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Wow, this is great!!!

The countdown (line with numbers) could be a little bit more “styled”, or what do you think?

Hi Colorit—thanks for the comment! In the visual hierarchy I wanted the pie chart to play the dominant role so I made the counter a bit more subtle—it should be easy to modify if you’d like!

Thanks, Rick

nicely done, I especially love the purple-orange space theme

Wooow awesome work… I liked the space backgrounds

Very nice!! Buying it!

Loving the blue-purple space option for this! :D

Thanks for the compliments, everyone! I also used a background similar to the space concepts on this business card template:

Looks great, finally a under construction page I would use…. if only I had anything to launch ;D

good job!

The script for counting down is unusable as if your are not a coder it’s not easy to change the date and time at all. In the documentation there is no reference about how to select a specific date.

Hi thedarkmist,

Sorry—the documentation for the countdown script can be a little tricky. To make things easier, change lines 27-33 in the code. Currently they read:

<!— $(function () { var liftoffTime = new Date(2010, 7 – 1, 22, 11, 00); $(’#counter’).countdown({until: liftoffTime, layout: ‘{dn} {dl}, {hn} {hl}, {mnn} {ml}, {snn} {sl}’}); }); —>

Change all of that to:

<!— $(function () { var liftoffTime = new Date(); liftoffTime.setFullYear(2010,0,24); $(’#counter’).countdown({until: liftoffTime, layout: ‘{dn} {dl}, {hn} {hl}, {mnn} {ml}, {snn} {sl}’}); }); —>

Then the only thing to remember is that January is month “0” in javascript, so that code will count down to January 24th, 2010. So if you wanted to change the date to July 15th, 2010 for example, the line would be:


I hope this helps!

Thank you!


Hi iAndy,

Are you trying to install this in your Wordpress site? Sorry—this is XHTML /CSS.

Thanks, Rick

Just purchased.

How do i properly install this to my domain through my FTP .

i’m having some issues. could you please provide instructions. I’ve done it before but can’t seem to get it to work with this theme.


great stuff. can’t wait to get it up and runnin’

Hi Evan,

Hopefully the emails I sent you helped—remember to keep the folders intact!

Thanks, Rick

Hi Evan,

I also sent this to you via email, but if you want to change the countdown time to a specific date AND time, change lines 26-34 in “index.php” to:

<script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function () { var liftoffTime = new Date("January 01, 2010 00:56:00"); $('#counter').countdown({until: liftoffTime, layout: '{dn} {dl}, {hn} {hl}, {mn} {ml}, and {sn} {sl}'}); }); </script>

Thanks, Rick

Don’t the pie percentage change?

Hi NerdyDesigner,

It’s easy to change the pie percentage—just change the class of the “chart” div:

<div id="chart" class="eighty">

Just change “eighty” to whatever percentage you want in ten percent increments—i.e. “ten”, twenty”, “thirty”, etc. — all of the percentage names are in the documentation.

Thanks, Rick


great design! i purchased this and thought that there would be some doc/instructions on how to use this as part of Wordpress.

any thought on how to quickly use this with WP? Is it possible?

Hi cosminghiu,

No—this is an HTML template, not Wordpress. I haven’t delved into Wordpress yet so I can’t answer your questions about how to install it there. Maybe somebody in the forums or one of the authors that develop for Wordpress can help.

Thanks, Rick

Is there a way to not get the text to main content title text to not hover? or be bought to the absolute top. I have added a feature to Neotoric, but the title covers it up.

thanks for continued prompt support!

Hi evannimke,

I’m not sure what you’re asking about. Can you send me a link?

Thanks, Rick

sent link to your email.


(to others, this is not a problem with Neoteric at all, simply a tweak i have made to mine)

Great Job!