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Discussion on Neptune - Theme for Food Recipe Bloggers & Chefs

Discussion on Neptune - Theme for Food Recipe Bloggers & Chefs

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yeybr Purchased

Just wondering if you support posting to instagram automatically

It’s plugin territory, there might be some plugins that do that for you

I love the theme, but my core web vitals scores are poor due to the shifts caused by the loading of the fonts. I’ve tried to even use a system font, but without success. Is there a way to change the default font of the theme which is causing all these problems?

Not sure why you worry about web vital scores, it’s just a suggestion, you don’t have to follow all of them. You have to decide what’s more important t for your – having a good looking site or getting couple more points on some artificial automatic score. Check all of the top cooking blogs, Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey, none of them have 100 score but they do offer unique and recognizable style. There is a “fonts” panel settings in a theme settings where you can set fonts you like

Is support RTL and Arabic language? Can be use for multiple sites wordpress?

we do support RTL, you need separate license for each site

Do you provide refund?

Hello friends, we have a persistent error in the feed,

<?xml version=”1.0” encoding=”UTF-8”?><rss version=”2.0”..........

we have reviewed all the possible reasons and nothing, we reached the point of requesting assistance as theme developers, we sent all the information about the problem through your email website but we still have not received a response , regards

What’s your ticket number?

ticket number #2824946

I have a similar error which pops up on my home screen and elsewhere:

Deprecated: implode(): Passing glue string after array is deprecated. Swap the parameters in /home/dh_m28iqn/healthykitchendiaries.co.uk/wp-content/plugins/osetin-helper/osetin-helper.php on line 399

I reported an issue mid April and after going backwards and forwards without it being resolved, the ticket has now been closed because apparently my support has expired. I was wondering if someone could help to rectify this problem please.

My website URL is healthykitchendiaries.co.uk. I previously provided my FTP details to edit the plugin in the private ticket.

Found another one:

Notice: Undefined variable: sticky_posts in /home/dh_m28iqn/healthykitchendiaries.co.uk/wp-content/themes/neptune-by-osetin/page-recipes-index.php on line 96

Thanks, will try to fix those in the next update

Good morning. I was just wondering when the next update is coming? I still have errors on my homepage and it has been like that since April. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have bought the theme but the issue with letting users enter their own ingredients seems weird to me. Why not let us as the admin review the recipes so we can know if it is spam or not. This would solve so many issues.

You can set a default status of posts to be draft

How do I then let the users enter new ingredients?

1. ​I want to be able to allow certain roles to be able to add their own ingredients from the front end. Otherwise the whole premise of allowing users to submit from the frontend becomes useless. Is there a way to do this?

2. I have removed the license from one domain and trying to activate it on another but it is not working. What am I doing wrong?

Hey Wordpress 5.8 is out now and I wanted to ask if I can just do the update. I have heard from some other themes that they have problems with the updates because the widgets have somehow changed. So I just wanted to ask if there might be problems with Neptune … Otherwise I’ll wait a little longer. : D

You can safely update. Make sure you update all the bundled plugins from pinsupreme.com/users/sign_up


hapawar Purchased



brazink Purchased

Does neptune work on php 5.6?

Wordpress requirements: https://wordpress.org/about/requirements/

> To run WordPress we recommend your host supports: PHP version 7.4 or greater.

5.6 is not maintained anymore, so I would not recommend using that…


brazink Purchased

I really liked pluto but I found the most complete neptune for a Food Recipes website. which one do you recommend me to buy? which one is in a more mature stage of development? which would be more compatible with php 5.6?


brazink Purchased

I bought the Neptune theme. But when I go to import the demo data, it loads too long and it appears: Error: Gateway timeout (504)


alexmu Purchased

​Hi there, Could you please update the Advanced Custom Fields PRO plugin. Thank you.

Hi, latest version is available on pinsupreme.com/users/sign_up


alexmu Purchased

Thanks a lot!


is there a way to add the “Cooking Temperature” in the “Recipe Details Meta Position”.

I can’t have theme on my site https://cuisidelice.com/, when I choose the option “Some on the left side and some on the right side” in Theme Settings > General > Single Post.

Hi. when i put google amp or facebook instant, the osetin_recipe don´t appear. It will be important for the new update!.

How we can fix it now?

Hi, not sure what does google amp or Facebook instant has to do with a theme, you should probably ask plugin authors why their plugin isn’t working. Our theme is not generating any amp output, it’s plugin territory

When adding the nutrition for a recipe, it seems annoying to write the “Nutrition name” then also pick the “Google Rich Meta Field”, which is basically the “Nutrition name”. Both fields are actually the same thing, just that once the user puts the “Nutrition name” to appear in the front end and then selects it for Google Rich Meta.

Is it possible to do something so that the user only picks the “Nutrition name” once and it is displayed both on the frontend as the name and also to Google as a rich meta field?


pop19eye Purchased

Hi, Before I buy the theme: Will this theme be updated? The last update is more than 9 months ago… And is it possible in the meal plan to create a 2 snack fields+Soup field? pl. Breakfast, snack, Lunch1/Soup, Lunch2, snack, Dinner

Hi, we always keep it compatible with the latest wordpress versions. We try not to release unnecessary updates. You can check the demo to learn more about meal plans ;)

Your theme is beautiful! However, I see that the last update is from December 29, 2020! That’s what scares me.

Since WordPress and many plugins have evolved, can you reassure me about this?

Why would it scare you? We follow wordpres coding standards so we don’t need periodic updates to have it working with new Wordpress updates. It works perfectly fine with the latest Wordpress versions