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What’s up with the montserrat font directory? I don’t see it included anywhere in your examples.

However I do see it included via an @import url via,700

Is there a reason why you’re not leveraging the local files and instead relying on an external source?

Hi patbaker82,

We have developed Neon theme all the time using Montserrat, but we have seen many issues with font rendering, like bold and italic texts so when we have tested Noto Sans, it looks better than Montserrat, thats why we have switched to it. So, the montserrat directory should be something of the past that we have forgotten to remove. Anyway, you may still use it if you want, but the results will be better with Noto Sans font.




First of all, thanks for this amazing template. Unfortunately i’ve got a problem with the modal when the left menu is fixed. The modal box is under the gray layer and cannot be clicked. Seems to be a position:absolute problem or a z:index conflict.

Thanks in advance !

Best regards,

Mmmh solved it gotta put the modal html outside .page-container

Yes that is correct, that should be outside of the page-container wrapper.

Thanks for your kind words!

For those of you who are suffering from an incompatibility with IE9 on versions prio to 1.5, this is why: IE up to version 9 can only handle up to 4096 css selectors per css file and the neon.css that aggregates all .less files into one big css file just exceeds this limit. All definitions after the 4096th selector will be ignored and therefor the styling is totally broken in IE9.

As v1.5 splits the entire css into multiple parts this limit is no longer an obstacle as long as you don’t add too much additional css to these files. IE <3

Many thanks for this clear explanation, you did also a favor for us, I didn’t knew that IE9 or earlier version can accept such number of selectors.

Glad that it worked for you.


I’ve got a problem with the data table, where the table just doesn’t look right. I sent an screenshot to support and the answer was … “Just contact the author of the component” ...

Anyone here notice anything strange with the datatable?

You are right, it was my cache, chrome loves to hold on those JS files … Thanks for your time!

FYI, you are missing the ‘dataTables_processing’ class definition in you css to support the server calls. That is way it datatable was messed up when was used to get content from server.

Hi scuty, thank you for your information we appreciate it.



I would like to know if you can make a frontend template especially for me?

Do you have a website?

Thanks, Alain

Hi acppca, for freelance work please contact us directly at info at laborator dot co


Hello, some admin themes are also offering php version, are you planning to add this great and time saving feature?


Hi kiwii, for now we’re not planning to release a PHP version but maybe in the next updates we’ll see if it is necessary to add this feature too.


First of all, awesome design and an admin theme. I have noticed an issue in most browser on Mac OS (haven’t tested on Windows). When on the fronted home page, scrolling down to the bottom, and looking at the testimonial and client-logo carousels, they keep on changing height on every slide and the text of the testimonials keeps on falling stacking on it self (1 word per row) for a few seconds, every time a slide changes. Can’t seem to figure out what is causing this. If you have any tips on fixing this, would be much appreciated

Awesome, the update fixed it but it seems to have gotten the scroller broken in firefox. Also on the portfolio page, the $portfolio_items.isotope('reLayout'); in document ready doesn’t seem to work in chrome and safari (causing the portfolio images not to show up properly (they are not tall enough until the document is resized or category changed)). The issue isn’t present in firefox, opera nor ie10+
using $portfolio_items.imagesLoaded( function() { $portfolio_items.isotope('reLayout'); }); seems to fix it though

Hi NemesisX, good you managed to fix it on your own, we’ll be collection all the issues at the end and fix them on the upcoming updates.


RTL is not showing fine, is it supporting online or not?

Hi umarmughal, the overall structure of RTL is showing fine but it does have some style leaks which we’ll fix in the next updates, the online version is the actual version of RTL.


Using the Time & Date Picker in a modal causes the date picker drop down menu to show behind the modal; the z-index is too low.

Hi noud89, we haven’t noticed this bug before, we’d thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately we have forgotten to fix this in the update which is on the way, for the next update it will be fixed.


Is it possible to change chat sidebar to non static ??? if yes, please tell me how.


Hi nouras,

How do you think to change chat sidebar to non-static, can you give me an example because I have not clear what you are asking exactly?


I mean if chat sidebar have more data I want a user to be able to scroll down within the sidebar . Just like the other sidebar on the left.

Just remove fixed class from this element:

<div id="chat" class="fixed" data-current-user="Art Ramadani" data-order-by-status="1" data-max-chat-history="25">


<div id="chat" class="" data-current-user="Art Ramadani" data-order-by-status="1" data-max-chat-history="25">

It will show native scrollbar of the browser.


Do you have any detailed information regarding browser version compatibility for non-IE Browser, e.g. Chrome 20+ or something like that?

As I recently noticed, there are people out there using Firefox 7.0 . which doesn’t fully support your theme or parts of it. It doesn’t have to be the exact number but if you can estimate which older versions of the browser are functional that would be nice.

Kind regards Alex

Hi Alex, we don’t have a detailed information how the theme works on the older versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari we have never tested it on older versions just on the current ones of these browsers, on the version that we’ll launch today we have only fixed IE problems.


After the latest update, when you have a fixed sidebar the height of the page gets messed up:

Hi faisalah123

Thanks for reporting this issue, I have fixed it, please download this file:

And replace here assets/js/, it will fix this issue, see in the demo:


this solution affects part of my web application where I have a fixed footer on some pages (bottom: 0) and your min-height hack changes in height depending on the page and doesn’t show the footer bar.

is there another solution? if not how can I change my footer bar according to the min-height you set?


The main reason min-height is applied is because to make the Sidebar menu stick always to the end of document, so if you want to stick the footer to the end you can simply do this with css by applying:

display: block; position: absolute; left: 0; right: 0; bottom: 0;

So the height of main content container will always touch the end of page.


Great Theme!

but unfortunately the front-end slider is broken in FF due to a table-cell bug in FF.


Hey krebenik-it,
thank you for reporting this issue, it will be fixed in the next update.


include frontend theme psd files?

Hi oostyle,
all the front-end PSD files are included and some of the back-end too.


Good Morning,

I am having a problem getting validation working on a form when the form is part of a modal and is loaded via ajax.

The form has the validate class, but as the form is not present when the parent form loads it does not pick up the validation configuration as it would it if we present on page load.

What is the best way to enable validation on modal forms?


Hi n3wton,

In modals you have to initialize the validation after the popup is open, here is an example of validation in modal popup:

<a href="#" id="link-that-opens-the-modal">Show form</a>

// Script

        var opts = {
            rules: {
                name: {
                    required: true

                email: {
                    required: true,
                    email: true

                phone: {
                    number: true

                // and so on with other fields

            // You can apply custom form submit handler
            submitHandler: function(form)
                // Do some stuff here when everything is validated and its OK

        jQuery('#modal-with-form form').validate(opts);

Hopefully you can understand what I have written and it works for you.


Thanks for this, I will give it a try.

Feel free to ask anytime :).


Neon theme/template looks really wonderful. We are planning to purchase, but before that could you please let me know whether the pages in Extras ( Login, Register, etc) also follow the skins that are selected? So, could it be white, or do we need to do extra Less work or something to make that change?


Thanks- that is great.

One more question if you don’t mind: We want to embed this whole look and feel into an existing template… (salesforce pages if you are familiar with). Now we do not want to use iframe or something along those lines but basically add a precedeing class to all css here… For regular bootstrap we just enclosed all with a ”.bs {}” within LESS files and recompiled them and now when we say class=”bs xxxxxxx” it knows it is bootstrap but without “bs” it is regular salesforce css. I understand you guys provide the LESS files from the previous comments… from your experience is this possible to do with your whole template? if so which less files we need to change/update ?

Thanks in advance for all your help.

any answer you can provide on this would be really helpful… thanks!

Hi anthemecss,

I have never thought about this but tried to apply that class and it worked.

So basically if you download this file:

You will see this class name in the beginning:

Then you can add to body or html element class “neon-theme” and it will work you.


This is a great looking template. Any chance of implementing jPanelMenu for an alternative to the dropdown menu on smaller devices?

Hi lukebrowning,

Yes we plan to add other plugins but currently we are busy developing some other themes, so till the next month we cannot release an update for Neon.

Thanks for your kind comments!


Hi, Is there any way to remove the ‘bouncing’ effect while open a modal? I´ve already commented these lines:

public_vars.$body.on('click', '.modal[data-backdrop="static"]', function(ev) { var $modal_dialog = $(this).find('.modal-dialog .modal-content'); var tt = new TimelineMax({paused: true}); tt.append($modal_dialog, .1, {css: {scale: 1.1}, ease: Expo.easeInOut}) ); tt.append($modal_dialog, .3, {css: {scale: 1}, ease: Back.easeOut}) );; });

...but still opens bouncing.

I´m opening the modal via AJAX:

<div class="modal fade" id="dynamic-modal"> <div class="modal-dialog"> <div class="modal-content" id="dynamic-modal-content"> </div> </div> </div> and the call: $("#dynamic-modal").modal();

Hi cjanuzi,

If you want remove the bouncing effect please open assets/js/neon-custom.js

And find this part of code:

// Modal Static
public_vars.$body.on('click', '.modal[data-backdrop="static"]', function(ev)
    if( $('.modal') )
        var $modal_dialog = $(this).find('.modal-dialog .modal-content'),
            tt = new TimelineMax({paused: true});

        tt.append($modal_dialog, .1, {css: {scale: 1.1}, ease: Expo.easeInOut}) );
        tt.append($modal_dialog, .3, {css: {scale: 1}, ease: Back.easeOut}) );;

It worked for me, hopefully it will do for you too.


Hey, any chance we can see a fix for the fixed sidebar layout for touch devices? I am facing this issue since 1.3 and it is still present, even in the demo. In Chrome mobile the menu sidebar is scrollable horizontally while collapsed which makes the icons disappear. In addition, there is an orange border around the sidebar and the submenu that is visible or was visible. In the uncollapsed state I can’t scroll the menu vertically even though nicescroll’s virtual scrollbar indicates that there is more. The browser itself shows the page-end-reached animation.

I dont know if this is an android specific problem but in the stock android browser it is exactly the same. Tested on an Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in landscape mode.

Besides that, I really love this theme. Saved me a lot of work and it gets better from version to version!

Hi Candyffm,

I have noticed this issue, and tried many times to remove that “outline” but couldn’t find a fix for that.

We will try to find alternative ways of implementing fixed sidebar, as for now it has these compatibilities.

Thanks for your words


Hi dude, i have couple question.

Why on dreamweaver is so hard to edit the files? My dreamweaver crashes sometimes try to load all styles. any advice?

I m using fixed leftbar – can i help fix footer and fix top bar where have user picture, chat icon, language and logout?

Thanks and 1 more time really good theme.

Hi alvarogtc,

I recommend you to open these files for editing:

neon-core.css neon-forms.css neon-theme.css

They are separated from this file: neon.css because this caused the editor to break because of many styles and code highlighting.

As a matter of fact, I do not recommend you to make changes in these stylesheets because each time new version gets released we are going to make changes into all of them, so I suggest you to save your custom style to assets/css/custom.css

Hopefully I was clear in my answer. Thanks for your compliments buddy.


can you help with this if possible?

i m using fixed leftbar – can you help me fix footer and fix top bar where have user picture, chat icon, language and logout?

Hi alvarogtc

To the profile and chat link add this id to “row” container:

<div class="row" id="main-profile">

Then in custom.css add this:

#main-profile {
    position: fixed;
    background: #fff;
    z-index: 100;
    right: 20px;
    left: 300px;
    top: 0;
    padding: 10px 0;

This doesn’t happen with the footer, because I tried it but didn’t worked.

You may try to add the fixed container of footer out of the main-content element, so add it in body.

Hopefully this helps you.