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It seems to have a problem with “Meet the team” and “What we do” translations on services page. Those 2 are getting translated, but you can only see the translated text after refreshing.

I Replaced <h3><?php _e("What we do"); ?></h3>

With <h3><?php _e(""); ?></h3>

On first load it shows “What we do” button with text, after the refresh, there are no text.

So there has to be something wrong. I tried with every major browser, android, mac, win. same thing happens all over the place.

Thank You! RockWeb

Hi RockWeb

Thanks for you’re help, this is already fixed but the update is pending for approval.

Could you contact support for this issue and maybe we can help you before themeforest updates the theme.

Bests UmbrellaTeam

Nice work! Is there a way to remove the facebook comment system and use the default one wordpress provides?


It got a comment.php alreade made comment form but it’s not included because we choosed facebook comment’s as the comment system.

Bests UmbrellaTeam

Oh also, seems like the CSS from the child-theme is never loaded and gets overwritten, just try to load a child theme with a blank style.css and you’ll see what I mean.


Could you contact support please from themeforest panel.

Bests UmbrellaTeam

? what do you mean by that.

Just purchased your theme. Is there a way to get the blueish colour edited for the boxes on the homepage. I see you can edit the colours of the main background but there is no option to change the colours for the post boxes etc.


Thanks for buying our theme first.

We updated our theme yesterday we are just waiting for Themeforest aproval could you contact our support and we will help you.


Hi nice theme, inspired by metro, but not just copy/paste of it. Good job! Good luck :)

Thanks a lot, appreciate it.


Hello again,

There is a bug @ page titles as well. Would be great if every page is showing up with it’s own title, not with the sitewide title.

Just letting you know so you can improve the script. Seems like another top-seller is coming from this one :)


Thanks for that update, it’s a very dynamic site (You can’t find a post back on Nemo) that’s why many thinks are not standard with any other Theme or Web Site.

But we will fix this ASAP .


So original, congrats!

hello! it is possible to turn off fancybox blogpost and works ? couse with ajax all post have that same URL , so its not good for seo :(


From the Option Panel it’s not possible, because that is part of design but you will still have Premalink’s where Bot’s can still read you’re post content.

It’s up to you if you can and want integrate that feature or use this example to track ajax calls using Google Analytics.

Bests Umbrella Team

Just to make clear Posts have permalink, and they are accessible externally (Bot’s).

You need to remove the Themeforest Frame to see it in action (Open posts in new tab to check this).

And example :

i know about remove frame dude im not newbie. i mean blog post urls and work posts. but its ok if google see it its good, i also type post title in url and its works, so i like it, hope i buy this theme in two/three days ;)

What a great theme i love it :D

Thanks a lot matte.

Sup ! :) How to insert a video VIMEO in an article? No worries for portfolio items but no ideas … thank you;)

Put the embedd code from Vimeo or Youtube into the WSYIWYG Editor.

Going to go ahead and purchase it even though people are having small issues. Did that update you mention in the comment above go live?

Yes the update is approved and there are no reported bugs now. Check the changelog in the item description.

Have a good day

Wow, this is beautiful! Do you provide a demo .xml file, which makes it similar looking as the TF demo after import?


Yes it has included the xml export file from the Live Preview.

You can find in the Nemo Package – Wordpress Theme, Child Theme,All PSD ’s,Demo XML File and Documentation.


Hey, How to add Custom Pages like “Shortcodes” and all this Feature the Headings an so on :) And how to make custom pages for Contact, because i need them for imprint and other important informaiton! :)

You can make custom pages from pages and chose default template.

Than you can make child pages many as you like.

Conatct page is located under the services and it got its custom template where you can chose them from the drop down on pages dialog.

Hey, just bought (great job) but can’t find the ZIP folder to upload to activate?!

figured it out

Glad to hear that.


Does this support video in the Works? Also can I add the FB likes or Pin it in the popup in the Works?


Yes it supports Video from Youtube and Vimeo on Works Posts.

Currently only Facebook Comment’s are included, but you can make a feature request by contacting us.


Also you have many wordpress social plugins that can help you with this

hi, I try to download the latest version (1.3), but get 1.0 instead. The last time I check was on 20th nov at 12p.m. GMT +1

Is that normal?


Yes it is because we did not update the style.css file but there’s the latest.

ok, thanks.

I cannot find the image shortcode, though. Is that normal?

Nidrig we added only for you the IMG Shortcode.

We will include them in next update generally.


Just purchased your theme, but can’t activate or live preview… I get HTTP Error 500.0 – Internal Server Error… I´m working on localhost with IIS … And this is what I get in the error page: Detailed Error Information: Module: FastCgiModule Notification: ExecuteRequestHandler Handler: PHP via FastCGI Error Code: 0×00000000 Requested URL : http://localhost:25243/wp-admin/customize.php?theme=nemo Physical Path: C:\Users\RubioM01\Documents\My Web Sites\qosIT Consulting NEMO \wp-admin\customize.php Logon Method: Anonymous Logon User: Anonymous Request Tracing Directory: C:\Users\RubioM01\Documents\IISExpress\TraceLogFiles\QOSIT CONSULTING NEMO

Any idea? what am I doing wrong? Thanks a lot!

First of all i can’t see you’re badge (purchased one).

Second, this is a wordpress native error. This is not a part of our Theme.


And it is better to use Apache for PHP as an application server (packaged with XAMP ).

IIS has bad reputation working with PHP .

Really liking this, nice work!

Thanks a lot .