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i got the Update. Thanks for that. I think on the extra-timeline.html is a small css mistake. The time is behind the icon.

The “Select Skin” is missing.



Hi Dennis, on which browser/os are you viewing the timeline as it working good for me.

The “Select Skin” is available only on the demo, you can use the skin by calling the CSS file into your theme and you’ll get the skin you want.


Hey Art, i use Windows 7 and Chrome 31, and Firefox 26 and IE 10. Thanks for the Skin Infos, i thought the Menu on the right top is also available.

In Safari on my IPhone it works perfect.

The problem occurs when my browser has fullsize at 1920×1200. When i resize the browser window it looks great.

I downloaded the update. Why you re-write the css code as only ONE line? Hard to edit necesary classes :S

Hi myhalici, the theme is written in LESS (advanced CSS), edit the .less files then compile them and you’ll get the generated CSS.


Can You check login button on firefox?

Hi hellix, thanks for reporting this bug, until we implement it in the next update please edit these lines of code to work properly: Open neon.less and add:
.login-page .login-form .form-group .btn-login i {
position: absolute;
right: 20px;

This will fix the issue.


Wow, what a great job on this. You really put a lot of thought into making this different. Looking forward to using it!

Is there any chance to get this file uploader added to this theme?

Hi jeffmace, thank you for your kind words, we’re looking forward to add more features in the near future when we publish the new updates, I would like to thank you and all the others for the suggestions that make this theme complete.


I would also like to ask for a regular chat design. I do love the chat feature you put here, but that will not work ideally for some of the communication needs I have in my design. If possible can you include one of the theme options where you see the users avatar chatting back and forth. Pricing table boxes are nice as well. I don’t really use them for pricing tables, but I like to use them as was for people to select options as to where they want to go.

Hi jeffmace, we’re making a to-do list from the user suggestions, if we find this useful and wanted by other users also we’ll add it in the next update as a feature.


Would also be nice to incorporate iCheck in the future. I can do it separately of course…

We have added this to the Todo List for the next update –

thanks for your suggestion

I meant this link:


I’m a beginner and need help. Can anyone write an example for the “checking” php-page?


Hi abulama,

I am not sure about which “checking” php page you need help, can you be more specific?

If you can make an good product price page, i ll appreciated.

We’re looking forward to implement some suggestions in the next update, if other users want this feature in the next update why not, we’ll implement it.


Something wrong with form wizard on firefox :( check demo page

Hi hellix, we haven’t noticed this bug, we will fix this as soon as possible.


Hi Laborator,

I just used the timeline, on small devices all worked well, but on a big screen (desktop) on firefox (26) a saw that the things in the <time> node seem to underrun the icon.

I fixed that with css: .cbp_tmtime { .... margin-left: -1%; }

Hopefully it helps.

PS awesome work :)

Hi derdudele, this issue was reported by another user also, it will be fixed on the next update, we didn’t notice this as both of us work on 15,4” Mac’s, now I see what is the problem.

We’re glad that you managed to fix it by yourself and thank you for sharing the fix here.



NEON.CSS files is compressed version… Can u send non compressed version of the file please


Hi mequel,

Sorry for this, here you have the non uncompressed file:

I would suggest you to save changes on different file, because this file will be updated in the newest versions of Neon so, for better management of your changes, organize your style into custom file such as assets/css/custom.css

Thanks for purchase,



Great work on the theme, I love it! I would like to add a request for 2 extra items though:

  • Landing page (with overview, features, pricing table etc.)
  • Registration page for new users

Thanks :)

Hello jerriep, thank you for your kind words and your suggestions, we’re making a to-do list for the next update.


Hi there,

I am also having problems with the login form using the new code

“On line 40 there is submitHandler event that I called when user submits the form.

Then place this code (remove the existing one).”

I tried replacing the code but it does not work – could you post the entire code for neon-login.js with this new method included as I must be pasting into the existing file in the wrong place

cheers, Gus

Hi Arlind – thanks for the quick reply – I implemented the code and it now logs in properly but the animated login bar has now disappeared – it just goes directly to the new page

Hi Arlind – login page sorted now – working well with animation – I have also integrated icheck for checkboxes if anyone is interested

Hi Gus,

We have also integrated it, it will be available in v1.1.4

Thank you very much, glad that you have managed to fix the error with login form.


Hi, I am new to this forum. Today I downloaded this template and try to open the login page. But I am not able to see the page same as that of the demo version you have. Css is messed up. Please guide me for the same.

Hi gauravkhar, Neon was written in LESS which is advanced CSS, you’ll need to edit the LESS file then compile it with a compiler.

Here is the uncompressed CSS file, which will take a long time to load:

I just re-downloaded the theme and the Login page works great, could you take a screenshot for us to see the problem.



great theme but come widgets not look or function well on IE9 such as icons register users of dashboar 1 (UI Elements Tiles), Map, and others…

When I click the Modals buttons on IE9 it show [object Object] Error. Can update this for working correctly in IE9.

Thanks !

Hi proacit,

We will check for compatibility issues for IE9+ and the new update will have it fixed. Thanks for this reporting.


You have a problem with the line endings. They are set to MAC (CR) and on some linux servers with Varnish the files get altered and result in syntax errors.

Hi quantumdev,

We have fixed this, in the next update it will be ready. How do you know about line-endings I am curious, because you don’t have “PURCHASE” badge of Neon Theme?

I didn’t buy it. The firm where i work did.

All right :)


I downloaded the theme and it has worked great on all of the browsers I’ve tested it in, but when I tested the theme in Internet Explorer 10 the log in form from the login.html page disappears, as well as the line and pie chart widgets on another page that I used them on. They worked in the other browsers I’ve tested though, including Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

Is there a way that I might resolve this problem?

Thanks, Tim

Hi insiteadvice,

Yes, also other purchasers have addressed these issues, now we are going to fix them in the next update. Unfortunately we are Mac users so we don’t have IE installed on our systems but we will find the solution for this.

You’ll get an email when update is ready.


Hi, I try ie9 chat section is not working. Please check screen shot link : Pic Link

Hi berkansahin,

Thanks for this report, we are going to fix this in the next update. We will make Neon compatible with IE9+


Excellent theme. I do have one concern regarding the login file : I do have read your example of neon-login.js to process the user login: but I still can not make it work (I usually use php only and no communication between php and js..) Do you have any exemple of php file to transfert validation connection to neon-login.js ? Thank you again for your work.

Hi fbrip,

In the next update I will add an example of real-time login with PHP validation and sessions. Its on the todo list.

Thanks for your kind comments!



I just want to know if I can use this theme in a web service using a regular license.


Hi viniccus, hmm I don’t know what the type of the web service is but the rule is for every site you build you need to buy the theme.


Hi there! Is it easy to remove all the animations? And make custom colors? Thanks

Hi thierrioliveira, it’s not that easy as you have to edit all the files and remove the animations for each of the classes, to create a custom skin there is a function we have built to create custom skins.