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My homepage slider does not work… Tried everyting. Can you help? www.beauceron-laduchesse.nl. I will private message you login

Kind regards,


Thanks! I’m from holland, it is evening here to. Please let me now tomorrow! ;) Good night!


Is fixed. Please take a look on your site now .

Cheers Karolina

Thank you so much Karolina! Great theme. Have a nice day :)

It seems that the WOOCOMMERCE doesn’t work with this template. I have installed it and when I want to check my purchases in the account section, nothing happens. I can not check an order anymore…. Has anybody the same problem?

Let me some time to check this issue.


how do i change header on home page

Please send me more detailed info (URL and dashboard access if possible) on studio@dynamicpress.eu.

Generally on home page you have revslider in our demo but it can be static image too.


theme options are not affected , i have changed many settings but changes not appear !

Did you use one of predefined colors in Template Options -> General?

If yes please switch to “Default (as in admin panel)”.


If this is not the point please send me URL and dashboard access on studio@dynamicpress.eu


Hello – I am running the neosense theme for wordpress. I have just purchased the stand alone revolution slider and installed it. I find that it does not work with the neosense theme. Are there any solutions?


Revslider is bundled with Neosense theme by default and work with this theme withot problem.

Which versions of theme and plugins you use?

please send me dashboard access on studio@dynamicpress.ey I can check this.


I realize revslider came with Neosense but It was an old version. I purchased and updated revslider to the latest release – v5.0.4 as the standalone. It works great with other themes but not with neosense.

If you have upgrade WP to 4.3 :

1. Revslider should be at least 5.4.1

2. You must download latest version of Neosense 1.6 (there is latest version of Revslider 5.07 included) and upgrade theme. Previous versions of theme are not WP 4.3 compatible.


i posted a support ticket 5 days ago and yet no one is getting back to me with help


Sorry for delay? but issue was more complicated. Occurs no always but only in specific situation (when slideshow is placed layout builder column and language is RTL) so we don’t detect it earlier (no one customer report us this issue).

We must wait for answer from third part script developers. They works no on weekend and answer we become yesterday. So we answer really ASAP.

We have fix it online ( BTW theme is upgraded to latest version 1.6) Please check your site now.

Once more sorry for delay. I hope you understand that in some cases the answer may require more time and revise its position expressed in the theme? review :).



The db-toggle-main-menu doesn’t work!

Please help !

Greatings, Mark

Please send me on studio@dynamicpress.eu :

1. URL 2. Dashboard access


Hi, Is fixed.

From unknown for me reasons your file wp-content/themes /neosensenew/js/jquery.fitvid.js was empty.

This cause JS error and stop functioning of menu. I have restore this file and all seems to be OK :).

Merry Christmas :)



DQueen Purchased

Hi is there another update coming soon?


DQueen Purchased

Hi I would like to know if I can specify size of logo in desktop and mobile version – as if I make my logo a nice size for desktop in Branding Options (Theme logo image) it is too big when viewed on a smartphone. Please can you help? Thank you

Sorry for delay :(.

Some way I have miss this question.

It is not to do via Template Options.

Please send me dashboard access and mobile logo image dimension I check it and maybe fix online.


DynamicPress Support

Hi, I saw this comment in a thread above. It applies to me too.

“theme options are not affected , i have changed many settings but changes not appear !”

What’s the fix for this?

Please send me dashboard access on studio@dynamicpress.eu.