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Nice Work,

Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :grin:



Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:


Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:


Nice Work, Good Luck With Selling! :)


Nice Design,

Congratulation! Good Luck with Sales :)


Congrats! Good Luck With Sale :)


Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :)


Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)


Amazing theme. Keep it up, GLWS :)


very good job on this, fantastic work :) i wish you best of sales for the week ;)


Nice work gud luck


Nice Design .. GLWS DeoThemes :)


We wanted to make simple blog. We need a theme and was finding a nice theme on themeforest. Most of the themes are complex and so many things. But we wanted to make the site simple. So we have decided to buy this theme.

Thanks for developing this simple theme.

Thanks a lot. Really appreciate it. Cheers.

Hi DeoThemes Team,

I have implemented this theme on my site. Everything works fine. But header top right side icon working on firefox and crome on my desktop computer. But it was not working on Opera mini and Safari.

I tried and tried how I can solve this. Then I run a command on my vps server. I am running my site using ubuntu 16.

sudo apt-get install woff-tools

After then icon is working on opera mini. But not in safari. Here is the screenshot => https://image.ibb.co/fYAUBm/Screen_Shot_2018_01_14_at_11_56_35_AM.png

I again tried where is the problem. is there any thing wrong that I am using SSL on my website? After then I find that ui-icons.woff2?73582560 is not working !

I got this error on the console =>

Failed to decode downloaded font: http://localhost:8000/fonts/ui-icons.woff2?73582560 (index):1 OTS parsing error: invalid version tag

Then I go to your demo site http://deothemes.com/envato/neotech/index.html

I can see same error on the console of your deothemes site. Here is the screenshot => https://ibb.co/gujEBm

As I am seeing problem on this font ( icons.woff2 ) so i tried to manually download it from other source => https://github.com/Semantic-Org/UI-Icon/blob/master/assets/fonts/icons.woff2

After then I can see there is not error from console. But problem is search icon is not working.

I have written so many things, I don’t know have u understand or not. Please first solve this problem. If we visit on this site => http://deothemes.com/envato/neotech/index.html

we should not see any error on the console. Icon.woff2 font should load perfectly.

Also I am facing problem on menubar if i put little bit long menu. No problem on desktop, but problem is on the tab.

My Skype id is => mashpy.says . If you want you can contact with me. Hope we can solve this problem quickly. After then I will delete this comment. No doubt this theme is really nice.

About icon-font error, it’s a warning only, you can ignore it, it’s not a big deal. And by the way, reviewer on ThemeForest already checked and approved template.

So as I understand that the search icon is not working on a click on Safari browser? I’ve tested it on my iPad, latest Safari version and everything is working. Can you provide more details, what version are you using and what platform and device?


Sir/maam why neotech template in demo is redirecting to one post? Is it the same if i will buy it, ? Tia.

Hi, unfortunately it will not work with blogger. It should be converted first.


Can you convert it ? Soon as possible sir?

Blogger is not our specialization. Try to Google it, there are some tutorials on Youtube. Cheers.