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This theme is great for my start up company – but I’m new to CSS and need to know if its possible to change the page menu location and the location of the logo to be at the very top (as if in a

place holder).

I cant seem to figure it out, here is what I would like it to look like:

this is what it looks like now:

Thank you

Hi, Unfortunately the only menu position support in this theme is the one seen in the demo.

Okay thank you for letting me know! I love the theme so will stick with it.

hello, i got a problem to add photos on my portfolio, i upload and then nothing on my slider . like that!/?project=restaurant-les-terrasses .

I need help please.. Thanks a lot


Your comment is not showing a “purchased” badge. Support of this nature is reserved for confirmed customers only. If you have purchased this theme using a different account please login using that account before posting a request for support. Alternatively you can use your purchase code to register at our support forums where you can open a new thread about your issue.

Hi, Im using a video on my home page background but its not appearing on my tablet or phone version of my site.

Is this a common problem with the theme? Can it be resolved through compatibility coding?


Hi, Background videos are not supported on tablets or mobile devices, this is a restriction of the operating systems and not our theme.


Three issues with the theme.

1.) i wish to know how to slow down the text testimonials speed.

2.) The theme pixelates when we open it into mac or apple computer.

Hi, Please open a thread in this support forum about the testimonial issue:

For your other issue, I’ve tested your website in a Mac Book Pro with Retina display and I’m not seeing any pixelation. What exactly do you mean by this? Can you show me a screenshot or something?


Two issues with the theme.

1.) i wish to know how to slow down the text testimonials speed.

2.) The theme pixelates when we open it into mac or apple computer.


Two issues with the theme.

1.) i wish to know how to slow down the text testimonials speed.

2.) The theme pixelates when we open it into mac or apple computer.


Guys, what is the average time to reply?

Hi, I’ve replied to your other comment.

Is it possible to customize the wording that appears on the read more buttons if I am manually inserting them into blog posts?

Hello, please check this forum thread, I believe it should help you:

Thanks a lot for you work and support. Very professional ! Just take it !

Hi, thanks for the kind message. :)

Hello #Biftade. ^^ Always great theme when it was in hand it’s great !!! :) BUT Before I had my Shorcodes no more today ! They disapear in my toolbar Why !?

NB: And thank you for your professionalism. Here is my site Your theme responds very well to my expectations. French user; p

Highly your answer. Good continuation

Hi, Its probably due to an update to WordPress. Please download the latest version of the theme from your downloads page and update it. If you need instruction on how to update, see this thread in our support forums:

Hey, I can’t get a Vimeo video to play on the homepage (Youtube works fine). What is the fix for Vimeo? Thanks so much! :)

Hi, I’d checked the theme’s back end & Vimeo videos are not supported there only YouTube. This is why you are not able to select vimeo there, the theme’s back end filters out vimeo in that option because its not supported.

Where can I view all the page icons so I can visually see the icons and match them to their names?

Hi, This theme uses the font awesome icon font, you can see its content here:

Not all of those icons would be available because the font is being updated all the time with more icons, however the theme has a static copy, hence it would be missing the latest few additions.

dear all , i have already buy the html and the wordpress version of nervaq template. So I constract the first page with htlm version , but at the portofolio section at the square buttons I want to add external link (to the wordpress version),is this possible?

Please can you tell me the way ? Thank you very much .

and also how I can remove the little logo from the menu bar?

Hi, Unfortunately our support include very minor tweaks only, what you ask about the menu visibility is beyond the scope of the included support.

We can however, help you with the logo in the menu area. Past this css snippet into the Custom CSS field in the theme options panel to hide it. You’ll find this field here: Appearance>Theme Options>General:

nav#main-nav .nav-logo{

I purchased your NERVAQ theme and have set everything up. The only problem I am having is the Header is not working for the BLOG page. Could you please have a look and tell me what has gone wrong?

There is no background image being loaded in the header there, make sure you insert one in the blog page in WP admin. The logo is being loaded correctly in the header there but its white and hence can’t be seen.

We’ve loaded the background image and can view the featured image set in place and the settings are showing the homepage slideshow at the top. We’ve tried a second option which is set to not display a slideshow but just display a single image – but the image doesn’t render on the site in either option. What do you suggest? I can send you screen shots if you like?

Hi, Replied to your other comment.

Hi there – we are still not able to get the blog header image to display – see my earlier question. We can see the image in the admin, but when we publish it – nothing appears. Please help.


Please head over to our support forum for this theme, open a new thread about this issue and include a link to your page. We will need to take a look inside the theme admin. The following is instructions on how to post login details privately in our support forums:

Simply write your information into the post body as you would normally do. Then place the opening hide tag before your info, like this:


Then place the closing hide tag after your private info, like this:


All info contained inside the hide tags will only be visible to forum staff

Here is what you would type in your post:



username: admin

password: yourpass


Hi – we’ve done as instructed. I have not yet heard back. Any idea when we’ll get a reply? – thanks and regards

Hi, I’ve updated the forum thread. Thanks.

Hi, I have question… It is possible in this theme use separate images(or galleries) in parallax area for each section in page?

Hi, Unfortunately not, the only option is to choose transparent sections, which allow views through to the slider background component, seen in the splash section.

Hi. I registered to your own support system, but it is not very user friendly. I would like to know if there is any way I can move my Logo in the left side of the page and Link it to Home page? Also, would be such a better user experience, if the menu bar would have a more intuitive button where you can press, to make it go back. Also when i scroll down, the logo dissapears. That´s not very nice either. One more thing: when I scroll down, i wish there was an arrow to press to go up again, instead of clicking on the menu. The template is good – average good. This kind of changes would help a lot.

Hi, Use the “Post New Thread” button immediately below the banners, to post your issue(s) in the support forums here.

“Last Update 26 June 15” :(( Sounds like no one is going to take care about this?

Hi, That’s referring to feature based updates. We update all of our themes for compatibility with latest versions of WordPress. Some of them don’t require any updating where compatibility is concerned. Also if no bugs are found by our customers, we don’t need to update for those reason either. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.


Evakos Purchased

Is there any update pending for the theme. The UI in the page/post editor has been broken for sometime. It looks like it isn’t being updated regularly so it probably isn’t worth buying a support package.


Evakos Purchased

I tried a local install of the theme and you can’t select a Vimeo video. Could you confirm that is the case and if there is a fix.

Hi depending on your localhost, you may not be able to access some external api stuff, especially with the chrome browser. Once the theme is live, we would need to login and see the admin. Using our profile form here on envato market, send us your login info privately.


Evakos Purchased

Thanks Bitfade. I sent a mail, patiently awaiting a response.


I’ve just installed the demo content for the theme. There’s a lot of col shortcodes showing up when I go and edit the page. Which makes the whole layout a bit confusing to look at and edit.

Is it possible to use the col shortcodes with a content builder, so the layout will get a bit more structured, when I go to edit it?

Kind regards,


Hi, Unfortunately not, this is how a shortcode theme works, a builder based theme is fundamentally different – one can’t be connected to the other.