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I wish to call my homepage ‘HOME’ however the theme already adds HOME to the horizontal nav bar. So I end up with two HOME buttons?

Any Thoughts

Hi all,

If you have purchased this theme and need support, please send a message to me via my profile page http://themeforest.net/user/templatesquare including your questions/problems, your site url and theme name.

We will answer support request via email.


Do you have a roadmap to publish HTML template as well? I believe this one does not contain html files, what is the difference in terms of files between a wp and html template by the way?


Maybe we will release html version of this theme next month… thanks

Plz, fast because I need it in html version :)


The html is done and just submitted to TF, I think it will be online within 24 hours.


hey. presumably its easy to change the colour scheme from yellow to another colour?


I bought the Neon template yesterday and when i try to upload it to my wordpress site it comes back with a ’ style.css ’ stylesheet is missing so the upload cannot be completed. I can see that it is in one of the folders when I unzipped it but wordpress only accept zip files and for some reason can’t find that stylesheet. How can I get the theme installed? Thanks!

Hello and thanx for this nice theme. I ve almost finished with my site www.linardltd.com the porblems i have : -On footer i get greek laguage instead of english..in the “upload file” -I want to remove “by admin” on the portfolio thumbnails -I cant make the newsletter footer work properly via contact form..the email field is too long..and there is no ok button..i managed this by copying your html.

thanks again

@bigbigbed The Greek language in the footer is probably no problem because I think its related to the country you’re from. Were you visiting the site from Greece? I live in the Netherlands and it says ‘Bestand kiezen’ (Thats Dutch for Choose file). So I think every visitor just sees it in his/her own language..

I’ve been looking at this theme for the past several days, and it really looks great! I just have a few questions about it before purchasing.

1. Is there a preview or screenshot of the admin panel I could see? 2. For items on the portfolio page, is there a way to make the entire thumbnail a link to the project so the user doesn’t have to mouse down to click the View link? 3. Is this theme updated regularly?



Yes, with a small changes we can make the thumb to the details page.

We will update this theme if we found any bugs or added new features.


hello in the portfolio page http://demohtml.templatesquare.com/neon/portfolio.html dont work the filter quicksand fx (at the second selection) in all version of IE browser (i am on windows vista) the problem seems in “quicksand_config.js” you can fix it soon please? thnx

also http://demowordpress.templatesquare.com/neon/portfolio/ same problem!!! please can you fix?? i want to buy this template!!!


We have fixed the issue… thanks for the info :)

you have fixed?? but you haven’t uploaded yet??? now i view the same issues!!


We have uploaded the change, please try again to refresh (Ctrl + F5) at http://demowordpress.templatesquare.com/neon/portfolio/

It only small change in the js file…


How do I remove authors from this theme?

I don’t want authors on portfolio pages, or blog pages.


Can I have 2 Portfolio Pages with the same behaviour?

- Portfolio 1 – Cat A – Cat B – Cat C

- Portfolio 2 – Cat D – Cat E – Cat F

Hi guys, just a short question. How do you include a slider with some images in a single portfolio item? Like this: http://demohtml.templatesquare.com/neon/single-portfolio.html If I click “Manage images” and select an image … nothing happens. Cheers, Micha


When you click ‘Manage Images’ it should work… please send a message to me via my profile page http://themeforest.net/user/templatesquare including your questions/problems, your site url and theme name.

We will check the issue…



do you know the problems related with upgrading wp to version 3.4.1?

I don’t know if it’s related or not, but the “tabs” functionality doesn’t work properly. When they’re first rendered it’s ok, it shows the first tab. But when I click another tab the css is always”display: none”. Do you know how to fix this? In any other way than downgrading (if that’s the case)

please send a message to me via my profile page http://themeforest.net/user/templatesquare including your questions/problems, your site url and theme name.

Hi I purchased and downloaded the ‘Neon clean and modern’ wordpress theme a while ago but have just gotten around to installing it. However when I try to install it either by uploading directly to wordpress or using FTP , the theme doesn’t seem to work because it keeps saying that the style sheet is missing. Any suggestions?

Hi, you was uploaded the wrong folder… please read the documentation… thanks

thanks for the help, I have uploaded the correct folder and everything is working fine now.

Hello, I need your support in some questions about the theme but I haven’t got the purchase code anymore to fill in the question form. What should I do? Thanks, Marieke

hi, please ask themeforest support regarding your purchase code… thanks

Says that the .css file is missing after I uploaded via FTP. Thoughts? (There is no css folder in the neon folder when I look.)


Unzip the main zip file then you will see the theme zip file under theme folder…


hi~! i wanna set blog page without sidebar.

i will wait your answer

Best regards