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I have just purchased the theme online for single license. Everything looks fine except that I couldn’t change the skin on my local copy while online demo shows, user can select any of the color as theme from Skins dropdown.

Please suggest.

Thanks Dhirendra

Hi trivialworks, the select skins menu is only for the demo purpose, to use your own skin include the CSS (find the files on the css folder) of the desired skin.


Hi, I have just found your fantastic looking template which I might now well purchase but I have two questions. A) I need, on mobile, to have a fixed top menu visible, but ALSO below that another menu e.g. like scrollspy or drop menu or even side menu (this is for online manual pages). Is this possible to do? B) Are you going to do, on mobile, a slide out menu, rather than drop down (I notice slide out is OK on desktop)? Thanks!

I would also add 1 other question. Having got the files I notice that the neon.css file (which must be included) is 474Kb (!) (and a colour css 15Kb) yet I can find no reference in the includes to e.g. 97Kb bootstrap.min.css which you will overide with your css (and which most people will have in cache so there is no point in you putting that in your css). Where is that, and is it possible to reduce the large css overhead? I am not familiar with how to use LESS, sorry…

Hi tc99

Firstly Thanks for purchasing Neon Theme.

As it comes for the fixed top menu on Mobile, we have plans to do this in the next version, but ScrollSpy for manual highlighting of pages we do not support it yet, and we are not sure if we will support this plugin until many users require it. You can try to integrate it by yourself and see how it works for you.

This is the file that contains all the CSS compressed into one file:

For one reason, its good because there is only 1 HTTP request and once its executed for the first time, it will be cached, and this results in performance improvements.

We are going to create separate files for these modules in the next version.

Best regards,


Hi Arlind, thanks for the swift response!

I was about to give up, as I am primarily working on a mobile site and a compulsory 0.5MB download just for the CSS (and that is before my assets and/or any JS etc! :)), is too big for me. I do not need everything, so being able to put just the elements of CSS I need into one CSS file will be a big help.

To that end I think it would be much better if you also kept the bootstrap.min.css separate and then had ancilliary override CSS, and I think providing your both un-minimised and minimised CSS in your download will help in customisation. hth…

Wrt comment below about a menu item for localisation (and a related icon), I am glad to hear that is coming :), as well as (I read somewhere else) some landing pages. Cool!

Looking forward to the next version! atb!

Hi there First off great Template . Ok well the only problem i am seeming to have is the modal boxes in Firefox they don’t popup test in other seem fine. also test on 3 different Computers 2 running windows 7 and the other Windows 8 all did the same thing. Note: it also fails in the demo as well. Any Ideas. Thanks

Hi richievc,

We will check this issue and try to fix it in the next version. Thanks for your kind comments and reporting of the bug.


Hi, great theme!

Is it possible to get some documentation on the javascript files included? i have an urge to get minimal page loads and it’s very heavy atm. same goes with the css

maybe it would be a good idea to seperate it into modules, charts etc. :-)

Hi ewax,

Firstly thanks for your kind comments.

Neon only includes needed JavaScript files for each page, this means they are already modulated. One thing that makes this a bit different is because all the “Initialization” is called in assets/js/neon-custom.js

The code is documented for its functionality inside this file.



Are you thinking about adding a “Select language” dropdown?

Hi DreyfusDK,

Sure, we have added this to our “Todo” list.

Thanks for your suggestion.

Sounds good – will purchase it soon.

Soon its going to be relased, hopefully this weekend.


As Bootstrap 3.1 is in it’s way, are you going to update this theme to that version?

Hi m-alshehri,

Sure, we will take the Neon to latest version of Bootstrap.

Hi m-alshehri, we have updated the theme to the latest version of Bootstrap (3.1), you can check it out:


Hello. I am verry intressted to use this theme for OpenCart. Do uou know how much work it is to get that to work?

The theme looks verry good :)

Hi xciso, I really appreciate your comment, but unfortunately this is only HTML admin template and its not compatible with OpenCart framework.

If you know how to develop a theme for OpenCart then you can purchase Neon and convert it to OpenCart.



i really like this theme! But my problem is, i’m not much good in JS and i will welcome some version of neon-chat.js with ajax sending/loading ready, like send POST to some .php file + load message from another php file with GET params (lets say in 3sec interval). I tried to do that myself, but im javascript newbie :P THX

Hi wUFr,

Thanks for your kind comments, unfortunately we are unable to offer real-time chat example on Neon, because we do not have time to program such interface. We have only created the JavaScript functions to do this thing, and the back-end should be figured out by developers who use this theme.

Consider looking to this tutorial, it might help you with implementation Chat System as well:

Hopefully it will work for you.



how can I save the created notes (Extras -> Notes) in a database?


Hi abulama,

Sure you can save them, but you need to figure out how to do this on your own. We have created the JavaScript interface only. It should not be so hard to achieve it. Also open assets/js/neon-notes.js and see the functions that are supported there.


Hello, So I reviewed the FAQ section and saw your write up on implementing the login via PHP, is this not a generic solution? Forgive me but I do not know PHP at all but what parts are PHP besides the href sample link you provided? I want to implement the login via Coldfusion. Most of this code looks like Javascript to me.

Hi sartis,

Its true that the entire code is implemented on JavaScript.

We will provide an example with server side scripting language to process the login so you then can change it ColdFusion more easly.

The update will be available later this week.


I have not experienced any problems, both the design and implementation is very clear. The application I’m developing is being programmed in ASP.NET MVC. I still think it was the best purchase I have made.


Hi cascara, we’re really thankful for your kind words, a great review for us, we have included your previous comment in our client testimonials.

Thank you again,


Is there a way to specify which column is the default for sorting and the direction of the sort (ascending/descending) when using the data tables?

Hi korlo,

Sure thats possible, see the info page here:

Because datatables its an external plugin and the documentation can be found on the above link.



I implement your theme purchase through a dealer in my country because Paypal is not working here. Its working fine on localhost.

**But when i publish my site to live all icons are not showing correctly and login page is showing again and again after some time please help me. and tell whats the issue

Thanks Best Regards

Hi waqasidrees,

Please send us the purchase code for the item, and we will provide the support for you.



this template is the best so far i have ever seen! Great work!

Would like to ask u about the release date of the next version?

can’t wait, i need it now! Love it!

Hi Bundy79, we’re coming with a big update, it will be released this week with a lot of new features.


Can you implement Markdown Editor like from ?

That editor is great because it included editor and preview side by side.

Another feature of that editor is when i scroll in editor, preview followed….

I suggest that feature for next version. please.

Purchased. Hoping markdown editor _

Hi HeinZawHtet, thank you for your purchase first, this editor looks great, I’ll follow it to our programmer and I hope that we’ll implement it in the new version that will be available during this week.


Hi HeinZawHtet, I just wanted to inform you that we have released the new update, you can check it.



I want to buy this template and checked the demo version in Themeforest but its not working at all in firefox.

Is that something to do with firefox version. I tried in all the browsers but in firefox its not working at all.

Please help me with this so that I can buy it sooner

Thanks Harry


Its still not fixed. I showed this template to a company whom I’m freelancing and they quite like it.

But now its not working in firefox and I m not a front-end developer and would really love to buy this if that issue was fixed in firefox.

I just checked now as well and its not fixed on the demo version This is the link I followed to check it

Thanks Harry

Hi Harry,

We are working to fix all issues related with Firefox browser, the new update will cover up these fixes. It will be available later this week with lot great features.


Hi benhar11, we have released the new update with the fixes and all the new features, check it out:


Hi, Love the theme. Really interested in the evolution of it particularly in the frontend (as I see you do some excellent work with these in your portfolio).

Will back and frontend cater for a shop/ecommerce? Will it cater for Events?

Would love to use your work!

Hi isaakdury, thank you for your kind words, currently we’re working to release the update with the front-end and later maybe we’ll add the e-commerce front-end and backend shop management as it is a hot feature.


how can I do to export the table data to excel or pdf? sorry for my English, I only speak Spanish.

Hi chubbybear, we have implemented this in the current version (1.1.3), you can see on the image on the top right area the export options:


In the demo running, but when you go to download and get the html file, the export does not work, I press on the button and not exporting any data, this happens in all formats I try to export.

Hi chubbybear

It might be something wrong with SWF exporter path, so please open this file:


Go to line: 2774 and modify this:

"sSwfPath":        "../../assets/js/datatables/copy_csv_xls_pdf.swf",

Into this

"sSwfPath":        "assets/js/datatables/copy_csv_xls_pdf.swf",

And se if it works for you.




First, my compliments on your amazing theme. It looks awesome and does the work for me.

I was wondering does this theme come with less files or only pre-compiled css? I’m considering a purchase but if i need to put everything in less myself it would be to time consuming.


Hope to hear back from you.

Hi mxa, first thank you for your kind words, we’re doing our best to keep this theme updated and fresh.

Neon was built using LESS, so it comes with all the LESS and compiled CSS files.


The theme is amazing.

But I have to ask, did you modify the bootstrap.less file directly?

I’m trying to use them in a projet where I use the Nuget Bootstrap less package but there are missing less references.

Currently, I’m trying to move all bs-less neon custom modification to a bootstrap-neon-custom.less file so that I can safely update the nuget package without breaking the Neon theme.

I will keep you updated if this works.

Hi squarepa,

Yes, we have modified bootstrap compilation and imported all the files to: assets/css/neon.less

If you compile neon.less you will get these frameworks packed up:

  • Bootstrap 3
  • Neon Theme Base CSS
  • Related Styled Plugins that come with Neon

You can split them into 3 separate files by importing related files. Remember that bs-less/variables.less and bs-less/mixins.less are used in Neon and Related styles files.

Hopefully you’ll manage to edit the structure and get it to work properly.