instead of portrait orientation?? Is there an example of a gallery page ??

Hi there,

Yes, you can choose whatever size/orientation you like. This is set in the WooCommerce settings – we don’t limit it to any specific size.

What kind of gallery page are you looking for?

- Ed

Terrific theme, congratulations!

Quick question, I want strong customization of the product page as woocommerce product pages are more or less the same. Is it possible to use the switf page builder in a woocommerce product page or it has to be hand coded?


Thanks George!

The page builder isn’t enabled for product pages, as we hadn’t really intended it for that usage. Product pages are usually the same on most shop sites. Most of the output on the product page is from the product description and attributes.

What kind of look are you trying to achieve? Maybe it’s something we can think about supporting.

Thanks for your interest.

- Ed

Hello Ed,

I have seen another comment related to this subject. To put it simple it will be like apple pages but with the top part allowing the purchase. I haven’t an specific design in mind but the concept will be similar to pages like this (not speaking of special functions) only a way to add custom blocks of content in the product pages and rearrange a bit the info of the product


There is no theme in the world that allow this but if possible it will be a new era of shops with freedom in how to show the products.

Last point I have been seeing your themes for a long time and having always the same question, we aren’t your themes in the top3 for sales, they are very good. My answer is that you have to start selling on monday. That way you can perform high in the week and appear in a top position in the top sales which is what I see to navigate the themes (I suppouse many people do the same). So congratulations for start selling on monday (my crystal ball prediction is that this theme will be in position 3 of the top sales this week).

Many thanks for your hard and innovative work.

Thanks George. We’re thinking of keeping the images/info at the top, then adding the page builder content below, above the related products carousel. This will allow for creating awesome product pages, similar to our tour/features page for example.

We hit 4th spot at Flexform’s peak. Unfortunately it’s hard to pick a certain day with the review queue. Hopefully we can top that with Neighborhood, fingers crossed.

Thanks for the feedback, and kind words.

- Ed

Great theme. Just bought it. Quick question. Can I replace the default wordpress comments with Disqus?

Thanks for the purchase! You should be able to using the Disqus plugin, without any extra integration. Give it a try and let us know.

- Ed

Congrats! Looks great guys!

Cheers mate!

- Ed

Bravo! :-) I’m considering replacement of Flexform for better WooCommerce support and the updated Page Builder. I’m unaware of what else is different. Perhaps you could enlighten me here.

How backward compatible is it (if at all)? Do you even recommend switching / consider it worth the hassle? Generally, what can I expect to lose / gain during if I switch?

If I choose to stick with Flexform, do you have plans (in the near future) to add the newer page builder / woocommerce support to FlexForm?

Thanks! :)

There is a whole range of more header / top bar configuration options, allowing for a seriously wide range of possibility, and also the super search functionality. We’ve made a lot of structural changes to our framework too.

The only issue you may have with upgrading is that we’ve changed some of the page builder shortcodes with the new page builder. So you’d need to either manually change these or use a search and replace plugin to update the old instances to the new. Happy to help with information for this.

No plans at the moment, due to the scale of the WooCommerce work that has gone into this. Updating the page builder is risky due to the shortcode updates.

If you’ve got any more questions, just shout!

- Ed

Hardwork, and absolutely it will worth it.

Kind Regards,

Thanks Bedros, we appreciate the kind words.

- Ed

Thanks Bedros!



Probably the best theme I’ve seen, ever. Fantastic work. Any plans to create a version for Magento or Shopify?

Wow, thanks for the amazing feedback!

No plans at the moment, as we solely work with WordPress. Never say never though! :)

- Ed

Hi there,

Thanks for the nice comments.



Really nice work, dig it!

Cheers Chris, appreciate it.

- Ed

Thanks! Much appreciated