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Hi, first of all my compliments on your awesome theme. I’ve got a question about the vertical-timeline.

I import the neon.less file in my main.less file and since i’m still developing i’m allowing the neon.less file to import all it’s required classes. But the strange thing is that the timeline doesn’t work when i just import the “neon-less/vertical-timeline.less” file. If i however copy the css code from : js/neon/vertical-timeline/css/component.css it does render correctly.

Do you have any idea what may cause this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Hi mxa,

It might be with relative URLs that doesn’t work, try specifying the root path for Less parser:

// add this before the script that imports less parser
  less = {
    env: "development",
    async: false,
    fileAsync: false,
    poll: 1000,
    functions: {},
    dumpLineNumbers: "comments",
    relativeUrls: false,
    rootpath: "http://localhost/your-site/" 
<script src="less.js"></script>

Otherwise I am not sure why it doesn’t include it. I use to compile the CSS, and as you have the neon.less file, it compiles everything that is imported there.

Hopefully I was clear on my answer.



Really impressed with the way the theme looks and works. My only concern is, for certain pages, I will want to strip away a lot of excess js plugins and etc. that I won’t be using.

Is there some sort of documentation that will make this easy? Or do I need to do it by trial and error?


Hi innoventmedia,

Firstly thanks for such kind comments.

We have included only the optimal files that are needed to make the page work, otherwise if you remove any of them it can cause page to have errors. For example, this page:

Includes only required JS files.

You can eliminate un-needed files so for example if you are not going to use the chat feature, just do not include this file assets/js/neon-chat.js and so on.

When it comes to styling these are the only ones that are required (some optional in some cases)

<link rel="stylesheet" href=""  id="style-resource-4">
<link rel="stylesheet" href=""  id="style-resource-5">
<link rel="stylesheet" href=""  id="style-resource-6">
<link rel="stylesheet" href=""  id="style-resource-7">

neon-forms.min.css and neon-theme.min.css can sometimes be not needed but they are preferred to be included (total 500kb)

You can also create more personalized CSS files, but this requires you to be familiar with LESS CSS compiler. This section in documentation describes it:

Hopefully I was clear on my explanations.

If you have more questions feel free to ask.


You were VERY clear in your explanation. Thanks.

That comment about the chat feature is exactly what I’m referring to…your theme is VERY detailed and includes certain things we won’t need….so I’ll just remove the JS files related to each feature we won’t be using.

Thanks :)

Hi there,

I was just playing with the file upload on Safari, and it crashes the browser everytime I press on any of the upload buttons.

Works fine on Chrome. Is this a known bug?

Hi awso25,

I have tried all the upload plugins that are incorporated in Neon with Safari browser and they work fine for me. It may be something wrong with your PC/Mac, I am not sure about it, what I have done is I have included them in the theme and used their JS, so it could be that author of the plugin needs to release updates.


I used Chat box in left side and when I click in cross button to close chat box I first go to right then close itself .

I want it in smoothly that it toggle to left when i click on cross button.


Please open “layouts-right-sidebar.html” there you have the chat on left, and if you click the cross it will go naturally to the left and close effect will work good.


Great theme, thankyou. Well done on almost nearly 1000 sales :)

I develop in chrome but just testing my site on firefox before I publish it and see a couple of issues. The background icons for the tiles are pushed lower in firefox, but also the group tile with the vector map doesn’t really work at all.


Hi dijichi,

We really appreciate your kind comments and suggestions. I have added them to our Todo list for the next release with fixes. Hopefully we will release the new update during this week.


Congrats on 1K+ sales :)

Thank you very much dear joyontaroy

Much appreciated !! :)

where is the changelog for 1.5.1?

Hi myhalici,

The 1.5.1 changelog is here:

# Feb 13, 2014 v 1.5.1

* [Fix] Fixed CSS Issues
* [Fix] Data folder missing


The modals (exactly the basic modal) don’t function on firefox and ie. Here is the screenshot


Hi abulama,

There was an issue with declaration of click event, so changing from:

<a href="javascript:jQuery('#modal-5').modal('show', {backdrop: 'static'});" class="btn btn-default">Show Me</a>


<a href="javascript:;" onclick="jQuery('#modal-5').modal('show', {backdrop: 'static'});" class="btn btn-default">Show Me</a>

Will work also in firefox, check out the demo and see how it works.



it functions now.

You are welcome buddy :)

There appears to be some invalid css in some of the files, which is causing issues for me since I am building a Rails site and it is breaking my asset pipeline. For the moment I am fixing these myself, but it would be great if these issues could be addressed.

Example: In the neon-core.css file, line 3286. .page-container.sidebar-collapsed.sidebar-is-showing .sidebar-user-info img { ... -webkit-transform: scale(1, ); -ms-transform: scale(1, ); transform: scale(1, ); }

I am seeing very similar errors in neon-theme.css and neon.css.

I did not notice these errors in versions prior to 1.5.0

Thanks, jim

Hi Jim

Thanks for purchasing Neon and reporting this issue.

I have took a look to this and there might be something with the Less compiler because I use


Which generates this unwanted commas, so I suggest you to do the following:

1. Open file neon-core.css

2. Find everything with “, );” and replace with “);

This will fix the issue


Having same problem as abulama with the modals this for me is a huge issue as my site depends largly on these.

Hi leapit,

There was an issue with declaration of click event, so changing from:

<a href="javascript:jQuery('#modal-5').modal('show', {backdrop: 'static'});" class="btn btn-default">Show Me</a>


<a href="javascript:;" onclick="jQuery('#modal-5').modal('show', {backdrop: 'static'});" class="btn btn-default">Show Me</a>

Will work also in firefox, check out the demo and see how it works.


great will check it out

Have been able to find something out about making the tabs text turning into icons on mobile devices ?

Yes, just replied to your specific thread about this issue.

Hi, there is a minor issue with form slider when you click on slider directly not dragging slider the result is not correct. I hope it get fixed in next updates.

Hi Themina,

Fixed this issue, it will be available in the next update (check the demo and see they are working).

Thanks for reporting this issue


If you have trouble with the replaced radio buttons like i had (the initially checked radio button wasn’t displayed as selected -> this behaviour also happens in the live preview for me), just replace line 1923 in file neon-custom.js> $(".neon-cb-replacement input[type=radio][name='"+name+"']").closest('.neon-cb-replacement').removeClass(checked_class);

with the following:

$(".neon-cb-replacement input[type=radio][name='"+name+"']:not(:checked)").closest('.neon-cb-replacement').removeClass(checked_class);

this removes the “checked” class just from the unchecked radio buttons and lets the checked button as it is.

Hi sighalt,

Many thanks for this fix! It will be included in the next update.


What plans do you have for the next update and what approx time frame for release?

Hi fluentd,

We are hoping that this will be available in the upcoming week.

Hi Laborator,

Does this template includes the design of the dashboard and UI in a PSD file?


Hi Aer747

Yes it does include several PSD: Login page, front end, and dashboard. The ui elements are not available in PSD format.



I have a little problem. I built a system that generates the menu via. a PHP file. The output of the PSD is correct but one of your Javascript files seems to add a “has-sub” to the class of my items that don´t have any sub items. Do you know which Javascript file this might be?

Thank you in advance.


Hi com98,

The responsible script to add “has-sub” classes in Neon menus, is assets/js/neon-custom.js starting from line 1539 to 1642 (function named setup_sidebar_menu)

The same goes also for setup_horizontal_menu which starts at 1714 – 1800


Hi Arlind,

Thank you very much for your response, now everything works fine :)

Greetings, com98

I’m glad it worked, feel free to ask anytime :).

Are there any plans for UI PSD templates? What comes with the template currently is pretty useless as far as building a complete admin system via PSD and handing off to a developer.

Hi fluentd, the PSD UI was not included in the last versions because it was un-rendered and layers were messed up, anyway I have put together all the PSDs I could find:



Not sure if you’ll be able to help with the following. I’m trying to use Highchartson the modal, but it stimply doesn’t like it. It won’t load for some reason withint the modal but will load if I just put it onto a regular page.

So when I place the DIV with the specific Id to render the chart to on regular page, it will load, but when I put the DIV with the id to a modal, it just shows blank.

Any idea why this is? Appreciate your help.

Hi awso25,

Modal content is by default hidden until user initiates the modal window to open, so when you load the JavaScript for Highcharts it wont render because the modal is hidden, thus it cannot make calculations until the DIV layer is visible on the page.

My suggestion are that you need firstly to show the pop up, then render the chart, this might help you to create the idea how to:

    $("#your-link-to-modal").on('click', function(ev)


        // Here you include the code to render the High charts, after the modal is shown

Hope it helps you.



What font is used for the logo?

I have opened a few of the psd files in GIMP but I see no text layers to use to modify the logo.


Hi thomasdriskill, the font used for the logo is Montserrat with a little modification.



I would like to receive the PSD’s updated files as seen in the previews …

My email is

thank you

Hi caioarias, the other PSD files that I have not included are the UI pages and the new updates, the layers are not named and the groups are messed up a little bit, but anyway here are the links to download these files:

New update files:

The UI Pages (buttons, alerts, tables etc…):


I’m sorry, I do not speak English well. good job! You can also do this for joomla? I can commission a new graphic design for my site?

Hi bunzolo, actually Neon is just a backend HTML template and because of the CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal) do not allow to change the whole look of the admin area we’re not planning to release it for any other use.