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I just wanted to say that this is an amazing theme. I’ll be recommending this to my colleagues and purchasing this myself fairly soon. I hope that this gets many updates and fixes (especially for the responsive parts i.e. the system messages)

Hi there,

We have great plans for this theme in terms of updates and support. Thanks for the kind words and we look forward to you purchasing it!

- Ed

Can you please show me some custom css to completly remove all drop shadow from all images in this theme? There should be no thin grey line under the images either.

Last time!

#product-img-nav li, #product-img-slider, figure, .woocommerce div.product div.images img, .woocommerce #content div.product div.images img, .woocommerce-page div.product div.images img, .woocommerce-page #content div.product div.images img {
-webkit-box-shadow: none!important;
-moz-box-shadow: none!important;
box-shadow: none!important;

- Ed

Hopefully :) But I assume you are here to help as long as a “problem” lasts. Yep, that did the trick. I should also tell you that I’m trying to check for the css classes etc. with FireBug to solve it myself. But sometimes it cant be done without assistance. Also, there are som missing translations in this theme. I’m getting back to you on that one in a while.

Of course we’re here to help :)

- Ed

Please! Check your profile page e-mail. Have sent a message!


- Ed

Hi my company have already bought the theme but we can not find the log in for that account as collegue is away atm, so i will have to post this question with this account.

basically we are building our website using the function of post and using the “blogs” in “add element” in mansony mode, we have post and categorize them in “design”, “feature ”, “news” etc. However whenever we edit the blog function to make it show “design” category thing it will not do such function and change it to “all” itself, how can i sort this problem out?

thanks Calvin

also would it be possible to have two caterglory showing ?

e.g. design and news

[recent_posts title="News" item_count="10" excerpt_length="48" category="design,news"]

- Ed


My question never got answered and everyone elses did ???

Here it is again.

Hello i have a pre sales question.

Can the products description page have a right or left sidebar is necessary ?


Hi there,

Apologies – this wasn’t intentional! I’m sure I replied to your comment, not sure why it didn’t go through.

Yes the product page can have either no sidebars, left sidebar, right sidebar, or both sidebars.

Hope that helps.

- Ed

My theme is not working properly. Please respond to my emails and support tickets.

Hi there,

I’ve responded to your email.

- Ed

I responded back. Please help!

Enjoy working with this theme, however Cloudzoom not working with this theme, able to on other themes. Have tried YITH Magnifier as well. Any suggestions please?

If you could please email us the plugins to ed [at] swiftideas.net then we’ll happily test and see if we can add support.


- Ed

Hi Ed, have also sent email with details on this one too, hope to hear from you soon, thanks

Have got CloudZoom on the list, will hopefully get back to you shortly.

- Ed

YITH Woocommerce zoom magnifier isn’t working either with theme unless i’ve missed something, just thought that with the theme coming with yith woocommerce wishlist, the magnifier version might work.

If you can offer me a solution would be awesome. Thanks

If you could please email us the plugins to ed [at] swiftideas.net then we’ll happily test and see if we can add support.


- Ed

Hi Ed, i’ve sent emails 2 days ago with details, just wondering if you got it. You must be snowed under with all of us :)

Will hopefully get to it shortly, apologies for the delay.

- Ed

Hi, a few pre-purchase questions:

1. Is a boxed layout available or easy to set-up 2. When you issue updates will it affect any custom CSS 3. We already have Woocommerce. So would you just upload files and exclude your Woocommerce files after purchase 4. Is the site ‘seo optimised’

Thanks, Ken

Hi there,

1) Boxed layout is included as a theme option. You can preview it here: http://neighborhood.swiftideas.net/?layout=boxed

2) No, custom css is done through the theme options, and remains after updates.

3) WooCommerce is installed seperately to the plugin, so you don’t need to change anything.

4) Yes, and ready for plugins such as Yoast SEO.

- Ed

Great template. As others. Congrats!

Question before buying. Cart is updated automatically when you add items (even without refreshing the page), but wishlist isn’t. Even after refreshing the page, next to star is 0 instead of the number of items.

Any chance to solve this problem?


Hi there,

The wishlist isn’t updated via AJAX as this isn’t standard functionality within the plugin, we’ll look into adding it in the future though. Thanks for letting us know about the count issue – that will be fixed for the next update.


- Ed

Hi there – how soon is the catalog mode function being added? Love your theme & functions- but wee need to display items similar to an “iTunes” library” layout (a line item layout with no pricing) and then when an item is clicked we need the full product view – but again – no shopping cart function.



Hi Barbara,

Catalog mode is done, so if you purchase now I’ll be happy to provide the updated files before the official update release. The full update should hopefully be ready on Friday.

The catalog mode by default will include price, but I can provide some css to hide this for you.

- Ed

Hi,really like the look of this theme though i just have a couple of questions:

1. When on the shop full width on the mobile, it still seems to have 4 items per line, is there any plans to fix this so that it just displays one items per line because the images are just too small to view on a mobile if they are in rows of 4

2. I assume your designs allow for product attribute drop-down menus for things such as size/ colour – can you give me an example in the shop that has this please because all the items I’ve looked for seem to have no attribute options

3. The Neighbourhood logo is pretty small, if i wanted a larger say 240×240 circular logo in this space, would that be ok too?

Thanks for your time

Hi there,

1) We currently have it this way so that the page height doesn’t become too big. We may revisit this though in the future.

2) Yes, this is possible. We don’t have an example at the moment, but I can get one sorted to show you.

3) Yes, this would be fine. You can use any height logo you like.

- Ed

Hi, couple more question – if i wanted to can I…

1. Am i able to remove the top black bar from the site? or at least change the colour of it 2. Am I am to remove the welcome 3. Am i able to remove personal shopper 4. Am i able to remove wish list function


1) Yes, this is optional, or you can change the colours.

2) Yes, you could choose a different header option or remove it with some custom css.

3) Yes, this is optional.

4) Yes, optional also.

- Ed

I’m currently working on my site but when i wanted to check it from the other pc it was written “we are currently in mainteinance mode”. though i did not make anything for it to appear. can you tell me how to disable this option, please?

Hi there,

This option is set in Theme Options > General Options.

- Ed

I have used WordPress Database reset plugin. And made the importing again. But things not work…

I was already in touch all day long yesterday with my host and made all the configurations required on the server to maximum of memmory, maximum time scripts, maximum file sizes etc.

I also have tryed ALT version several times.

I also have deleted wordpress and all. So have created another new database, new folder and reinstalled the wordpress and the theme to get things from zero. No success again…

Belive me; i made everything and still not working!

Is there any other way?

Belive, since i have purchased the theme i must say that i have been doingn nothing else but trying to make the theme run in my server. No success so far!

All the times i have tryed to import (FULL or ALT) the upload failed… In fact some products have been imported like partial importing but it is duplicated several times the same item causing a mess. Was The best result i’ve got from the theme…

And it is the same with the menu a mess duplicated pages. I have edited the menu items in Appearance > Menus and deleted one by one the duplicated pages. But everything was the same with menu pages duplicated sereval times each time i try to import demo content again…

When i go to the homepage the menu still a mess… And there is no Shopping Bag and no Whishlist displayed… Why?

I have checked the documentation several times but it is not so detailed about importing content when we have trouble. You know. i even could not get through the basic steps that is to import demo content. How can i be happy?

By the way, i made what documentation told but can’t make Revolution Slider like demo… Also have other little layout bugs…

You have been replying my messages quite fast but i really need more help. It will be great to see the theme working for my project… But i am really desapointed about trying to make the theme run and it is not working…

Men, be sure that i’m really trying everything i can… Belive me: i am doing just this about last 2 days and cannot see the things working.

I need to solve this or get back to buy other theme…

Also asked envato about if is it possible to have my 60 credits back… I almost giving up of the theme… That would be a shame and a waist o time and money for both of us…

It is a great theme but i’m tired… I did everything… But i’m tired to try… What am i supose to do now? Any idea? Is there any other buyer with the same problems or is just me? Sorry about so long post.

Hi there,

As I’ve said before, the import process is temperamental at the best of times, and 99% of the time it’s down to a hosting issue, where your hosting simply does not have the requirements.

What do you need the demo content for? If you take the time to test out adding products/pages etc you will find it’s very easy.

The cart/wishlist header can be enabled within the Theme Options. You should check through all the options to see anything else you’re trying to enable.

- Ed

You’ve said before, the import process is temperamental but it is not supose to be this way… it supose to work fine. A website cannot be temperamental like a person… It is a code issue. I’ve made the configurations required on the server but it is impossible to import…

You know that is much more easy and fast to get the demo content then to populate the theme from zero… It is much better and fun because we only have to change the images descriptions, prices but at the same time we have the possibility to see all the content working online.

About cart/wishlist header seems there is a bug in menu the layout is crashed. I don’t know if it is because of so many times i have tryed to import the content or not…

I have purchased several themes and never had such trouble to run demo content. If demo content is included as part of the theme pack, people ho pays the price ($60) for sure will consider to use it and it supose to work fine. If not works fine or if it is a “temperamental” content (as you said) you guys should not announce it like something included in the price package.

If i knew about this “temperamental” issue, for sure i think twice before to purchase. I just wanna something that works. Pure and simple like that! Things have to be clear before to buy. Don’t you think? I recommend you explain this temperamental issue in theme page for people do not get surprises like me.

Unfortunatly i’ll have to purchase other theme. I give up to try about yours and hope to see everything working fine in next releases updates. :(

It’s definitely not a code issue. We, and others are able to import it fine. It literally depends on the server setup. Even if you have the required settings, some hosts kill the process before it’s finished.

Neighborhood is a very concise theme. It includes nearly a hundred page examples, 60 products, as well as portfolio items and blog posts. The demo content file is nearly 100k lines.

It’s nothing to do with our setup that causes the issue, which is why we don’t, nor should we advertise that there may be issues, and I’m sorry but it’s not our responsibility that some hosts cause these issues.

- Ed

Hi there, purchased the theme and working on it so far at http://www.shop.weaverandloom.com before making the full site this theme.

Having a problem installing the revolution slider, keep getting the following error:

Downloading install package from /home/content/28/6908828/html/shop/wp-content/themes/neighborhood-child/includes/plugins/revslider.zip…

Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.

Hi there,

Please enable the parent theme and install the plugin, then swap back to the child theme. That will sort it.

- Ed


Just purchased the theme.

Struggling with the image slider as per the demo? Is this a revolution slider? If so what settings? Or is it something else. Really like the demo slider but cant see how to replicate. Thanks in advance.


Hi there,

The demo slider is included in the demo content folder, but you’d need to import the demo content to get the images.

It’s a revolution slider. Check here for a tutorial if you need a helping hand – www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCgspm_GaP8

- Ed

I have to questions (btw: nice theme!). How can I change the color “product xy was added to the cart”? How can I remove the product-counter (its useless for download-products only).

Hi there,

Thanks! You can change the message colours with this custom css (box within theme options):

.alert.alert-info {
    background-color: #d9edf7;
.alert.alert-error {
    background-color: #f1dddd;
.alert.alert-success {
    background-color: #dfefd7;

Then remove the product quantity controls with:

.woocommerce div.quantity {
display: none!important;

- Ed


I’m trying to install the demo of this theme but it is not working at all. Getting PHP Errors. Could you please help?

Regards, T

Hi there,

Have you checked the included documentation to increase your php memory limits? Sometimes the errors are erroneous, and the content will still be imported. What errors are you getting?

- Ed

Hi i am a newbie at this but i can’t change the context in the footer… i can only change the layout of it but i am not sure how can i change the content of the footer

thanks calvin

Appearance > Widgets. You will find the footer widget areas there.

- Ed