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I’m working with a Fiverr consultant to migrate my old blog into the Neori template. The preview he keeps showing me has the heads cropped off the people in my main hero photos when viewed from my laptop and then they show up fine on my phone.

Ideally, what size should photos be for main stories and teasers?

Thanks! Mandy

Indeed, but remember that the theme has multiple post layout styles and you can choose one that puts your image in a better light, like the Classic one for example https://litmotion.net/demo/neori/mi-sit-amet-mi-suscipit-dictum-ut-placerat-efficitur-augue-vitaec/ . You can either choose this style for all posts at once, or you can change it individually for each post you want.

Also, for the portrait photos, you can make them like this https://www.imgonline.com.ua/examples/frame-blurred-1.jpg in order to avoid all the problems. There are lots of sites that do this, like this one for example https://www.imgonline.com.ua/eng/frame-blurred.php

Hope this helped

Thanks for the suggestions!!!

If you look at the homepage of http://mandybright.promogent.com/, you will see there is a story called “Refilling water jugs in the Arizona desert.” I want that to be the LAST story showing on the homepage. That would mean only six stories are featured on the homepage: three main stories in the hero carousel area and three sub-stories underneath. Then I would like to have a button that says MORE POSTS. When you click on the MORE POSTS button, I would like to have the rest of the posts appear in chronological order about five at a time, most recent first. Is this possible?


Indeed what you want is not quite possible. I suggest you to read this part of the documentation http://litmotion.net/documentation/neori/#basics, in order to understand how the theme works, how it is divided in Slices, and how to use them properly.

The More Posts function is available only for Slice Type 7, as mentioned in the documentation and as shown in the demo, and unfortunately you can’t use it much different then the way it is configured right now in your demo.



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We try to add an embedded video from YouTube and it doesn’t work. It looks like an empty box on the website.

In addition, we upload images to the media gallery and they immediately disappear from it. They are displayed on the website but gone on the media gallery.

Can you please help?


Please give me more details about it. Where exactly did you tried to put the embedded video? And how what code did you use?

What type of gallery? Where? In the post content, or in the post gallery format? What editor did you use for this, Classic or Gutenberg?

Also please send me a link to your website so I can have a look.

Thank you


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Thanks for getting back to me. Can we move to private messages like email or something?

Sure, you can send us an e-mail at contact@litmotion.net