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Realy nice work!!

Nice job best of luck for sale

good job good luck

This looks great – neon style! And you have a great thumbnail for the Nemesis :D

Plagiarist welcome to themeforest :D you are copied description of the my item I’ll see you in court ;)

Hi! Why you didn’t add any information about novacancy.js? You use open-souce project and i think it must be listed in the credits section of the description.

done that thanks for telling

Wow… Really unique idea.Thumbs up!

Looks really nice. Good luck.

thanks man

good work dude really nice and perfect theme GLWS!

good work dude really nice and perfect theme GLWS!

Wow, amazing work!;

i have just purchased this but i have no idea how to set it up for opencart, can you tell me how to do it please Best Regards

you have to directly copy it to 404 template in opencart

please let me know if you still not get it i will do that for you as a part of support

hi id love to buy this but i use opencart. would you be able to set this up ?