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Hello! The Placeholder text does’nt display in IE 8/9, atleast it should work in IE 9 coz its a pouplar browser. Please help me resolving this problem ASAP.

Thank You.

Hi Customer3SIXTY, our team uses Apple devices and couldn’t view all the theme in IE to test it, we will check it and release an update soon, we apologize for the bugs you’re facing.


We noticed strange behavior on our site when we implemented side menu with expand/collapse functionality. When you are collapsing menu sometimes hamburger icon disappears, this is random thing at it happens sometimes on first collapse, sometimes later, and we tested in chrome, IE and firefox, same thing is happening.

We noticed two things, first sidebar-collapse div is calculated with -202px left style, and it is outside viewing area and second that problem is gone if we remove delay property in neon-api.js on line 201. So if we send without third parameter (delay .1) it works fine. if( ! rtl()) {$collapse_icon, .5, {css: {left: -padding_diff+3}, delay: .1}); }

Can you help us out and maybe explain why this is fixed without delay parameter, do you have any hint?

Hi Dannyhaak

I have modified the neon-api.js file so please download the latest version here: and replace to your current project, it should now do the trick. It worked for me at least.


Hi Arlind,

Thanks. We tried, and it doesn’t seem to work.

We think it is a timing and delay issue: there is a JS variable sidebarTransitionTime which is on 600ms, when you put it n 700ms (make animation slower) bug disappears, when you put it on 600ms or lower bug is there (lower you put more often you will reproduce).

Regards, Danny

Aha, It is so strange, so I will change the 600ms to 700ms and remove this problem.

Thanks for your suggestion Danny!


Strange behavior with Simple Editor!

I am on Firefox and I tried to paste a set of links to the editor, and then if I right click at the end of the content, I will not be able to see the Paste menu context as usual, and the cursor become the pointer instead of editing cursor. This only happens with Neon theme because I did try the same thing on original library (bootstrap-wysihtml5) and it works properly without any issue. Please check and update ASAP



I have some issues with the side bar toggler. When I click on the toggle icon while I’ve toggled the user bar from dashboard-2 (even if i put it back on the old position), the sidebar will retract but the toggle icon will just dissapear. This means you can’t put it back on its extended position.

As far as I can see no more problems, this theme is the most awsome one I’ve ever seen!


It doesn’t seems to work. But, what i see is it sometimes does show up. When it does, you can use it the whole time, untill you reload the page. I’ll test something more out, but I don’t expect that mutch

Hi Koding,

I have modified the neon-api.js file so please download the latest version here: and replace to your current project, it should now do the trick. It worked for me at least.



I’ve tested it but it doesn’t seems to work. But it appears more times now. I’m testing it now on a Ipad 2 IOS 6, the browser is google chrome. My site: I diddn’t modify that mutch, only make it more readable on notepad++ and add a ajax page system.


Hi, Just bought the theme but we’re having a number of issue. How can we set the theme color? Right now everything is yellow.

Hi almogdesign, what you have to do is to remove the line where the CSS file is included, i.e. in the header of the file look for a line like this

<link rel="stylesheet" href=""  id="style-resource-9">
and remove it, also on the body element, remove this class: skin-yellow


Thanks well test it out but I think we’re going to go with a different theme

Okay, it’s your choice.



Is it possible to add text on the sidebar’s footer? can you please help me with the required CSS?


Hi faisalah123,

Just add this html inside “sidebar-menu” element:

<div class="sidebar-footer">
    Some text here

.sidebar-footer {
position: absolute;
bottom: 0;
left: 0;
right: 0;
color: #FFF;
padding: 20px 25px;
text-align: center;
border-top: 1px solid rgba(255,255,255,.1);

The output will be something like this:


NICE!!! thank you!!

You are welcome :)

OXYGEN THEME New purchase (today) and using WP 3.9.1 on a brand new fresh installation without outside plugins installed. After installing this theme and going through the doc’s and eventually theme options I see that 2 things are giving me an issue… 1) the contact us page does NOT show a map background like the theme demo does even though I have the store address listed within that page. (

and 2) per the theme doc’s I see there is a section dedicated to Blog settings… however, this is not consistent with the backend settings I have…. noo blog settings for me. (See bottom of documentation for the Oxygen theme)

Any ideas on how to fix?

Btw,- I would have commented in the Oxygen comments area… but there doesn’t seem to be one and the link from the purchase page sends me here.

Hi ksteele36, about the contact page, have you followed all the instructions and set up the location right?

Can you please send us an email with all your login information here:
info at laborator dot co


Forms -> Basic Elements -> Switches – Checkbox & Radio -> Colors

When I use the code <div class="make-switch" data-on="success" data-off="danger" />

the color for data-on, it is right. But the color for data-off is always grey. How can I change it?

Hi abulama, try changing the color by overwriting the CSS, copy and paste this in one of your CSS files:
.has-switch span.switch-right.switch-right {
background: #777 !important;


Hi…I loved your theme and I bought it, but I thought when I buy this item I will have every page and style on photoshop unfortunately the psd files are only front and dashboard design,but I need to redesign the control panel. is it possible to have all the psd files such as IU elements, forms, buttons, menus, I mean everything available in the demo as html.. I need to design a control panel, but unfortunately I don’t have any knowledge of coding so I need to design everything on photoshop again by using your interface. I hope I explained my self :) I would very much appreciate if you share all the psd files of theme (control panel)

Hi cemilada, the reason why we have not included all the PSD files on Neon is that the pages were not designed page by page but only the elements and then we built them up with HTML. I will give you some of the PSD files I could find, I hope they will make your work easier:


Hi thank you for the files, but Im having problems designing some pages on our projects, and I need more psd :(( can you not find all the psd files:(( please.. I am stuck

Hi cemilada, that’s the way we have built the pages, I also have some messed up files, if you tell me which one you want I will attach them and give you the download link.



I’m trying to use the datepicker in modal but it is appearing below it. Could you help me make it come up? See how it is:

Best Regards,

You are welcome :)

I can use the 24h timepicker?


Here is one example:

    showMeridian: false,
    defaultTime: false


I just have 2 questions :

- How is it working the page “track my order” ?

- Do you have more admin dashboard screenshot ? Where we can see how to manage the website (css,etc..)

Thank you

Hi Guillaume7, I think you have posted this comment in the wrong theme, maybe you messed up Neon with Oxygen.

The track my order is a WooCommerce module, so for any questions about how it works you should ask the team of WooCommerce, we have just integrated it into our theme.

Here is the screenshot for your second question:


Hi there,

First of all great theme! I’m building ruby on rails admin application and started looking for html project that I can integrate in my application. This project as I can see has a lot of stuff in it and I’ll probably won’t need everything but I was wondering how is the structure of the project organized? For me this is very important because I have to separate everything in order to add it my project – layout, different pages, images, stylesheets, javascripts, etc. Basically as simple is organized the better.

This is going to be my first purchase and I’m not sure what product as code I’m going to get so if there is a way to answer me this will be great! :)


Hi dminchev, thank you for all your words, I took a screenshot of the folder including the folders and files inside to make it clear for you how the files are organized.


I try to use the “Font Awesome Icon Set” on the “Tiles” and it’s not working, only the “Entypo Icon Set” works

Unfortunately, the Font Awesome works only in UI elements but not in the Tiles, it is a different method we have used to build the tiles and that is the reason why it doesn’t change when you change the whole icon set.


Hi, Is there a way to select a specific tab on document ready event?


You can do it by adding the “active” class to the li element.


Hi, I am having problems with the bootstrap wizard. I cannot get the onNext function to give me the current index. Is this a conflict with the version of bootstrap or there is something I am not doing right.

$('#rootwizard').bootstrapWizard({ tabClass: '', onNext: function(tab, navigation, index) { alert('next'); } });

I can’t get that to work and if I pick the exampes in custom.js segment of the plugin. It only fires once and not on every next click. Kindly assist.

Hi churchoz,

If you alert the index it will give you the current tab, I tried it and worked well.

        tabClass: '',
        onNext: function(tab, navigation, index) {



and thank you for this package.

Are there any demo pages for the frontend? because I haven’t found in the archive.

also I wanted to know if it was possible to achieve a “user-profile” exemple menu, in the top navigation menu ?


sorry i didn’t see the frontend page in the pack, it’s ok :)

Good that you found it khyor :)

Thanks for the fantastic theme. I’ve been integrating it with a current project using the horizontal menu layout. Everything works brilliantly on desktop and small devices but with ipad/tablets, I am are unable to close the drop down selection unless I select another element, such as search. This should happen when the menu loses focus but I can’t seem to resolve it.

I think its an issue with how the specific hover event it setup in the neon-custom.js but I cant seem to resolve it. Can you take a look and see if you can get the dropdown menus to close when touching outside the menu on a touch device.

Thanks for your help and the fantastic theme.

Hi imagesthataspire, to be honest we haven’t tested it directly on tablets we have only tested it by decreasing the window size, we will check for this issue and publish a new version of Neon.


Hello, I can’t seem to get the sliders to work how I want them to work.

I would like to dynamically pass the max attribute based on a result from an ajax call.

The max value seem to substract when the max is 100. It will display 99 or 98. When I check the new max value from jquery I get a different result from the actual one.

JQuery UI Slider has a refresh method of sorts. Can’t refresh on this and get the new min,max e.t.c

How can I set the Input Spinner data-max dynamically from Jquery. I have a changing variable that is delivered via ajax and I would like to modify the max value based on this.

Hi churchoz,

I am sorry for the late reply as we were on vacation and couldn’t reply.

In this case just use this declaration:

$( ".your-input" ).slider( "option", "max", 50 );

This is jQuery UI API which allows you to manually to modify the field.


Hey, Im thinking about buying this theme and using it with a ASP.NET MVC web application I am working on. I am a backend .net web developer and have years of experience with C#. I noticed that the theme comes with php files. What are those used for exactly? Will I be able to use this theme without php?

Hi pillsbieredoughboy, Neon comes with HTML files and LESS CSS which you’ll be able to change easily. You can integrate it in ASP.NET as we have got very positive feedback from our users who used it with ASP, you can search the comments or see the user testimonials for more.


hey i really love your work im about to buy this template but can u make it the button not flatted? i want lthe button and like this

Hi geronie16, we have been on vacation so the link you have posted now isn’t working. Anyway you can easily modify buttons as the theme is written with LESS (easy to customize).