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Hi I am very interested in buying this theme which is awesome by the way. My question is concerning the color green as you hover over the menu on the left side. Can this be changed?



Yes you can change the Hover color on the menu.


Very nice theme

But I do have big problems with the loading. About 1 of 3 click on the menu fails to load the content..

What can the problem be? mail:



This might happen because of some plugins, to fix that just disable Ajax Load because it is a very sensitive function, and any HTML appended can cause this not to work


yea that helped, the loading effect is gone, but it is working, which is most important :))

thanks for the fast respond.

Hello, i like very much your theme and would like to purchase it, but before that i have few of questions. I need to know if the fonts with the theme support cyrillic, if not can they be modified to wokr with cyrillic? How to upload the images for the portfolio, as a feature image or? My last question is can you send me or show me how will looks one vertical image with size 500×1500px for example?

Thank you in advance!


We are using Robotto font, and it does not support Cyrilic, but you can modify it from CSS and use Arial Font or any other Google Font (it must be customized from CSS not from our option panel).

Images for Portfolio Preview are from Featured Image, and then in the post you can find a Multi Image Upload Field, for slider images.

For vertical images, images are cropped to exact dimensions so they wont look so good.


Thank you for the fast response. I believe i didn’t clarify my question for the vertical images i mean how they will looks like if they are included in the message, not as featured image.

One more thing… with Opera the category with name “Works”. When i check 2-3 projects the drop-down menu crash and is not possible to open anything more. :)


Yasso, now it’s fine.


Hi there again,

I purchased your theme and I am in the process of uploading it to a local install of WP using XAMPP . When selecting the zip file, I get the error that the files are way too big from the allowed limit.

Some net searching pointed me to remove the PSD folder, which I did and I re-zipped the rest. Tried uploading the new zip file started to work until it failed to install because the theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Any help at this point is appreciated.



You need to upload only nemo folder, or zip it and upload, otherwise this might happen by uploading only Nemo Child Theme.

So grab nemo folder, zip it upload via panel and that’s it.


I am interested in purchasing this theme but wanted to know if its easy to change it from the current dark black theme to a more whiter cleaner look?


I asked for Nemo skinning preview and they responded saying they didn’t know what I was talking about. You don’t know of a link or anything where I can see it?

Thanks again


Im sory for that, but there’s no e-mail asking us for Skining or something like that.

You can use Color Pickers, to change the Nemo Color, if you leave an e-mail here we will send you some screenshots or please send an e-mail again at


Just sent an email thank you.

hi! the theme looks great! just wondering what type of video from youtube in the works section, will i have, there is no example as to how the videos would open…

also is there portfolios..? i like the filtering function, would that filter between portfolio categories? custom post types? or simple posts with complicated templates or shortcodes?

just looking at how easy it is to set up for a client, and how easy is the theme options.

thanks m


Youtube video’s are placed on Work’s Section, there’s a Custom Field a Repeater where you can paste Youtube or Vimeo URL .

The videos are displayed on Work’s slider where you can find image’s and videos.

Portfolio is the Works,they’re Custom Post Types.

The Filter function show’s only work’s in the Selected Category from the Drop Down.

Hi there,

I am putting together the theme as a portfolio and its coming along very nice. Just wanted to ask you about how do you get to setup a gallery as shown in your live preview under the works section. Been trying all possibilities and it’s now working for me.

Thanks again for your fast replies and great support.

Hi there again,

Please ignore the previous comment, I figured out how to create the portfolio shortly after posting.

Thanks again, A++ for your service.


Glad to hear that, and you’re welcome any time for any question or need.


Thanks. I actually do have a couple of questions.

First one, I modified the color scheme from the default green to a shade of orange and I noticed the box where I added my name has a line (about a pixel height) across the top of the box that is green! Take a look at

Second one, I created my portfolio images and as I upload my images through WP dashboard I get few different image sizes uploaded along with the original one. But when I want to add the images to the works pages, I do not get to choose the largest size and hence my images are cut out in the fancybox gallery.

Third one, can I add a banner (aside from the top left box that comes by default) and footer to show up on all pages?

Any help there will be very appreciated.


For the first problem please download and updated version of Nemo.

Second one images are croped to fit info their Containers in Work, otherwise they would be disordered and got out of their bounds.

Third by Nemo Option panel you can’t do that.


HI I got the annoying error. how can I fix it ?

SyntaxError: syntax error <script type=”text/javascript”> & SyntaxError: missing ; before statement (function($) { var offset = 6 var page_num = 6; var current_category; $(“d…

Its somehow linked to the works page – I cant click and open work-files

see link:

how to fix ?


Jakob,insert google Analytics without <script> tags.


Cool by removing the google analytics code all in all it removed the error. I tried just removing til tags, but the error continues… how can I include google analytics ? heres my code:

var _gaq = _gaq || [];
_gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-XX764XX-4']);
(function() {
  var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true;
  ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https://ssl' : 'http://www') + ’’;
  var s = document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s);

Is there a Way to sort work items. Both on home page and under the work menu. As it is now the lastest postet item will go first and I would like to manage the order? :-)

Great theme btw!


No currently not but we will consider this as a next Nemo Feature.


Thanks would be very nice! and maby also the possibility to have it pick random on the front page…

I managed to change the order on the front page by inseting a order tag in the array string…

$the_query = new WP_Query( array( “posts_per_page” =>6, “post_type”=>”works”, “order” => “ASC”);

Ok a sorted the randomness myself. If anyone interested here goes:

$the_query = new WP_Query( array( “posts_per_page” =>6, “post_type”=>”works”, “order” => “ASC”, “orderby”=>”rand”) );

Hi, me again.. so 5 type page mean the different pages I see here in the demo right? No other option?

I like to use this color palette:

background #8b9dc3 Menu button or blog selection 3b5998 and white test.

Can I? Thanks


Except the menu color, you can change all other item’s color.

But if you want you can edit on CSS we will tell where to do the modifications.


Hi there

Firstly thanks for this theme it’s awesome! I just have one problem when FancyBox is enabled.

If you click on a work item on theres a white border down the right hand side of post? Have you any idea what’s causing this? I’ve tried setting ‘showCloseButton’ to false but it seems unrelated to that and everything else i’ve tried hasn’t worked.


Yes i see now, could you contact support from our panel and we will help you.


Hey really nice temp! Im having a problem that people mentioned before and still cannot fix it…i want to add more subitems under “Our services” just like you did with “Shortcodes” below what we do and meat the team.

I created a page name “The studio” and when i set it up I choose “Our services” as parent but doesnt show up anywhere…can you please explain how to add this (for dummies)?

Thanks a lot!

Children pages work’s only for Deffault Template Pages

Ok….but how do i do this then:

You created a page named Shortcodes and then?

Thanks a lot

Ok….but how do i do this then:

You created a page named Shortcodes and then?

Thanks a lot

This page is hardcoded only for preview purposes.

Hey whenever I click the magnifying glass to go into the post the ajax loading screen appears but nothing happens.

here is the link

So I can’t make it like in the demo whereby the height changes?

Yes you can make it like the demo, just resize images manually to the nearest size, but on the Demo some images are smaller than the minimum height to get cropped.

At the other hand please contact our support from our panel and we will help you to achieve what you need.

By panel do you mean by clicking your name and sending a message through your profile?



On the contact page just place the latitude and longitude on their custom fields .

You can find how to do it on documentation also.


Hi Everyone

Now the users who had problem’s with Image’s Croped on Slider, is gone. We don’t crop them anymore, so you can place there any Image Height on Slider.


Ran into a odd issue here. using the default home page, the “works” ajax posts works fine, but the regular “blog” posts that gets loaded on the bottom never seems to show up, just get stuck on the ajax loading animation.

url is

Going to web-site everything seems to be fine, could you please tell us from which Browser was that issue please.

I could open Blog and Work’s on Fancybox – Im using Chrome.

The Home – menu item has only an #, so it wont bring you anywhere.