Discussion on Nervaq - Responsive One Page Template

Discussion on Nervaq - Responsive One Page Template

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Hello and good morning I like to ask that why pictures and images are not available with your product which i purchased because pictures are also very important with it as it appears because of it. now where to bring pictures from dear. kindly guide me out something. i would wait for reply.

Love the template – great job. I am however in need a little help in adding multiple locations to the map area. I tried to edit the nervaq.js file, but I have not had much luck. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, I have some question. I need to duplicate the portfolio and they must work as two separate portfolios. When I open single project it appears in both portfolios and when I use that filter in second portfolio, it jumps up and down a you have to scroll it to see the portfolio. Could you please tell me how to do I fix that? thank you!


Can anyone help me with the following home slider text banner question:

When I installed the nervaq theme the default home slider text banner was two colors (http://2ad.eeb.myftpupload.com/) but when I remove the default banner and add my own, it’s only one color. How and where can I change this?

Thank you!!

Hi jgallaclasscfi, Here you’ll find the official support forum for the WP version of Nervaq :)

How can i add the previous, next arrows for the home-slides images!??

i want them for the images on background NOT for the text slider where u used flexslider.

Hi kiranrajkathula, this feature is not available in the template. It can be added as a customization. Feel free to contact me through the form on my profile page

Yeah! got it. for anybody who require the same, add customization as below:

nervaq.js $(”#prev”).click(function(event) { event.preventDefault(); $.backstretch(“prev”); });

$(”#next”).click(function(event) { event.preventDefault(); $.backstretch(“next”); });

<a id="prev" href="#"><img src="images/arrow-left.png" class="left" /></a>
<a id="next" href="#"><img src="images/arrow-right.png" class="right" /></a>

Works like charm :)

Thanks for your contribution kiranrajkathula :)

Hello pbarney I tried your code, it works fine. Tested with Safari 8.

Thanks so much

Okay, for everyone concerned about the strange visual artifacts when viewing on Safari for Mac, I have a solution.

The problem is with the jquery.appear plugin when it uses either the “flipInX” or “flipInY” animations. The “fadeInUp” animation works just fine.

So here is a solution that adjusts the animations if the viewer is using Safari for Mac:

In js/nervaq.js, add the following starting at line 59:

/* shut down flipInY and flipInX animations for Safari on Mac */ if (navigator.platform.toUpperCase().indexOf('MAC')>=0 && navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Safari') != -1 && navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Chrome') == -1) { $('.animated').data('animation','fadeInUp'); }

That will fix the problem. In case you’re wondering why I’ve included a line for Chrome, Chrome’s useragent string includes the word “Safari”, so we have to explicitly ignore it.

Hi pbarney, thank you very much for your perfect solution! :)

Glad to be of assistance! Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help.

I’m considering your template for purchase. I have a question: Is it possible to have a locally hosted video instead of youtube? If so, how would we do that? What formats are accepted?


Hi pbarney, it’s possible with an HTML5 video player like http://www.videojs.com/, but there are a lot of them. On videojs website you’ll find a extensive documentation on how to set it up. Formats accepted are, as far as I know, .mp4 .webm and .ogg.


In the testimonials section, I got this message “Warning: extract() expects parameter 1 to be array, string given in /homepages/0/d502708663/htdocs/wp-content/themes/nervaq/theme/php/PeTheme/ShortCode/PeThemeShortcodeNervaqTestimonials.php on line 33”

I don’t know where the problem is from; Can you help me, please.

To be more specific if I want to add an external link to the forum is not possible

HTML Version

Dear Sir/Madam,

the send-mail.php does not support greek letters ( unicode utf-8) how can we fix it? I have this characters : Message: ?š?¬?½?‰ ?­?½?± test . ? ?± ?‰ ?±?½ ?± ?€?±? ?±?‰????

WP Version

Also I bought the wp version and i want from html version a link to the wp version . Please let me know if is possible .

Thanks in advance.

Hi, for the HTML version, please give me your email address or drop me an email through the form on my profile page so I can send you the solution. For the WP version, you have to contact another ThemeForest user, Bitfade, you’ll find their support forum at this link :)

Thank you very much,I send you email through the form on your profile page , best regards

Hi there. I just successfully transferred my wordpress site to a new server. I copied all the files and imported the database without any trouble. Everything looks good except that my photo does not appear on the team page. Any idea what is missing? My URL is merymolenaar.com

Hi, you’ll find the official support forum for the WP version of Nervaq at this link: http://support.pixelentity.com/forums/45-Nervaq-WordPress-Theme.

On the services section I changed the icon with the following but it ends up blank on the preview

[pservice icon=”icon-home” title=”REAL ESTATE” description=”Donec porttitor velit eget lectus ac turpis”]

What am I doing wrong?

Hi BatterCo, you bought the WP version of Nervaq? You’ll find the official support forum here.

Hi there! How can I change the skill circles color? I looked for the hexa color and I replaced it with my color, everything changes but those circles. Can you help me with this issue? Thanks in advance

Great template BTW :)

Replied on email :)

Hi, How do I make the menu open automatically on page load?


Hi mdownbeat, thanks for purchasing Nervaq! Just add the class active to the main navigation:

<nav id=”main-nav” class=”active”>

Thanks. But, how do i make it appears with a fade in effect, or another effect?

Please drop me an email through the form on my profile page :)

where do i change the background image for the url? i cant find it in the css or the index

Hi grafbrothers, you mean the images of the background slider? Those images are on nervaq.js around line 210.

Hi, I sent you email through the contact form on your profile page about week ago with a question regarding the brand/client bar. I was wondering if you had a chance to look at it or should I resend it?

Replied :)

what email did you reply to sorry we didn’t receive it could you resent to madebymascot@gmail.com? Thanks,

Re-sent :)

Hi, before buying the theme (it’s beautiful :) ) I would like to know if it’s possible to add more than 4 brands (below testimonial)? Thanks!

Hi spay18, thanks for your interest in Nervaq!

Sure, you can add more than 4 brands, on the same row or on multiple rows :)

Good day.

First i wanna thank you, your theme is awesome!

Second i have a question: i was uploading the content to the website i’m going to use it on by importing the xml and copying the settings by hand. But the pie charts just went white and i can’t change the color, how can i change their color?

Hi abrahamsosa, have you bought the WP version?

How to modify the map? thanks

Hi bshark,

you only have to change some values on a js file :)


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