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Thanks for your update. I just uploaded it. Many excellent improvement, one thing I can’t find : the data folder with all php files. Is it normal ? for exemple : “data/sample-login-form.php” Thank you.

Hi fbrip, we’re sorry we have forgotten to include that in the theme, thank you so much for reporting it now we have released a new update 1.5.1 also including the data files.

Thank you,

Perfect. Thanks.

You are welcome, sorry for the issues.

We plan to release new CSS improvements next week.


hi, how do i change the css template? sorry its not mentioned in the documentation and i can’t be bothered going through comments to see.

So i just include the call to the skin i would like and add it to every page?

like this on every page? <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”assets/css/skins/blue.css”>

Yes, you must include the skin you want in each page. There is also other alternative, to copy the CSS of your preferred skin and put somewhere where you always include, its the same.


Hi, excellent work done, on works everything great, but once downloaded, there are some issues with the forms such as missing css and js for date, time and missing “data” folder. I hope you guys could fix that fast.

Yes, I will call v1.5.1 because of the changes applied.


Hey Laborator, one word: Super. It’s working great, thank you for this great theme, it is making my life pretty d**n easy :-)

Thank you very much for such a great compliment! We will continue to make Neon better and better.


Hi i just found some issues with the theme under Firefox: color picker dosen’t work, time picker dosen’t work, input spinner dosen’t work, date picker dosen’t appear right, tags input dosen’t work correctly, jasny file input dosen’t render correctly.

Hi luneo7

Yes, we have forgotten to include the CSS for these plugins in v1.5, please download v1.5.1 (released today) as we have included everything now.


What’s the difference in the update you released today 2/13/2014 vs the other day? The change log wasn’t updated.. is it just the Firefox fix? I did notice in the update the one timeline styles didn’t parse correctly (in Chrome)..

Hi geekybeaver,

The update released today contains some “missing” files that we have forgotten in v1.5 so today we have packed-up everything and so now the Neon is complete I guess.

data/ folder is added (wasn’t in v1.5) Timeline and forms now look good.

Thanks for purchase


I want to make some custom changes on neon template, can we connect to deal about ?

Hi securesign,

We are sorry, we are not available for freelance work. Maybe you can find someone in Microlancer, they will surely give you any solution about this.


Hello friends,

I bought the neon template. But it did not come with the option to change color.

And the template is not running on IE 8 and IE9

I await return.

thank you

Hi rerlistein,

Thanks for verifying the purchase, we now can give you support. Can you please tell us your issues with Neon?

” I bought the neon template. But it did not come with the option to change color.

And the template is not running on IE 8 and IE9 “

Why? Thanks

Hi relristein, to change the color of the skin you need just to include the i.e. skin-blue.css into the header of any template, also we’re working to fix the issues on IE8 and IE9 as we have some bugs on these browsers.


Hi laborator, I saw in an earlier post that you plan on releasing some css improvements this week. How is that coming along? Can you tell me what we can expect in these improvements?

Thanks for a great theme and support/improements!!

Hi sartis,

We are going through the Neon and find the CSS issues, mostly that will be fixed are the the issues with RTL and Right sidebar, but also for other pages.

You’ll get notified via email when the update is ready, hopefully later this week it will be released.


Good job !

Thank you very much

Great job. However, i don’t like the dropdown menu when in responsive view for the frontend theme. That isn’t modern enough and I believe you know it. Can we have the admin type of menu when in responsive mode.


Hi linkodev, we’re not planning a update soon but we’ll try to implement this in the next update.


hi there i am planing to apply this theme to you do think it will go well with that please advice me thanks

HI jsoft2014, we don’t really know how it will fit with ASP as we have never tried it, but I know somebody has written here in the comments that he has successfully integrated it with ASP.


Hi jsoft2014, I just found the comment of a customer, here:


Suggestion for Next Version.

- News / Blog Archive - News / Blog Single - Take a Tour / Promotional / Landing Page


Hi HeinZawHtet, we’re really thankful for all the suggestions for Neon, we’re trying to keep it fresh with updates.


Ignoring any comments that you may wish to make about the OS or device, I have a Nokia 920 here running windows 8 to test with and when viewing the live preview site in IE on that device it is not showing responsively, what I think is being seen is the desktop view scrunched up..

is this a known issue? thanks..

Hi stevechurcher, we haven’t tested the theme on any Windows Phone yet, we’re trying to fix all the bugs on all browsers in the upcoming update, thank you for reporting this.


hi, I only got 20$

can we make a deal?

Hi kkurdadze,

Sure, just purchase this item:

With an extended license which costs exactly 20$ so then email us from this page:

And we will forward your the neon files.



please check the payment

I emailed you the items, please be patient because we were on weekend and couldn’t respond you on time, for further questions please ask here in this comment.


Hi there i have a problem I don’t know is a small issue or big

If I put the all dashboard in to the form tag is not working properly in chrome but is working fine with IE and firefox

In chrome after loading the page when i click the setting icon in the dashboard box there is a popup is coming when i close the popup then all menus are and the theme is working properly

if you are not clear please let me know i will give you a recorded video what is happening

please help me


Hi jsoft2014, could you please take a video of this, I am not really understanding what is happening on the web, thank you.



I can’t export the datatables. Even in the original files, which aren’t modified, I can’t export them.

Please help


Hi abulama

It might be something wrong with SWF exporter path, so please open this file:


Go to line: 2774 and modify this:

"sSwfPath":        "../../assets/js/datatables/copy_csv_xls_pdf.swf",
Into this
"sSwfPath":        "assets/js/datatables/copy_csv_xls_pdf.swf",
And se if it works for you.



Ok, thanks. It’s fixed now.

Great! Also added this fix to Neon FAQ


We have a problem with the theme. We have a conflict with some file and prototype.js. The $.noConflict() does not work to solve the problem. Do you have any idea to solve this?

Files with problems (for the moment) : reziable, neon-custom, joinable.


Hi mmarketingmedia,

The new update will be available on march, but I can send you the fixed scripts that have not issues with jQuery noConflict.

Just send us an email and we will forward you the javascript files.




You can send the scripts to

Thanks for the great support!


Hi mmarketingmedia

Sorry for the extremely long delay, we have missed this reply. I have sent you the files.

Once again I am sorry for this.


Your data tables demo page seams to be broken. Some icons do not appear quite right…

Hi, everything seems to work well for me, I just checked it out, could you take a screenshot to tell us whats the problem.


How can I send you the screenshot? Do you have an email address for me?

info at laborator dot co

Does your theme have tree views and nestable trees? Perhaps with checkboxes per tree node? That’s one of the few things I believe is missing.

Also some suggestions, if you’ll allow me: - An email template that matches - Invoice / order page

Hi woutersamaey, the tree view is on our to-do list for the next update we would like to thank you for your suggestion about the e-mail template.


Need help with integrating with angular app. Hi, I have a single page web app with multiple views which are being rendered on the client side using angular.js. I seem to have a problem integrating with neon, and I think the reason is the jquery code which is executed in neon-custom.js happens before I am rendering my elements. What is the proper solution for this? How can neon elements be used with client side rendered pages in general?


Hi finikk,

Telling you honestly I am not aware of these issues with this plugin, because I don’t even know how to use it.

What error does it displays when you try to integrate this app?

Thanks for purchase


Not a plugin, Angular.JS, the popular framework that is being used today to build web applications. But the question applies to any scheme where DOM elements are rendered dynamically based on some reply from a REST server. For example, if I am loading the page, and then my client side javascript, hits a rest on the server and then for each element in the database generates a div with a form that makes usage of .datepicker, that doesn’t work for me, because neon executes $(”.datepicker”).each(function(i, el) code once the page loads, before I get my data back from the server. Am I missing something? Is there a way to work around it?

Hi Finikk,

Ah, now I understand. I know what are you trying to do, but because Neon does not support rendering the items after appending(prepending) them via AJAX or something related.

There is an option for this. You may copy the $(”.datepicker”) function and for the response body text apply it, here is an example:

function yourAjaxCallback(response_text)
var $divs = $(response_text);


$divs.each(function(i, el)
    var $this = $(el),
        opts = {
            format: attrDefault($this, 'format', 'mm/dd/yyyy'),
            startDate: attrDefault($this, 'startDate', ''),
            endDate: attrDefault($this, 'endDate', ''),
            daysOfWeekDisabled: attrDefault($this, 'disabledDays', ''),
            startView: attrDefault($this, 'startView', 0),
            rtl: rtl()
        $n = $,
        $p = $this.prev();


This would be one option. I guess you realize how to do it now.