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Hi im looking in buying your theme i have 2 questions: i have already started with another theme from another auther it is bootstrap 3 as well. can i use your photogallery and chat module easily with that theme ?

2nd question is that if i use your theme as a whole when 1.1.5 comes out will the changes ofrece me to make major changes to what i have already done .


Hi leapit, I would suggest you to wait for the new update which is coming this week, the chat is very easy to use and you have a Chat API.


First off, great looking theme, huge congrats!

I’d have a few pre-purchase questions before I buy:

- I’m looking to implement the template using backbone on top of sailsjs, I’m assuming I won’t need any hacks to integrate it with backbone?

- I noticed a few issues with some elements not being fully responsive when browsing on mobile (iPhone 5): submenu opened when pressing icons in the header (notifications, mail) resize the viewport, data tables resize viewport, some text in the tables overlap, etc.

Will these issues be corrected in the coming release?

- When is the next release coming and will you base it on BS3.1 ?

Thanks in advance!

Another question: would it be possible to include the nestable jquery plugin in the coming update? Thanks a lot!

Hi feky001, sorry for the late reply first, we’re currently working on the new update and would like to thank you for your suggestions, we’re fixing all the bugs reported on firefox and other devices, also it will be all in Bootstrap 3.1. About implementing these templates I can’t give you the right answer as Arlind (the programmer) is working on the update.


How soon can we expect the form wizard to be fixed on Firefox?

I’ve already purchased this theme and am using it for a company-internal portal and already have 10 days of work into rewriting the code around the theme, only to find that this very necessary feature is not working…

Thanks, please reply to this message when it’s available so I don’t have to keep checking back. :)

It’s now later this week; this particular bug is actually holding up my project so if you guys could contact me or something so we can get this worked out, that’d be great. :)

Hi jrlenz,

Sure, I can send you the fixed files, just email me at arlindd at gmail

Sorry for the delay as we have merged two version 1.1.4 and 1.5 (see changelog )


Hi! Can we have a top drop-down menu and can the sidebar menu be minimized?


Hi, sorry for the late reply we’ve been busy working on the new update. The dropdown menu is available with the Top Menu, and the portlets are named Tiles


Seen the update! A good effort! Thnx! Can we have both the menus on the same page – the top menu alongwith the side menu (which can be minimized)?

Hi wideteam, we’re sorry the only way to have both menus on dashboard is this, maybe in the future updates we’ll add this as feature.


Hi, What’s wrong with input binding? Check this image ( and, please, tell me why the checkbox send the value “on” instead of “true”.

The theme URL doesn’t work?

Hi simotho,

We are having issue with the server, we are trying our best to get it online as soon as possible.

Sorry for this issue

Can this template be used with bootstrap 2.x?

Hi dlof82, we’re currently upgrading it to 3.1 and we haven’t tested it on previous BS versions.


I faced some issues during the form wizard implementation which I could solve and that might help some other users of this theme. This description is for v1.1.3 and might change in the next release but maybe someone can use it anyway.

Issues: - progress bar is not responsive (fixed px-based margin) - form content (labels, inputs) gets squashed when resizingthe window (fixed px-based margin) - progress gets reset on window resize causing side menu to collapse or expand

the misrepresentation becomes more obvious the less wizard steps you have but you can reconstruct it with the demo form wizard as well.

Steps to reconstruct: 1) open forms-wizard.html in fullscreen 2) click on any non default step of the wizard progress bar 3) resize the browser window width until the side menu collapses

Solution: 1) open assets/js/neon-custom.js 2) go ”// Root Wizard Current Tab” 3) edit the following lines (line numbers correspond to the unedited file) 3.a) [line 1754] : margin = (1/(items*2) * 100 + ’%’); 3.b) [line 1762] : $progress.width( ((index-1) /(items-1)) * 100 + ’%’ ); 3.c) [line 1771 – 1776] : delete (if you don’t want the form content to get fixed margins)

fix reset on window resize: 1) open assets/js/neon-custom.js 2) [line 1113 – 1116] : delete

Hi Candyffm,

A million thanks for saving us time into resolving this issue. We have applied the suggested code and tested it, it solved the issues.

This will be available in the next update.

Once again thank you so much for your contribution


This is good! It would be better if you feature more form layout examples

Sure, the new version contains lot of features. You will be able to see it in few days.

If you purchase the Neon, you’ll get notified via email for the update.


Hi Arlind,

Just checking in. When can we expect a new version to be released?

Thanks Zane

Hi zgers,

We have planned to relase the new update this week, but it seems it will take just a few more days (by Wednesday or Thursday at last), because we are implementing both v1.1.4 and v1.5 version, see the changelog:

We have made big changes so I hope you can understand the delay.


In your demo seems some issues in Firefox.. I searched comments and you referred to an IE fix but seems not to be uploaded to your demo yet..

1. modals giving [object Object] error/page 2. The Form wizard is looking a bit strange also in Firefox (latest) 3. Simple Toastr notification also giving the [object Object] error

Great theme.. but will issues like these be fixed in the next release?

Many thanks!

Hi, as mentioned in the comments above we’re working on the update and we’ve fixed all the issued so please be patient and wait for the next update which will come this week.


How do I add another column to Table with Column Filtering (table-3). So instead of 5 columns along the top I need 7. How do I do this, does it have something to do with the css?

This is amazing and thank you so much, but I need the table with column filtering with 7 tables. Not just the one with regular search.

Never mind I have found the fix, just had to modify the javascript. Thanks again!

You are welcome buddy, thanks for your efforts

Hello – I was just wonder if your using any CSS preprocessors such as LESS or Sass? If so are those files included? Thanks.

Hi CreativeHamlet, Neon from the beginning was built with LESS, the LESS file are all included.


Hi, i have purchase Neon right now, it is great, congrats.

Can I ask you if in the next update, is coming right?, will be a better multi-files upload like many admin template in themeforrest?


Hi boccione, we have already included a multi uploader since the beginning, here is the link to the uploader:


I Know that, i said it: a better one, like this thanks for replay

Hi boccione, thank you for your suggestion, this uploader will be available in the next update as when you suggested it we had already finished the update.


Hello Laborator!

When will be ready the new version of template?

Thank you!

Hi djnet00, the new update has been released yesterday, please make sure you tick the “Notify by e-mail” to get all the update notifications from Neon, you can check here what’s new in this version:


Is there a way to enable the chat, logout menu in smartphone view?

Hi luneo7, currently there is no way to open the chat in smartphone view, maybe in the upcoming updates we will include this option too.


Hello, Can you give me the steps required for me to make my own color theme?

Hi sartis, to create your own skin follow these steps, go to neon/assets/css/skins and copy one of the current skin files i.e. blue.css, rename it to your custom skin and start editing it, then include it to your .html file. If you know LESS well you can easily create your custom skin with only a line of code by editing the .less file i.e. blue.less.


Keep the good Work Laborator. You rock dude!

Hey coupen, thank you for your kind words man, you motivate us to keep the theme fresh and updated.



Neon is awesome! But there few things that you might improve, to make integration less painful (and it bit painful right now).

First of all, I think, you should not change anything from bootstrap, and even avoid to bundling bootstrap with Neon. This will simplify integration of Neon into existent projects, where bootstrap is already bundled, a lot. And this will force you not to make any changes to bootstrap code (if any). And it will be much easier to track changes in Neon itself, when updated are released.

Secondly, I suggest to specify dependencies between Neon and Bootstrap components. Right now it’s very hard to disable BS components, since I can’t predict what can break Neon.

Lastly, it will be very helpful to see JS dependencies as well. Right now, there 13 megs of JS crap bundled, and it’s as well, really hard to remove unused libraries.

Bootstrap allows developers to pick only what they want, so I hope you will focus on providing same level of experience in next versions.

Thank you!

Hi yopp,

Firstly thanks for your compliments and critique. We always try to bring the new updates with better approach on Development and Design.

So in the 1.5 and above, we have separated the files and categorize them in 4 files:

bootstrap.css // (boostrap 3.1)
neon-core.css // Main CSS of the Neon
neon-theme.css // Styling of pages
neon-forms.css // When you use forms
neon-rtl.css // optional

So each of these files can be still customized what to contain, please head to assets/css/less-separated/

And open the file you want to customize, then just remove the ”@import” file that you dont need, then re-compile the file with any LESS compiler.

For example if you don’t want to use i.e. progress bars and group lists, delete these lines:

@import "../bs-less/list-group.less";
@import "../bs-less/progress-bars.less";

Then re-compile the file and place to assets/css/ folder with the same name (.css extension)

Also, JavaScripts libraries are used as whole, when we have included in the theme, it doesn’t mean that a folder with 1.5mb files will be entirely included in the theme, but only the required files to make the plugin work.

Hopefully I was clear on my explanation.

Thanks for purchase


Hi yopp,

I’m Ylli from Laborator,

Recently i saw that you have rated our Admin theme “Neon” with 4 stars on Themeforest.

Can we please ask you if it was by mistake or that was just your preference to rate us with 4 stars?

If you have made mistake, you can change rating again if you want, by just going to your Downloads tab on Themeforest and improving your rating.

Hope that Neon has server you well, and you did great project with it :)

P.S: Remember, you can always write us on the comments section of the theme if you need further support.

Thank you very much, and sorry for disturbing you.

Kind Regards,

Hi yopp

I’m Arlind from Laborator,

Recently i saw that you have rated our Admin theme “Neon” with 4 stars on Themeforest.

Can we please ask you if it was by mistake or that was just your preference to rate us with 4 stars?

If you have made mistake, you can change rating again if you want, by just going to your Downloads tab on Themeforest and improving your rating.

Hope that Neon has server you well, and you did great project with it :)

P.S: Remember, you can always write us on the comments section of the theme if you need further support.

Thank you very much, and sorry for disturbing you.

Kind Regards,

Just discovered a small issue with an element in the data table. See :

Hi simonbarbier, I’ve also seen this small issue yesterday, we’ll fix it as soon as possible, thanks for reporting.