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Hi. I’m interested in purchasing the Ness theme – but I want to be sure that captions will display with the images in the galleries (such as the square gallery). In your demo, I don’t see captions. Thank you!

Hey Cmkridler,

Thanks very much for checking out Ness :)

And they definitely can have captions, I simply hadn’t added any. I added one to the image on the bottom left now:

Hope that is what you were after.

Thanks again!


Hi again. I see a caption when I roll over the image, but when I open/expand the image, I don’t see a caption. I am converting a site with a detailed photo log with long captions, so I need to be sure they will be displayed when the image is opened. Thank you.

Hey again,

Ah right! The lightbox used in Ness shows the “title” as the caption, I have edited that image in the media section and set the title to the same as the caption, and now it appears. If your images don’t have a title or it’s different to the caption and you need to show the caption, the only way is to disable Ness’ lightbox and install one that uses the caption. All images in Ness have a “cb-lightbox” class, so any lightbox can easily take over if it allows you to set the class to target.

Hope this helps.


Hi I love this theme only one quick question

How I change the colour of the caption background underneath the image to white?



Hey Becky,

Love that you love it :)

A new update was released a few hours ago that has some general improvements and really improves the gallery post type, so I recommend updating to it :)

Change a url with the caption and I’ll try to help out with it.


Thank you for responding so quickly!!!

Here is the link it is the second image down.

I want the background to be white not grey.

Thanks again


You’re welcome :)

Try adding this custom css to the theme options -> custom code -> Custom css box:

.alignleft .wp-caption-text, .alignright .wp-caption-text, .aligncenter .wp-caption-text {   background: #fff;}

Should do the trick :)


BGersie Purchased

Hello team, I’ve bought Ness and so far have been very happy with the support, friendliness and responsiveness of the team. However I have been stuck with a very urgent issue (all to do with core theme options) for almost 2 days now and I’ve had complete radio silence.

Hey BGersie,

Thanks for the kind words and for choosing Ness :)

Ah that is because the support is all carried out on the Ticksy platform, and their servers seem to be having issues that mean it isn’t possible to go on it. Right now I get a 504 gateway timeout http error when I try and go on it, so I can’t see or respond to any tickets (and you can’t submit new ones now either), until they fix it. The team behind Ticksy is working on it, so hopefully they patch it all up soon, once they do I’ll be able to answer you.



BGersie Purchased

Hi there. Thanks for updating me on that. Is it possible for you to help my from this thread as its pretty urgent now and is about key features on the site. My global feature image settings do not work, my set feature image for pages and posts does not work, and I am unable to set a cover image for the home page. This all should be done via the theme options quite easily but it simply does not work. I’ve installed latest theme, updated to latest WP, deactivated the few plugins I have and have removed all customisations (all were done via the CSS window within theme options, with the exception of tag manager quote, which I popped straight into the header but have now removed). I’ve also looked through these comments and support for answers but there’s nothing to help me, and I really need help! Your assistance would be much appreciated.

Well coincidentally Ticksy seems to be back up now! I answered your ticket, check it out.

Hey, fantastic theme! I was wondering how to get the unique navigation option in posts (percentage read, next/previous article) as I’m a technically inept and couldn’t find it in the documentation. Thanks)

Hey KT1234 :)

It’s all done in the theme options, just make sure the navigation menu is set to the slide in option, because the text menu takes up the space those options need to show.


Hello – Could you make this theme compatible with PhotoSwipe?

I had a look, but all I can see is the gallery opening in Ness lightbox, which is expected behaviour. If you disable the theme lightbox, does your other plugin open though, because you said “only 1 picture was shown”? And if you then activated TwentySixteen, does the gallery then work differently (work with photoswipe)?

Hi. I found the problem. The problem was different plugin – Tiled Galleries Carousel Without Jetpack. Now its working as expected but i must found a way to display gallery as before – nice tiled gallery. Sorry for bodering you. Greetings Wojtek

It’s no problem, happy you got to the bottom of it :)


ouestef Purchased

Hi Codetipi! Purchased your theme yesterday, very happy with it so far. One question though: the photos I upload which are then use for post headers and thumbnails for related posts are not very sharp… Is there an optimal size that works better when uploading them in Wordpress? Or any other way of getting sharper results? Thanks!

Hey again,

The overlay should actually be the same as the code affecting both is the same one:

#cb-featured-image .cb-link-overlay {  background: rgba(0,0,0,0.5); }

Try adding that to your custom css and decreasing the 0.5 value to something closer to 0 to make the overlay more transparent and you should see it affect both.



ouestef Purchased

Hi codetipi! Just realised I never thanked you for your latest reply last month… Sorry for that! And thanks!

I have another quick question. You mentioned in a previous comment that the theme does not support sub-headings in order to keep it as simple as possible.

Now I am trying to add this function with a third-party plugin (WP Subtitle), which requires me to add the php code <?php the_subtitle(); ?> in the template. I have looked in the different templates but can’t seem to find the right one.

If it is actually possible, where should I add the line if I want the sub-heading to appear under the title in a post page?

Thank you for your time!

Hey Ouestef,

You’re welcome :) And I’m actually considering adding support for a subtitle (like I did in my Fotomag theme that’s also here on Themeforest).

It might work out of the box though already, have you tried this one: ?


Hi, I want to change the spacing between h3 elements, between “Likes” and “SHARE THIS ARTICLE” and “Facebook Pinterest” etc, and then between “TAGS” & “RELATED ARTICLES”, etc.

I also want to change the h3 font size.

Can you tell me how to change this in the custom code? Thanks much!

I had a look, and do you want to change the big slider titles to look like the ones below? because if so, the css to only target those titles would be this:

#cb-hp-slider .slides li .cb-meta-data .cb-post-title { 


And add your custom css rules in there, I recommend only changing the font-weight and things like that in that bit of code. To change the actual font-size, to keep it responsive (55px is way too massive on mobile), I recommend adding this independently of the above code as well:

@media only screen and (min-width: 1200px) {
#cb-hp-slider .slides li .cb-meta-data .cb-post-title { 
 font-size: 55px; 

That will only make laptops/desktops use that size.

Hope this helps.

Formerly Cubell :)

I will give it a shot. Thanks a ton.

You’re welcome :)


abcmark Purchased

I bought this theme in 2014 and had some tickets solved. Now I cant find them anymore in the new support site? Where can I find my older (private) tickets?

Ah yes, if your theme support has expired, then yes you do need to renew it to ask for support. This is due to Themeforest introducing a “support system” to all products some time ago, and we authors have to abide by them I’m afraid to say.

Thank you. I am not going to buy a renew support licence for just one old question that already has been solved. :(

It’s not up to us authors though, we abide by Themeforest’s rules. What was the question though? If it’s very simple, I may be able to advise you here.

how to get sticky header as a regular size?

Hey Flobidouze,

I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you mean by regular size. Could you please share your URL and a screenshot of what you mean to try to understand better? Thanks.


Hi there! A beautiful theme, exactly what I was looking for. One question, does it work with multiple languages? I use polylang plugin, was the theme tested with it? In no, is it possible to to have a trial for the theme?

Hey Alexanderpopkov,

Thanks very much for the kind words and interest in Ness :)

I installed the plugin on the local demo site, and I spent about 10 minutes playing around with it (I’ve never used that plugin before), and it seems to work. I created two languages, made a post have two versions (one for each language) and when you go on the language url ( then only that post appeared, so I think it works fine. That is the extent of my testing so I can’t guarantee it 100%, but if the plugin works well in TwentySixteen theme, then it should work in Ness the same.

And I’m afraid there are no trials or similar functionality for any themes on Themeforest.

Hope this helps.


Hello, I have a problem. I am using your template, which is very beautiful. Unfortunately, very often attack me viruses, Trojans (about 50 per month!). The owners hosting drew my attention to the fact that it is the fault of the page, which allows for the entry of the virus. I do not at this time purchased SUPPORT, but the case is so serious that I hope for help. Regards Szymon

Hi Syzmon,

I’m sorry to hear your site is experiencing attacks, but the theme is very lightweight and uses WordPress’ system for all potentially vulnerable systems, such as the comment system. So it is VERY unlikely it is something in the theme.

Hacking is usually done automatically by bots that scan thousands of sites for known vulnerabilities. If you are on a shared hosting, it could even be that another site that is sharing the same computer as your site, got infected and the virus spread to all sites on the system.

Vulnerabilities are also much more likely in plugins that control complex aspects of your site. Most big plugins are constantly being updated as new exploits are discovered, for example, the last update to W3 Total Cache included a security patch to fix a XSS vulnerability.

And this plugin has over a million installations. You can look at the changelog as an example of my point:

Lots of security fixes in the recent updates. The same probably applies to all big plugins so you need to keep them updated. So first thing to do is check all your plugins are good ones and up to date.

If your site constantly gets hacked, it means your hosting is likely not cleaning up the infection completely, make sure they do that and then slim your site down by cutting down on plugins and updating the ones you keep.

Hope this helps.


Hello. I’m interested in buying your theme and i’d like to know please if he have the following tools and characteristics:

- Fullscreen Masonry homepage layout (including buttons) - Blog - Shop - Google fonts - Visual composer (or drag and drop plugin) - Parallax - Embed Video and player (in every page)

Kind regards Balin.

Hey Balin,

Thanks for the interest in Ness. Sure thing:

1- Ness does’t have a fullscreen masonry homepage.
2- The theme itself is a blog.
3- You can use WooCommerce plugin to add a shop.
4- Yes, the theme uses Google fonts that you set in Theme Options -> Typography.
5- Ness is a lightweight theme, and has a anti-bloat nature, so plugins like Visual Composer do not fit into this approach and is not included. The theme is well written though so you can use that plugin if you want to.
6- Yes, your posts can have a parallax featured image:
7- You can embed YouTube/Vimeo videos with no problem into your post or page content areas.

Hope this helps.


​I want to update theme manually, but afraid that can loose all customization of theme.

How I can update theme through my web server and not to loose my settings. Please, help.

I didnt find the answer in your documentation.

Hey there,

Thanks for choosing Ness, hope you’ve enjoyed using it :)

It really depends on what type of customizations. Have you edited the code of PHP or Javascript files? Or have you just set up all the theme options, added custom css to the custom css box in the theme options, etc?

If you have edited actual php files, then I’m afraid updating will mean you will lose those changes because when you update a theme, all the files get replaced with the files from the updated theme.

If you haven’t edited PHP/JS files, then go to Appearance -> Themes and activate any another theme, then click on Ness theme and delete it from your site. Now click on “add new” and install the latest Ness version.

You won’t lose the theme options settings or posts settings, because all that stuff is stored in the database, and it doesn’t get touched if you delete the theme.

Hope this helps.