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amazing, i need this one

I love this under construction page.. but alas the countdown script is kicking my butt trying to get it to countdown to the right day & time. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi exgraphix,

Sorry—the documentation for the countdown script can be a little tricky. To make things easier, change lines 27-33 in the code. Currently they read:

<!— $(function () { var liftoffTime = new Date(2010, 7 – 1, 22, 11, 00); $(’#counter’).countdown({until: liftoffTime, layout: ‘{dn} {dl}, {hn} {hl}, {mnn} {ml}, {snn} {sl}’}); }); —>

Change all of that to:

<!— $(function () { var liftoffTime = new Date(); liftoffTime.setFullYear(2010,0,24); $(’#counter’).countdown({until: liftoffTime, layout: ‘{dn} {dl}, {hn} {hl}, {mnn} {ml}, {snn} {sl}’}); }); —>

Then the only thing to remember is that January is month “0” in javascript, so that code will count down to January 24th, 2010. So if you wanted to change the date to July 15th, 2010 for example, the line would be:


I hope this helps!

thanks shakey, I was actually able to figure out another way to do it while waiting for your response :D

site published beautifully and all is working as it should!

Amazing template, thanks :)

Hello shakeyimages,

I would like to link the e-mail sign up with my mail chimp account... can you help with that?

Hi Patience,

I haven’t used MailChimp so I don’t know how to do that off the top of my head. If you’d like me to look into it, I’m available for freelance work @ $65/hour. My guess is something like that would take me 1-2 hours.

Thanks, Rick

Thanks for the quick response! That’s a little too rich for my blood, but the theme is great none the less.

Thanks again

On more thing…how can I remove the hours minutes and seconds from the count down?

Hi Patience,

That’s pretty easy…just change line 31 in the code. Currently it reads:

layout: '{dn} {dl}, {hn} {hl}, {mnn} {ml}, {snn} {sl}'});

change that to:

layout: '{dn} {dl}'});

Great.. Thank you

P.s. I got mail chimp to work in the form! Now to style mail chimp…

I’m not really a graphics kinda guy, is there a way to get the psd for the content_bg.png, so I can pull out the burst and divider?

Holy cow, that was quick, thank you very much!

BTW , I went to your freelance site and it looks like there’s some tag corruption on the front page. I’m seeing this: mail($to, $subject, $body); } else { } ?>

Love the page! Just had a question as I seem to be having issues with the email function. I keep getting this error when entering an email and clicking submit:

Message Sent Warning: mail() [function.mail]: SMTP server response: 451 See djb/docs/smtplf.html.”> in D:\Hosting\5708105\html\index.php on line 95

Do you know how to fix that in the code?

Hi Phil,

It seems like the problem might be with your web host. Can you send me a link to your site? I may be able to poke around a bit. Otherwise I recommend contacting support for your web hosting.

Thanks! Rick

hi, im having trouble with the social networking links, how i can linked to my sites?

Hi elgeorgeinla23,

All of the social networking links have the same basic structure. For instance, the facebook link looks like this in the code:

<a href="#"><img src="images/facebook_32.png" alt="facebook" width="32" height="32" /></a>

All you need to do is replace

<a href="#">

with your link. For instance, this would link to Envato’s facebook page:

<a href="">

You basically need to figure out the direct link for each of the social networking links you’d like to include and just replace the # that is currently in the code.

Good Luck!

Every time I adjust the date as you have indicated the graphics of the page go and all I get is a white page with text. I am changing the code in index.php. Are there any other adjustments to be made in any of the other files?

Thanks Stan


I’m not sure what method you used to change the date, but this seems to be the most reliable:

Change lines 26-34 in “index.php” to:

<script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function () { var liftoffTime = new Date("January 01, 2010 00:56:00"); $('#counter').countdown({until: liftoffTime, layout: '{dn} {dl}, {hn} {hl}, {mn} {ml}, and {sn} {sl}'}); }); </script>


I’ve uploaded the theme but I’m getting this message, ” Stylesheet is missing.” Can you help?

Thanks, Anna

Anna—are you trying to install this on your wordpress site? If so, this is a HTML template, not a wordpress template. If you’re not trying to install this on wordpress, just make sure all of the file structure is intact and uploaded and you shouln’t have any problems.

Thanks, Rick

Oh I see. Thanks. I must have missed that. I’ll work around :)


Nice template. Considering purchasing, but I have a few questions…

Is it possible to remove the ticker?

For the social media icons, is it possible to replace these with other logos and/or text links? Can there be more than 4? If not, can I just hide or remove these?



Hi rsebastian125,

Yes, it’s easy to remove the ticker. You can just remove that line in the code. Yes, you can replace the social media links with other logos or links or you can just remove them. My site is currently under construction and I replaced a lot of the social media links with other logos:

Thanks, Rick

ok great! i assume you can replace the icons with logos of different size?

Yes, you should be able to pretty easily replace the icons of different size. You may have to mess around with the CSS a bit but it shouldn’t be too bad.

I just got this setup and working. It’s outstanding!!

Hi! Great template, but i can’t set the email form :(

Where are the fields that i have to fill?

Hi lontanodagliocchi,

You should be able to just change the email address to your own as it shows in the documentation and run with it. If you’re having trouble, the problem may be with your hosting provider.

Good Luck! Rick

I can’t seem to figure out how to change the date from the counter I went to the site i’m not a coder i just need to know exactly whats the line of code I need to change. Can you help me with that. Thanks

Change lines 26-34 in “index.php” to:

<script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function () { var liftoffTime = new Date("January 01, 2010 00:56:00"); $('#counter').countdown({until: liftoffTime, layout: '{dn} {dl}, {hn} {hl}, {mn} {ml}, and {sn} {sl}'}); }); </script>

Hi Shakeyimages:

1. Aakika logo needs to be placed where NEOTERIC shows.

2. When I replaced the shaded word “design templates” with another word underline and blue as shown in edit page, the shading disappeared on the countdown page.

3. Where in admin do I change launch date?

4. When I change theme, all alignment is thrown off

5. How do we change the completion percentage?

6. Share button on top right hand missing.

7. Where can I change the words “I’ve got the home, about and services pages done just need to finish the portfolio!”?