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I just want to say that I installed this theme around a year or so ago and I think it is beautiful. I have really enjoyed it.. However, I see that there are options here that I can’t access…. for instance, I can not access the home page options of “wall” “big” and “small’... the only choice I can see is between a “static” home page and a “blog posts” home page… Can someone please help! thanks, Robin

Hi there, glad to hear you are still loving it! The Wall, Big and Small layouts are explained on pages 20 and 21 of the documentation PDF. Basically you set up a new page as your homepage with the template “Page – Homepage” you choose the layout setting there for your portfolio items and then you set that page as a static homepage.

If you need anything else please log a ticket at

Does this theme work with WordPress 4.1?

Okay thanks! My client purchased and I upgraded it for her and everything went blank so we had to go back to version 1.2.1 – hopefully we are good to go

That’s weird, all tried and tested here on WordPress 4.1 running the latest version of Nerdy (1.2.5). If you have any more issues please raise a support ticket at

Ok thanks will do


I’d like to my home page to be most recent posts, but use the ‘homepage small’ layout. After downloading I realise I have to set up a portfolio and use a static page. Is there any way of adapting the theme so my blog page/home page uses this layout?

Thanks Andrew

Hi Andrew. Yes that’s right it is a portfolio template. The theme only has 1 blog layout which you can switch a sidebar on/off. If you want to convert the homepage layout to use it with blog items instead of portfolio then it is a customisation that you or a developer would need to make. I’d imagine it would be about 3 hours work to complete so make sure you get a competitive quote from a developer if you want to make the change and make sure the change is done via a child theme and not using the core theme files.


I am using version 1.2.6 and I see my site fails to load on mobile. Chrome on my Nexus 4 phone (latest Android version) and Safari on my iPad 2 (latest Safari version on iOS 7.1.1.) both fails.

Please help.

Hi there, we’ve just released 1.2.7 that fixes the issue. Please check your WordPress > Updates / Appearance > Themes for the latest update. You’ll also get an email from ThemeForest once the theme update has been approved. So sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for bringing it to our attention.

The update solves the problem. Thanks!

No problem and apologies once again for introducing the bug in the first place!

Is it possible to use the wall version of the home page to display stickied or featured blog posts?

Hi there no the wall layouts are just for portfolio items. It could be done though if you know some PHP and CSS. It would take a developer around 3 hours work I’d imagine

Is there a way to change the url “portfolio” to any name I want? How can I do that?

You can do that via the translation files, check out this support FAQ for details on how to translate:

If you need anything else, please log a ticket a thanks for purchasing :)


I installed Jetpack and it distorted my contact page on Nerdy.

Any idea how to fix this?


Hi Desiré please submit a support ticket at and we will take a look. We like to leave the comments for pre sales questions :)


I have a small problem. I’m already add <!-more-> in my post, but I can’t see “CONTINUE READING”, how to fix it?

Picture1: Picture2: Picture3:


Please put a support ticket in on and make sure you provide an administrator level login for us to login and take a look. Thanks for purchasing :)


I already open a ticket on


Lovely, thanks for opening a ticket, we’re looking at it now.

Still love this theme a lot, I installed it few months ago on and would like to custimize a few things now. We would love to have the buttons to social media in the blog per post. Is this possible? thanks a lot. Regards, Robert Glotzbach

Hi there, glad you’re still loving it :)

Yes you can put the social icons back on the bottom like they are on mobile with a little CSS… paste this into Theme Options > Styling & Font Options > Custom CSS Block…

.post-share a { position: relative !important; left: auto !important; top: auto !important; }

If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to log a support ticket at

Thanks for helping :-) This puts a button at the bottom of the page. However I would like it be be in every post so that people can like or share it. I will log a support ticket.

Hi there it is on every post? So I assumed you meant place at the bottom of every post?

compatible with WP 4.2.2??

I just want to say after buying some many broken themes on the marketplace, the nerdy theme has been a huge relief. Great design, great customization options – very well done.

Thanks that means a lot ????

Hey is there an option to remove orange arrows on sides of pages ?

Hey there no there isn’t that’s the only way to navigate to each post. You could hide them wish CSS pretty easily through.

Hello, How can I center the featured image on posts? Regards,

Hi there, we don’t offer support for this item… but as this is so simple, all you need to do is insert this extra CSS into Theme Options > Styling & font Options > Custom CSS Block:

.post-thumb img { display: block; margin: 0 auto; }
Thank you! But, :( that doesn’t work…
I’ve tried this also: .post-thumb img { display: block !important; margin: 0 auto !important; }

Any ideas?

As I said, we don’t offer support for this item. You may have pasted this into the wrong place – if you paste it as I said above, clear any caches and try again and it still doesn’t work, please share a link (with the CSS still in tact) and I’ll take a look.

Hello, I’m trying to just have a logo image as the header (rather than a site title), but I also want my site named for search engines… is there a tick box for that?

The site will have a title in the tab/title bar whether there is a logo or not. It is set from general settings as a standard WordPress feature.

Can you addicons links under the logo for social like your textual theme

No you can’t

Hey guys, I tried to update wordpress last week but it broke the website. Not sure if there is an issue with the theme. Have you received any reports on this?

Hi Desire, if you look at the changelog you’ll see we released an update in August to fix a post_thumbnail function issue which may be what you are referring to.

You just need to download the latest Nerdy from ThemeForest > Downloads Tab and re-upload to your website.