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To be more specific if I want to add an external link to the forum is not possible


In the testimonials section, I got this message “Warning: extract() expects parameter 1 to be array, string given in /homepages/0/d502708663/htdocs/wp-content/themes/nervaq/theme/php/PeTheme/ShortCode/PeThemeShortcodeNervaqTestimonials.php on line 33”

I don’t know where the problem is from; Can you help me, please.

I’m considering your template for purchase. I have a question: Is it possible to have a locally hosted video instead of youtube? If so, how would we do that? What formats are accepted?


Hi pbarney, it’s possible with an HTML5 video player like http://www.videojs.com/, but there are a lot of them. On videojs website you’ll find a extensive documentation on how to set it up. Formats accepted are, as far as I know, .mp4 .webm and .ogg.

Okay, for everyone concerned about the strange visual artifacts when viewing on Safari for Mac, I have a solution.

The problem is with the jquery.appear plugin when it uses either the “flipInX” or “flipInY” animations. The “fadeInUp” animation works just fine.

So here is a solution that adjusts the animations if the viewer is using Safari for Mac:

In js/nervaq.js, add the following starting at line 59:

/* shut down flipInY and flipInX animations for Safari on Mac */ if (navigator.platform.toUpperCase().indexOf('MAC')>=0 && navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Safari') != -1 && navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Chrome') == -1) { $('.animated').data('animation','fadeInUp'); }

That will fix the problem. In case you’re wondering why I’ve included a line for Chrome, Chrome’s useragent string includes the word “Safari”, so we have to explicitly ignore it.

Hi pbarney, thank you very much for your perfect solution! :)

Glad to be of assistance! Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help.

Hello pbarney I tried your code, it works fine. Tested with Safari 8.

Thanks so much

How can i add the previous, next arrows for the home-slides images!??

i want them for the images on background NOT for the text slider where u used flexslider.

Hi kiranrajkathula, this feature is not available in the template. It can be added as a customization. Feel free to contact me through the form on my profile page

Yeah! got it. for anybody who require the same, add customization as below:

nervaq.js $(”#prev”).click(function(event) { event.preventDefault(); $.backstretch(“prev”); });

$(”#next”).click(function(event) { event.preventDefault(); $.backstretch(“next”); });

<a id="prev" href="#"><img src="images/arrow-left.png" class="left" /></a>
<a id="next" href="#"><img src="images/arrow-right.png" class="right" /></a>

Works like charm :)

Thanks for your contribution kiranrajkathula :)


Can anyone help me with the following home slider text banner question:

When I installed the nervaq theme the default home slider text banner was two colors (http://2ad.eeb.myftpupload.com/) but when I remove the default banner and add my own, it’s only one color. How and where can I change this?

Thank you!!

Hi jgallaclasscfi, Here you’ll find the official support forum for the WP version of Nervaq :)

Hi, I have some question. I need to duplicate the portfolio and they must work as two separate portfolios. When I open single project it appears in both portfolios and when I use that filter in second portfolio, it jumps up and down a you have to scroll it to see the portfolio. Could you please tell me how to do I fix that? thank you!

Love the template – great job. I am however in need a little help in adding multiple locations to the map area. I tried to edit the nervaq.js file, but I have not had much luck. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


sk1981 Purchased

Hello and good morning I like to ask that why pictures and images are not available with your product which i purchased because pictures are also very important with it as it appears because of it. now where to bring pictures from dear. kindly guide me out something. i would wait for reply.