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YEAV Purchased

Hi there,

It’s required and very usefull for SEO.

Please add the landing page with the previews of all existing recipes by ingredients.

You can use as a reference:

https://www.iamcook.ru/ingredients https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/ingredients/a-z/a/1#featured-content

YEAV Purchased

Because most of all food sites are promoted in organic search by archives (recipes listings). In this request I mean the listings of recipes by ingredient. And to improve the innerlinking, we need the landing page, which contain in it’s body (content part) the direct links to each listing of recipes by ingredient (for example Bacon recipes, Banana recipes,... and so on). In other words we need the page, which will provide with SEO juice each listing similar to this type http://neptune.pinsupreme.com/ingredient/fresh-broccoli/

Ingredients under each recipe are linked so it gives the same benefit for SEO. Please don’t trust anything you read online about SEO, most of it is just stuff from people who don’t know anything about it.

However you are of course free to hire a developer who can tweak it to your needs if you feel like that is what you need. We only offer assistance for stuff you see on a demo. That’s a reason why we have a live demo.

Hi, Can I use Elementor or Elementor Pro with your theme?

Why would you need to? It’s a food blog, and elementor is a page builder, what’s the point of a page builder in a food blog?


Tay85 Purchased

What version of Advanced Custom Fields PRO is present on pinsupreme? I currently have 5.8.0. and I need 5.8.4. thank you

Hi, try again it should be updated


YEAV Purchased

Recipe microdata: description.

Currently the structured data checking tool https://search.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool?hl=en# sending me “Warning” http://joxi.ru/DmByJ0SJPqLprP if in my recipe the “Quick Description” field isn’t filled http://joxi.ru/82Q0eNFw38xMmd .

The common case when you have only one recipe description text to fill the standart field of body content http://joxi.ru/KAxxY7sZqV5JA8 (this text also displays in the recipe preview of the archive http://joxi.ru/zANJejuvx1klA9) and you haven’t any additional “Quick Description” text.

So could you make a little change in the recipe microdata and mark the standart field of body content http://joxi.ru/KAxxY7sZqV5JA8 as the “description” point from here http://joxi.ru/MAjQz9HjZdPZ2e -> https://developers.google.com/search/docs/data-types/recipe ???


Thanks for the feedback, makes sense

Hello. i have updated my wordpress and now i can’t select the hero posts on the homepage or recipes. i can see the active ones but can’t add or remove. what can be wrong?