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Good day!
Is it possible to fixed the left vertical menu while scrolling page?

Hi Igor, have you checked out the variety of layouts in Neon? Here is the fixed sidebar:


Hi IgorA100,

The reason why they overflow from the container is because once they are generated at certain width they will remain the same size even if the browser is resized. You can try for example if you resize the window, then click F5 (refresh) you’ll see that graphs will be normally rendered.

Thanks for noticing this :)


No problem :)

Is it possible for both the top and side menus to be visible when viewing on a mobile? Currently, the side menu disappears and only the top menu is displayed.

Thanks Robbie

Hi Robbie, unfortunately for now Neon only supports the top menu on mobile, we have not planned to release a left menu or use both menus on mobile yet.


less files included?

Hi kminformatica, the theme includes LESS files and CSS compiled files, you can choose which ones to use.


Not work Simple WYSIWYG Editor in the forms-wysiwyg.html…

Please check!

Thank you..

Hi joonpa, I just tested the Simple WYSIWYG editor on Chrome – Mac OS and it worked fine for me except the text color picker, what bugs have occurred on your screen?



Long modals don’t scroll to the bottom on chrome –

This was fixed by removing perspective: 800; property from neon core css

Hi faisalah123, sorry for being late, and thank you for sharing the fix.


Hi, we have created a form with multiple drop down fields. The reset button shown in “Data validation” example does not reset drop downs (selects). What would be the correct approach to reset the form entirely? Our idea is to have a form with ajax submission and to be able to create many items without refreshing the page (form reset after successful submit).

Hi elesus,

If you are using Select2 plugin, you can easily reset the value of it simply using its own API, here is an example:

// Call this statement in an event
jQuery("select").select2('data', null);

If you are using SelectBoxIt plugin then execute this statement:


And you are done with it. One suggestion is before calling these functions, make sure you clear (unselect) the value of select/dropdown box (example jQuery("select").find('option').attr('selected', false);) if needed.

Hopefully this will solve your issue.


Hello, could send me the main file so I can see how it was done and how the program is structured folders? I decided to buy the theme after this review!

Thank you.

Hi kminformatica,

Sure, I will give you this information.

The files you get: Inside structure (assets organizing) Index file:

Hopefully this will create you an idea how its organized.


Perfect! That was exactly what I needed! I think I’ll buy the same theme. I will create another account on my private email and purchase it at ThemeForest! Thank you very much.

Many thanks :)

Hi, How can we make the top menu clickable, rather than hover&expand?


Hi swamyveera,

The top menu works only with hover events, I tried to make it with click events, but it requires different way of implementation and takes some time to develop it. We will consider adding this feature in the next update.


Hi, Thanks for considering the request.

You are welcome, thanks for purchase.

Sorry for adding another post, how can i have a fixed bottom footer?


Hi swamyveera, we’re sorry the fixed bottom footer is not available in Neon, we have planned to include this feature in the upcoming updates.


Very nice chat API. It will be the template to our chatting system using websockets.

Excellent work!

Thank you herrkaleun.


Hello, Using Neon Theme, in a form, I try to make a conditional display of a text input, depending on if a toggle button is checked or not : if the toggle is checked, then I want the input field to be displayed. Is anybody can help me ? Thanks a lot.

Hi mchabeaud,

Sure, here is sample code for that:

<div class="checkbox checkbox-replace">
    <input type="checkbox" id="sample-checkbox">
    <label>Checkbox 1</label>

<input type="text" class="form-control" id="sample-input" placeholder="Placeholder">

<script type="text/javascript">



Thank you so much. Very useful. But, if I want this function take into account the default value of the checkbox, when open the form, what should I do ?

I’m adding a chat message on ‘receive’ event of a websocket however I don’t know how to update ALREADY OPEN CHAT WINDOW. I add the message like this:

neonChat.pushMessage( ‘user_’ + user_sender, message, name_sender, new Date(), true, true);

How can I update the open chat window so I can actually see the received message? Currently I close and reopen the current window.

Hi herrkaleun,

I will test this issue later today and when I fix I will send you the neon-chat.js file with fixes.

However you can email me here: arlindd at gmail so I can forward you the files.


I’m still waiting :(

Hi herrkaleun,

I am posting the fix here, so you have to download this file and replace to assets/js/ folder:

And then when sending a message, just add an extra line to render messages of currently opened chat:"#sample-user-123");    
neonChat.pushMessage("sample-user-123", "Hello buddy!", "Arlind Rrushi", new Date(), true, true);

Hopefully this will help you, it worked for me.


It seems that the sliders aren’t working very well. See @ ->

I’m playing with the horizontal slider with input text (data-min=0 data-max=1800 ) and can’t go till 0 or 1800 while sliding.

And it changes the min and max value while I’m playing with the slider.

I’m using Chrome Version 34.0.1847.131 m

Any thoughts?

Great theme though… Well done my friend!

Hi apostolos,

Thanks for reporting this issue and your kind comments, I have managed to fix it and download the fixed file:

Replace to assets/js/ folder and the slider will work normally.


Thank you!

You’re welcome, anytime :).

Hi there, with the newest release the Flash CSV/XLS downloader along with the tables seems to not function. Any way to debug? Or is there something obvious I should be looking for? (NB It worked in the previous version).


Actually don’t worry about it – your help explains it – I had forgotten I had changed the path in the previous version

Great you fixed it.


I see that a bottom fixed footer isn’t supported. I’d like to vote for that feature. Looking forward to an update with it.

Hi bobgager, the fixed footer will be added in the next update as many users have asked for this feature.


Any idea when the next update will be available? I have started a project and would like to get a ballpark on the update time.

Hi fluentd,

The new update for Neon will take some time as we are currently working on some new theme so when they are finished we will release new Neon update, I guess it will take 30 or 40 days. I am sorry for this.


Very happy with the template so far!

Here’s a small question: What’s your recommendation to place a “button” with text and/or icon in the “panel-options” div in the right corner of a panel? Attempts so far failed because <buttons> do not align well and <a class=”btn”> hides icon and text (color problem). Thanks in advance.

Hi Neoos,

Thanks for your words!

There is a way to add buttons inside panels tabs titles, this is the markup:

<div class="panel-heading">
    <div class="panel-title"><h4>Minimal Panel</h4></div>
    <div class="panel-options">

        <ul class="nav nav-tabs">
            <li><a href="#profile-2" data-toggle="tab"><span class="btn btn-primary">Second Tab</span></a></li>
            <li><a href="#profile-2" data-toggle="tab"><span class="btn btn-info">Second Tab</span></a></li>
            <li><a href="#profile-2" data-toggle="tab"><span class="btn btn-danger">Second Tab</span></a></li>

And the result will be like:

Hopefully this will help you somehow.


Hi. Is there any way to make the datepicker plugin working inside a modal? When I put a datepicker inside a modal, it appears below the modal window.

I´ve changed the ”.datepicker” class to enforce a high z-index and worked, but when I scroll the modal (in case of long modals), the datepicker does not scroll together, it stay fixed on the same position.

Hi cjanuzi,

Now I have clear what is the problem, try this fix:

.datepicker.datepicker-dropdown {
    z-index: 10000 !important;

It worked for me!

Sorry for the delay of the answer.


Hi Arlind.

I’ve changed the z-index for .datepicker-dropdown and it worked. But when I put it inside a long modal, the datepicker does not “scroll” together.

I’ve attached a image again to illustrate what is happening:

Thanks again and sorry for the incovenience.

The problem is that “fixed” position must be removed from body I guess in order to make that dropdown sticked to the field.


.modal {
  position: absolute !important;

And see it it works.


Adding a modal dialog inside main-content makes page unusable. There is a gray overlay and modals only work if they are created outside main-content – any suggestsion?

Hi swamyveera,

Modals must not be wrapped with main-page container, so add them right before the ends, otherwise modals will not work properly.


Yes i figured that out Arlind. But in my case, its a complex web application and modules are loaded dynamically into the main-content. It is not feasible to add all x number of modals into the bottom. Any solution to this?

I suggest you then to use a JavaScript code to move the modals out of the main container, you can do this easily with jQuery for example:

    jQuery("body").append( jQuery(".page-container .all-of-your-modals") );

Hopefully this will work for you.