Discussion on Nerduck - Minimal and Creative Portfolio Theme

Discussion on Nerduck - Minimal and Creative Portfolio Theme

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Hello, before buying your theme, I’d like to know if it is compatible with Wordpress 6.x and PHP 7.4 ? When will you next update it ? Thanks. Best

Yes, it is compatible. We can import and setup demo data free of charge if you provide wp admin access in a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com, after buying. Thanks

Ok it is an usual way to install the demo but why not. Ok for the compatibility but why you don’t have Wodpress 6.x.x in the compatibility Software version of the your product page on Themeforest ?

Yes, of course you can do it yourself following the steps described in the docs, however we can help free of charge. We updated theme compatibility section. Thanks

Hi, is it easy to change the overall look to a dark grey or black, instead of white?

Hi, yes, you need to change the color of the ‘html, body’ elements with a simple CSS instruction, however you may want also to change (or to keep) the color for header and footer as well. Thanks

Friend bought the theme for me about 5 years ago, Now my question is, after installed the theme, then how to apply the “Home Extended Style” ? should i download this style? or just set in the wordpress?

Hello, that’s another page template, so you don’t have to download anything else. Thanks

Thank you! So could you please guide me how to apply another page template set as my homepage style? I couldn’t find how to set that page as Home. Highly appreciate for you support!

When you edit the page you can set the page template in the right side panel. Importing demo data would give you snapshot of our live demo site and you can examine the page properties there. If you open a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com and provide wp admin access we can import the demo data for you. Thanks

Can we disable Hero section on home page? we can disable / enable Prehero, but I don’t see option for Large Hero image/slider

Mayby I should use support ticket but I wasn’t create account on your site. I have account on theme forest and need support at this site.

Hello there, is it possible to send us wp admin access in a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com?

Hi you have ticket #2729702

Ok, good, we will process your ticket today

Hi ClaPat!

is this theme supported? Will there be updates and it works with the new wordpress version? I don’t see new buyers :)

Hello, as long the theme is part of our portfolio, it is supported. We keep the theme compatible with latest WordPress version. Last buyer of this theme was on the 10th of Feb according to our logs. Thanks

Apply it to the latest WordPress version. please. I can’t install “Contact Form 7”. And “map” is also annoying with api errors. Please increase the degree of freedom to use other apis other than Google.

Plz open a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com and provide wp admin access. Thanks

Hi, really enjoying the theme.

Is there a way to make sure all images in a portfolio item remain 100% width?

The images I have uploaded to a portfolio item are all the same width, but differing heights and when the screen sizes increases to 1680px width and larger, the images all change in width, with the images that have a larger height reducing in width to less than 100%.

No probs, the above can be found in the article and an explanation as to why Wordpress are scaling images. Great to have the answer posted here, thanks again ClaPat.

I have one other question – Is it possible to add more google fonts to the ‘Body Font Options’ in the Theme Options? If so how would I go about it? Thx.

The body font options list comes from Redux Framework unlikely you want to dig into their API. One easy way is to use a google fonts plugin such as Easy Google Fonts and you can assign a specific font to individual class.

Quite right ClaPat, I will leave Redux well alone! I have added the new Google font I wanted to use into the header to test it. I’ll check out the Easy Google fonts plugin, but try to avoid adding plugins. Thanks again.

interested in your theme but the video home page in your demo doesn’t play or show any way to play in iOS. Is this a known issue? Is it fixed?

Hi there, the video section does not play on mobile, it has a still image as fallback on mobile devices.

are there plans to add mobile compatibility?

The YTPlayer (library we use in Nerduck for rendering video sections) restricts the playout on mobile devices due to vendors policy on javascript media controls. It provides a fallback image to be displayed on mobile.

Hi, I love the design for this theme, and would like to buy it, but I was just wondering if you plan to update regularly in the future, so that I don´t encounter any tech problems? And if I use the home video as frontpage is there any way I could show two videos on the page. Or could two videos be part of the extended homepage? My homepage will be for two movies (sequel) and I would like two trailers on the homepage (if not I could have a menuoption for the other trailer or something I guess).

Hello, Yes, we do update the theme whenever is necessary, but more important if you need help we are here to assist you.

Coming back to your setup: you can have the home video and two video embeds (either WordPress standard video embeds, or WPBakery elements)

The home video has this so called ‘hero video section’ which plays youtube videos.


Hi, when testing the theme I noticed that the slider on the home page doesn’t show a prev./next button on mobile devices. Also there seems to be a ‘delay’ when swiping the image. And finally when the last (3rd) image is active I can’t swipe left to go to the first image again (next button in web browser does work).

Is there a way to navigate the slideshow on mobile devices exactly the same as on the web browser?

Hi, i am trying to make the map location work. I tried clearing cache, tried multiple browsers and installed fresh WordPress and this theme. but the map doesn’t show the location i set in theme options. how to fix this ? Doesn’t show the marker or the marker text. and my support period is expired. do i have to renew it ?

submitted a ticket and thanks for helping

Not a problem, you may want to extend your support period.

sure will do and get back to you

Hi . In the mobile version of the site , when you click the hamburger menu there is a drop-down movement. My doubt is that the background to the menu items is black . Was it black from the start ? I thought it was white . Is there a way to make it white background .. or at least move them closer to each other. Right now there is a white gap.

Thanks for letting us know though. Not sure at this point what may the pb. Perhaps resetting the browser to default settings would fix it. I ran the test on Samsung A7 chrome.

i reset it. still the same. its Samsung Internet browser version 7.2. not a big deal :-) thanks for the help

Hey, not a problem, anytime.

I’ve set my client’s website using this theme. It has worked great so far, but the visual composer on my portfolio stopped working and only the classic mode works now. Any idea on why this happened and when this can get resolved? Thanks.

Hello, what is the version you are running? In any case open a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com and we can update it to the latest. Thanks

It’s version 1.1, thanks and I’ll open a private ticket on the link you provided.

How do you get rid of relatedposts at the bottom of the portfolio page?

The related posts are coming from JetPack https://jetpack.com/support/related-posts/

Thank you so much!! You’re amazing. Five Stars for your theme!

Thank you!

Issue: Enable Bottom Navigation Image

Hi Authors,

I can’t disable the bottom navigation link on some of my pages. Particularly the portfolio pages. I want to remove it cause it is not needed.

Thank you, Emiko

I ended up going to customize—> Portfolio option to erase the word next since disabling it didnt work. I think it has to do with override css rules.

One thing I havne't been able to solve is removing the "related posts" at the bottom of portfolio pages...

I tried to go to Customize—> Related Posts… however it still doesn’t get rid of the title. Please help!!

I see, we are talking of individual portfolio pages. What’s your site url?

Is there a way to autoplay video on home page?

Template is called Home Video. There is a play button, but i would like to play it as the webpage loads. Is it possible?

Hi, you can do the following:

Add to customizer -> additional CSS #playmovie { display: none; } to hide the play button and the cover image. the open /js/scripts.js and modify lines 1020-1027 jQuery('#playmovie').on('click', function() { jQuery('#playmovie').addClass('hidden-play'); setTimeout(function(){ jQuery('#playmovie').fadeOut(); }, 600); jQuery('#bgndVideo').playYTP(); }); to jQuery('#bgndVideo').playYTP(); and finally open /sections/hero_section_video.php change in line 51 autoPlay:true

Not tested :)

Great! thank you!

Hi, can’t seem to get a response from your website on Chat or Contact, trying on here. Interested in the Nerduck theme, and also like the kaleo portfolio layout. Is there any way of combining them?

Hi, no – unless we do significant custom work. You may like this WordPress theme: http://clapat.ro/themes/tetriz-wordpress/ Thanks

Do you guys plan on updating anytime soon? It’s been over a year and now Revolution Slider is way outdated.

Yes, in a couple days. Should you wish sooner, submit a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com with wp admin access and we will update it for you to the latest. Just a small correction: Nerduck last update date is July 25th this year.

Hi clapat, Some of times, such as open developer tools or stay in the website for a long time.When I mouse leave the navigation bar, the ul of the navigation bar will still use “display: block;”rather than “none”.It will be Completely reversed. So,How can I solve this problem? Thank you!

Hello! are we talking about the live demo? Or do you have the theme installed somewhere?

Well, could you please provide your email address? Then i can send the screenshot to you. Our website’s url:www.nioion.com

But I don’t see your Purchased label next to your username. Did you buy our theme on themeforest? Thanks

menu in mobile has a weird effect. it seems there something wrong in the line-heigt. white line appears bewteen the different menu’s voices. in google chrome browser.


Please open a ticket on https://clapat.ticksy.com/ and our support team will help you asap.

Provide your website url and more details Thanks


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