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Awesome design UmbrellaStudios, glws mate! ;)

Beautiful; sales would rock if there was a light version too – most clients in my experience are allergic to dark themes – creates dark brand associations… So any chance of a light skin?

We will definetely add a light version in future, but you have many color options to customize yourself


Nice Theme,

Please check the Shortcodes page, ’+’ symbol of Accordion is not getting displayed properly.


Can you tell in which browser is the problem so we can fix it?

Great work. Good luck guys. Wish you well.

Thanks a lot!

Hi, A note for potential buyers: I bought this theme and it is really great! Easy to customize and easy to set up.

I had the chance to receive fast and efficient support, too. All that to fix a problem that had nothing to do with the theme!

Good luck with the sales!

Both in Chrome and Firefox on Joli OS 1 .2

As i tested them out just now, they are working great maybe the Image is not loading in you’re Browser .

Amazing work guys..

lovin’ it :D

Thanks a lot! :)

Awesome design, gl with sales!

Thank you we appreciate it.

Really amazing! Nice theme!

Thanks a lot.

Can you imbed video from vimeo?

Yes vimeo and youtube

Ok so I goto

And that’s its you are stuck on the Dribbble post. Click anywhere else in site nav and the Dribble post just stays there.

And I assume a user might find this post through google, it’s a post permalink! Are you going to fix issues like this anytime soon?

I’ve tested this in Firefox 16.0.2 & Safari 6.0.2 both for Mac



At this point you’re right, but this way it break’s the Theme Logic. The Page as single post in a different tab would never happen navigating from menu, it happens only on iPhone.

On Desktop Version, the Work’s Post will be shown on a Dialog not at it’s page but we will fix this tomorrow.


Is it fixed? I would like to purchase the theme if you are updating this? And are you going to be updating the theme in the future much?

Yes we updated the theme, another update is pending but we will release as much updates as we can, because it is important for us the web site of the user not the theme, that why we are supporting server issues also and wordpress problems.

Bests UmbrellaTeam

I am interested in this theme… but have one error in live preview. When i click on “Works” menu and i choose to see the “Captura” image the close up have other menu identical of the main menu. Please, fix. OBS : This happend with other images too. OBS 2 : I use Firefox.




Now i see, we will fix this ASAP .

Bests Umbrella Team

UmbrellaStudios, here is a image of this bug: Link
Like you’ve see, appear 2 menus, the second appear on the image in close up.

It’s Fixed as you can see on preview.

We will update it ASAP Bests

It’s impossible to active this theme… I have this message: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_IF in /homez.383/saadarto/www/wp-content/themes/Ardoise/includes/customfields.php on line 1

Ok continue reply to mail:


Thanks for purchasing!

Very cool! Great job on this!

Thanks a lot.

I need to know if the template has more options, eg in other templates are full-width options or option normal (980px), Nemo has something similar? They have more screenshots of the admin panel and front-end?

Thank you!


To view the front end you can simply click on live preview. Nemo is a flexible,responsive theme so we don’t have option’s for Width on template’s, but on different sizes Nemo transforms from 2 Column’s to 1 Column Portfolio.


Great work! Good luck ;)

Great Theme, and what’s more important GREAT and fast support! I truly recomend UmbrellaStudios, and hope to see more of their work on Theme Forest!

Thank you

I’t was a pleasure to work with you.


This is my mail:

Hi, Awesome theme!

Good luck with the sales ;)


Thank you for purchasing!

Hi – like the clean optic a lot. I guess it is possible to have a start-page like the “about” page, right?

And would it be possible to get twitter-posts automatically posted on the blog section (must than be headline only without text I guess)

And the size of the Logobox in the upper right is flexible – so if I would add a larger logo this would not be a problem?


The front page is a theme part and curently can not be chosed by the user, but we will add this feature during the week.

Our theme does not support directly twitter feed but you can use maybe a plugin to do that.

You can chose any size of the logobox but you need to keep the height of the logo as it is in theme.

Bests UmbrellaTeam

by the way – i meant the “service” page instead of the “about” page ;)


The latest update allow’s you to chose the page you want to display on front end.