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Hey there, fantastic theme, first of all. Absolutely in love with it. My question is this. I’m opening an eCommerce store. Have you or anyone else used this with the WooCommerce plugin? And if so, how does it look/feel/operate? Thanks, Alex


Thanks for the comment.

We did not tested our theme with eCommerce Plugin’s, but we will give you a feedback when we find the time this week to do those tests.

Kind Regards


HTML tags added to the Home Heading Text field within the Branding options of this theme do not work. for example, a paragraph marked with

tags do not show live content as paragraphed.


We stripped out any HTML Tag there except strong, because the WSYIWYG Editor add’s extra

and that part does not support any other HTML Tag by it’s css.

PS : If you want to keep there HTML Tag’s than we can do this for you, just send us the Wordpress and FTP Login’s by using the from from our profile. “Email Umbrella”


have question before i buy

i want to ask if it is possible to change the icon of navigation for links?

are you using class or special function for that



Nemo is shipped with a set of icons, Glyph Icons –

But we can help you to add any custom icon you will.



Thx for this theme, it´s really one of a kind…

But, why is it only showing 2 posts and not all of my posts I got? And is it a bug on the previewsite where it says 0 comments but the posts got comments?



Thanks a lot for the feedback, and NO you’re not that guy because you’re helping us improving the Product.

A NEMO Update is pending for review so please stay tuned.

Hey again!

Thx for the update of the theme and now I only got two more questions:

  • How to change the font? I´m blogging in Swedish, and I wanna change to Anonymous Pro because they handle the Nordic characters better then the font in the theme.
  • What size on the Featured Image? If we look at the demo page you guys have is looks much better then my blog @



1.The font’s is not changeable from our panel, but we can help you to custom that.

2.The size is 306×230px

Hi UmprellaStudios. Your’re theme is really great, love it. Just have one question. There is any chance to personalize the background color? I mean for example, everything in black background as the default, but the portfolio page with white background? Obviously probably i need to change it in the code, but there is any chance you could help me with this??

Thanks a lot, i will wait for your feedback. Nicole ;)


Yes we can help you to do that, in that case we will need a PSD or PNG to see what are you looking to hook up, and you need to send us you’re Server Credentials (Wordpress and FTP Logins).

When you prepare those, please contact us from the form on our Envato Profile and we will help you.

Kind Regards

Perfect! Ones i buy the item i will contact you guys. Thanks a lot for you super quick response! And sorry for my bad english :P


Hi there,

Enjoying the theme! Just wondering if there is an easy way to disable comments section for posts, works, etc?



Yes you can, through Options Panel – Main Section and Uncheck the Facebook Comment’s.

Kind Regards


I would like to use your fantastic theme for a blog site…Is it possible to have the categories of the blog on the menu and recent posts as the landing page?

Thanks a lot!

Furthermore,no posts are shown under every category page…


Please make sure you have post’s on that Category, because it is working as we tested out.

As for sub-categories you need to Copy their URL and paste as a Custom URL because Currently Nemo does not provide Sub-menu’s.

We will add the feature very soon, because you’re the first user who need’s it.

Perfect support!! Thanks!

The support from these guys are probably one of the best I have seen from any theme author! Keep up the good work lads!

Thank you very much, we appreciate it!

I have an issue – on the blog page the items added in the works section are being shown. Can you help

Can you contact support and provide the URL to check this out ? Just use the form from our Panel to contact support.


We recently purchased this theme (on a different account) and somehow there are quite a few errors I have encountered.

  • the slider for “works” isn’t working
  • loading via ajax seems broken as well.
  • menu options (under the umbrella panel) is empty.

Note: I am using a freshly installed WP with this theme.


Can you send us an URL to check this.

Hi – does this theme work in WP 3.5?

Yes it does.

Hi UmbrellaStudios,

This theme is absolutely amazing, thank’s for that !

I would like to remove the “color block” in the space provided for the logo, above the menu. How can I do?

Sorry for my english ;-)


Can you send us the URL to see what happening there ?

Hi, We recently purchased this theme (on a different account) and somehow there are quite a few errors I have encountered. the slider for “works” isn’t working loading via ajax seems broken as well. menu options (under the umbrella panel) is empty. Note: I am using a freshly installed WP with this theme. (M sending back this message as ffup.)


I replied to the email you sent to us, explained the problem which is caused by editing or transferring the theme to server.



I downloaded this theme today and am trying to install it on wordpress 3.5 but it keeps telling me there is a wordpress failure and it doesn’t install as a theme. Do you know where the problem might be??

Many thanks


We replied you to your e-mail.

It is a file transfer issue.

Thank you so much for your help – amazing service!!

Hey guys,

When trying to install this theme, it said i was missing a file.

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

So you need a link to a post which will bring you to a category right ?

Yeah I think so? Just need it to connect to something. Also, is there a way to write some about the staff instead of just the name and title?

Well as for the first issue you can insert hyperlinks within Post content.

There is only space for name and position.

To achieve your goal you will need a help from a developer.

How do you add shortcodes for layout columns in a custom child page? Similar to what you have for “Services” -> “What We Do”, but instead of the titles and text, I’d love to do image on the left, block quote on the right.

Use your WSYIWYG Editor and align the Image on the left, than just insert a regular Blockquote from WSYIWYG Editor and it should look like that.


Thank you for you help before. I am still struggling with trying to display videos on pages other than those that fall into the works category.

Basically I want to have many different pages that allow embedding of videos that don’t necessarily get displayed under works. Unfortunately the plugin you sent the link for on “responsive video embeds” did not resolve the problem.

Please help!

Thank you arzoo

Hi Arzoo

Well i think we should include Video embeds for Nemo, this will take some time but we will release this on an next earlier update.


Good job!

Please is there a way for me to use wordpress commenting rather than Facebook comment system?

Also, can I easily change the colour theme from green to, say blue?



No there is no way you can use wordpress comments, sorry!

The color can be changed easily with colorpicker on the Umbrella Option Panel.

Best Regards, Umbrella


- If you need support, please write us on our HelpDesk

Hey, good template,

For the portfolio can i have a wall of projects, or it s just a 3 collums project’s line?


Nemo does not support that native-lly, but your free to customize it by your self.

How i can do to choice two categories to my works?


Well this is also not possible, as Wordpress supports only a Single Category page view.

Like you can have pages with 2 Categories only a single one.

I’ve found a bug with the theme, on my site hover over ‘Biotech’, then in the squares that appear try and hover over ‘Electrophoresis’ and it changes to ‘Arduino’ which is a square from the category ‘Electronics’. This is very disapointing :(

Sorry for that, and thanks for pointing this issue out. This will be fixed a.s.a.p and will be ready on the next update. We’ll anounce you for that, on comments.