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Reviews for Neptune - Theme for Food Recipe Bloggers & Chefs

Reviews for Neptune - Theme for Food Recipe Bloggers & Chefs

4.85 (158 ratings) 4.85 stars
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158 Reviews

for Customer Support


- Professional customer support.
- Quality and flexible code structure.
- Excellent design quality.
- Being customizable

I'd say it's the best theme I've ever bought.

for Flexibility

Great theme, design and functionality.

Author response

Thank you )))

for Flexibility

Neptune is a good looking and functioning food blog template. It is however not very flexible when it comes to certain aspects and requires customisation by a coder. Unfortunately, the supplier does not provide customisation so you have to find someone external to support you. Here are the exact limitations in ran in to:

1) You cannot allow viewers to leave a review without logging in or at least use an alternative login method such as Facebook or Google account.

2) Updates: The template offers no function or feature increasing updates. Updates are only offered if there is an issue with a new version of WP for example.

3) Metric/Imperial measurements. You cannot have multiple metrics for your recipe ingredients. This requires customisation.

4) Importing Recipes, there is no function to Import CSV Files or Recipes so if you have an existing food blog this is an issue. Also if you want to migrate its a big issue.

On the plus side, support is very good as long as you don't need any of the above its a good theme.

for Design Quality

Llevo mas de 2 años usando el theme y va genial.

He tenido un problema y la atención postventa ha sido buena y me ha ayudado a solucionarlo.

for Feature Availability

Undoubtedly the best tool for food bloggers, it has all you need to make an amazing cook book online. Very happy with the creators, Great Job.

for Other

I'm overall satisfied with this theme from the look, features and customer support.

for Design Quality

Perfect theme for recipe blogs:
-Nice, fast and user friendly design.
-Great recipe page with useful features.
-#1 support!!

for Design Quality

This is a really well designed theme. I mark it at 4 stars because some features are not as intuitive and the documentation isn't as helpful for someone new to WordPress but all in all it is excellent.

for Flexibility

What I love about Neptune is its clean user interface and minimalist design options. It makes for a very pretty blog/website. The main issue with it, and which I think is a show-stopper, is its lack of ability of importing recipes en masse from an existing blog. If you already run a blog with hundreds of recipes, their solution is to simply re-write every single one of them using the "Recipe" post type of Neptune which is an incredible amount of work. This is the only reason that stopped me from deploying Neptune for my blog, and hence wasting my money on it. In my opinion Neptune is good only if you're just starting off or have very little blogs to migrate, or have a ton of time on your hands. If Neptune ads a feature to mass import blog posts I'll reconsider it and will also update my review rating.