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I think this theme is fantastic, i have managed to fly through and create most of the pages that I need however Im sorry if i seem incredibly stupid but I just cannot recreate the home page like you have it. I have read and re-read the instructions and I am clearly missing something.

I am pulling my hair out here and would really appreciate your help :(

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I didn’t purchase the theme, my client did and I’m building it for them.

How to change order of portfolio items on the front page?

I am having trouble with viewing my home page on an ipad. I have it set up for latest posts and it reduces the image thumbnail size in width but not in height – it just seems to cut off the right hand side of the thumbnail. The menu bar on the left doesn’t seem to resize to the screen either, half of it is cut off. url:

Also the logo on the mobile site is very tiny, how can I fix this?

I’ve fixed the logo in mobile site, but I am wondering if there is a Tablet Landscape grid.css??

Sorry, I am not sure I understand you correctly, could you send me some screenshots with description please?

Hey great stuff.. Getting all ready for lift-off. One thing isn’t working and that’s the contact form, maybe I’m forgetting something, but here is my screengrab;

Do I also have to adjust inside the contact form.php (editor)?

Hope to hear from you? Cheers! MVDB

Thank you for purchasing.

Provide URL of your contact page please.

the URL is;

Hope to hear from you, cheers!

Could you contact your webhost and ask for errorlog of your contact page please.

MVDB – What exactly are you having problems with?

Hi CookieGem, Problem is that all is setup correctly (i guess), but the message (when clicked send) will not appear in my inbox (outlook or other mail software).

I am having the same problem as CookieDesign. Is the homepage (how you have it) populated with posts? Portfolios? Galleries? If yes to any of those, how do I activate it to look like this?

By default, Nero homepage display filterable portfolio contents.

Setup homepage as static page – top You can also setup homepage content as static page (instead of portfolio wall). From your admin sidebar, open Settings > Reading> Front page displays then select “static page”.

First you have to create a portfolio item. From your admin sidebar, open Portfolios > Add New Portfolio. You will get add new portfolio form. Enter portfolio title and description.

Next look at “Portfolios Options” box. Select content type from “Youtube Video”, “Vimeo Video”, “Self-Hosted Video”, “Portfolio Content” or “External Link”. If you select “Vimeo” or “Youtube” video type, you have to enter video ID ex. “cdygEzfbhqc” for Youtube and “27299211” for Vimeo. If you select “Self-Hosted Video” type, you have to enter your video URL (.mp4 or .flv file format). If you select “Portfolio Content”, you can add HTML or text to portfolio content. So when visitor click on this portfolio, they will be redirected to portfolio single page with its content. If you select “External Link”, you have to enter “External Link URL”. So when visitor click on this portfolio, they will be redirected to this URL. Next you have to upload image for this portfolio item. Look at “Featured Image” box. and upload your image. OK now you have a portfolio item. Next step is to add portfolio page. From your admin sidebar, open Pages > Add New. You will get add new page form. Enter page title and description.

Next look at Page Attributes” box. Select “Portfolio…” related templates (there are 3 portfolio templates available) for page template and click on “Publish” :)

Theme documentation’s located in your downloaded file from Themeforest

Please follow the theme’s instructions in /manual/index.html it will help you get through all theme features.

I have a similar question. I’ve upgraded an existing wordpress site populated with a number of existing posts. Am I able to have these posts as the ‘portfolio’ content?

Do I need to convert them somehow?

Thanks, a really excellent looking design :)

Sorry it can’t because portfolio content is different from normal blog post contents.

Theme documentation’s located in your downloaded file from Themeforest

Please follow the theme’s instructions in /manual/index.html it will help you get through all theme features.

I followed the instructions. I guess I misunderstood. I created a gallery, then a gallery page, then a portfolio and finally a portfolio page. According to the instructions it looked like I had to select the gallery to show up in the portfolio but that didn’t seem to work.

Gallery and Portfolio are different content type. When you create a gallery page, you have to select “Content Gallery”.

For portfolio, you just have to select “Portfolio…” as page template.


I have a second question, sounds pretty similar to some of the other people. I’ve managed to create gallery pages, about/contact/blog but I cannot get the portfolio links to work properly. I can get portfolios to show up on the home page, but when you click through, they just don’t show any of the gallery images. I’ve followed the manual but for some reason the images are not showing up.

You have to select portfolio content type as “External link” and enter your gallery URL.

So actually I can just create the gallery page (or even just a gallery if I want full-screen) and then I don’t need to create a portfolio ‘page’, just a portfolio – which then links to the gallery. This isn’t quite so clear from your instructions, but definitely helps. Thank you peerapong for the quick reply!!

Please see my previous reply.

I have another question – is there any way to change the ‘View Project’ text to something else when I mouseover the portfolio grid on the homepage?

Never mind, I just found it, in the main index php file. :)

can crius theme use woocommerce plugin

Yes but I think you have to edit theme CSS to make it display correctly.

I have another question. Im trying to make new portfolios with featured images, and when i click save, at the homepage (Portfolio Fullwidth Masonry) it shows perfect your sample images, but it shows my image too big & not on center. i cant find where i can change the thumbnail size. My picture is big but i saw that your sample images are big too… so something is going on.

Sorry, I am not sure I understand you correctly, could you send me some screenshots with description please?

Ok just fixed it! I used the plugin you recommended to “gesilver”. --> It worked fine!

OK great!

Hi Peerapong

I love the site but I’m having trouble with one thing and I’d like some advice about another.

1) For some reason whatever type of gallery I try to use, it always defaults to the image flow gallery, with reflections. Even if I take reflections off in the theme options. Can you point me in the right direction to where I might have gone wrong?

2) Is there any way to exclude certain portfolio sets on the home page? I’ve got about 10 portfolio sets and I’d only like four of them on the home page.

Thanks for any help you can offer. Cheers.

Sorry It doesn’t support that. I will consider to add it into the future if there are many requests from customers.

Hey Peerapong. Thanks for the response. Just in case anyone else asks, there’s a plugin called Category and Taxonomy Order which reorders the portfolio sets nicely.

OK great! and thanks for sharing.

Hello peerapong,

I am having issues with inserting images to Galleries. I click to ‘Add New’ image to my Gallery Images section, then browse to the image through my Media Library.

When I find the image I want, I click on ‘Insert into Post’, but the window goes white and stays white. When closing the Gallery page refreshes and nothing is inserted. I have a few plugins but everything is updated to latest versions.

Thank you in advance

Thank you for purchasing.

Could you try to disable all plugins first. If you still have the issue. Could you send your Wordpress account and FTP detail please.

Hi again Peerapong

I noticed in blog posts that if the first word of the post title is 4 letters or less, the first word goes way over to the right, instead of on the same line as the rest of the text. Is there anyway to change the templates so that this all goes on the same line? I can’t add __ to the actual blog title because then it would show up in RSS feeds.

Thanks :)

Thanks very much peerapong – how do I update the theme without losing all my content?

I can’t see an option to update from the themes section on the admin panel, and there is no option to update from the updates section either? :(

Download from Themeforest > your account > downloads and replace all theme’s files and folders using FTP account with the new version.

All of your settings and contents remain the same.

For some reason in internet explorer the floating menu for galleries or blog posts (again, also on your sample pages) floats way over to the right, away from the menu. Which means you cannot actually select the items from the drop down menu.

This only happens in internet explorer.

I’ve taken a screengrab for you;


Thank you for reporting. Which version of IE you use please?

Hi – I have IE9 on one system and IE10 on another.

Thanks for reporting. I will release the update for this soon.

Hi Peerapong – two questions:

1) My featured images for my portfolio items aren’t resizing on the home page. What are the ideal dimensions/pixel sizes?

2)what dimensions or pixel size is ideal for the logo?


1. Your logo is too large. Please reduce its size. Also please run this plugin for portfolio images

2. I recommend the same size as original one.

Peerapong Thanks for the fixes, I’m really starting to love this theme. But a new problem has come up. now when I’m reordering my menu, I can’t drag and drop items in the menu. If I try, an infinite number of blank boxes appear and i can’t move the menu items – both up and down and in and out of sub-menu, primary menu spots. here’s a screenshot of what I’m seeing

The latest version of theme which fix issues on Wordpress 3.6 is available to download.

Download from Themeforest > your account > downloads and replace all theme’s files and folders using FTP account with the new version.

Is there any way I can purchase the HTML/CSS/JS version of JUST the “Gallery With Music” slider?

I’d like to learn this code without messing with the rest of the theme at this time.

Good work

Sorry it’s only available in Wordpress version.

Hi There, Great theme, i just have a couple of questions.

1: On your demo version on the right hand side you have this great popout box where you can share on facebook/email etc. How do i include that.

2: I am having some rendering issues in google chrome. The font has jagged edges and also the sub nav doesn’t sit flush to the side navigation on hover.


I have version 1.3

sorry i have just realised it also does this in ie9 as well as ie10.

Could you send your Wordpress account and FTP detail please.

I have another question – for the blog page, I’d like to have featured images showing up in the main page where all posts are visible. However when I do this, that featured image also shows up at the top of the blog post itself. I’d rather not have this happen. I can see where I think the relevant code sits in the blog.php template;

if(has_post_thumbnail($current_page_id, 'full'))
    $image_id = get_post_thumbnail_id($current_page_id); 
    $image_thumb = wp_get_attachment_image_src($image_id, 'full', true);
    $pp_page_bg = $image_thumb[0];

If I just get rid of this, would that stop the featured image also showing up at the top of the post itself?

Thanks peerapong.

Answered my own question – no it doesn’t. Hopefully you can help peerapong :)

Sorted this out now, it sits in the single page template. :)