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Hi. I’m interested in purchasing the Ness theme – but I want to be sure that captions will display with the images in the galleries (such as the square gallery). In your demo, I don’t see captions. Thank you!

Hey Cmkridler,

Thanks very much for checking out Ness :)

And they definitely can have captions, I simply hadn’t added any. I added one to the image on the bottom left now:

Hope that is what you were after.

Thanks again!


Hi again. I see a caption when I roll over the image, but when I open/expand the image, I don’t see a caption. I am converting a site with a detailed photo log with long captions, so I need to be sure they will be displayed when the image is opened. Thank you.

Hey again,

Ah right! The lightbox used in Ness shows the “title” as the caption, I have edited that image in the media section and set the title to the same as the caption, and now it appears. If your images don’t have a title or it’s different to the caption and you need to show the caption, the only way is to disable Ness’ lightbox and install one that uses the caption. All images in Ness have a “cb-lightbox” class, so any lightbox can easily take over if it allows you to set the class to target.

Hope this helps.


Hi I love this theme only one quick question

How I change the colour of the caption background underneath the image to white?



Hey Becky,

Love that you love it :)

A new update was released a few hours ago that has some general improvements and really improves the gallery post type, so I recommend updating to it :)

Change a url with the caption and I’ll try to help out with it.


Thank you for responding so quickly!!!

Here is the link it is the second image down.

I want the background to be white not grey.

Thanks again


You’re welcome :)

Try adding this custom css to the theme options -> custom code -> Custom css box:

.alignleft .wp-caption-text, .alignright .wp-caption-text, .aligncenter .wp-caption-text {   background: #fff;}

Should do the trick :)


BGersie Purchased

Hello team, I’ve bought Ness and so far have been very happy with the support, friendliness and responsiveness of the team. However I have been stuck with a very urgent issue (all to do with core theme options) for almost 2 days now and I’ve had complete radio silence.

Hey BGersie,

Thanks for the kind words and for choosing Ness :)

Ah that is because the support is all carried out on the Ticksy platform, and their servers seem to be having issues that mean it isn’t possible to go on it. Right now I get a 504 gateway timeout http error when I try and go on it, so I can’t see or respond to any tickets (and you can’t submit new ones now either), until they fix it. The team behind Ticksy is working on it, so hopefully they patch it all up soon, once they do I’ll be able to answer you.



BGersie Purchased

Hi there. Thanks for updating me on that. Is it possible for you to help my from this thread as its pretty urgent now and is about key features on the site. My global feature image settings do not work, my set feature image for pages and posts does not work, and I am unable to set a cover image for the home page. This all should be done via the theme options quite easily but it simply does not work. I’ve installed latest theme, updated to latest WP, deactivated the few plugins I have and have removed all customisations (all were done via the CSS window within theme options, with the exception of tag manager quote, which I popped straight into the header but have now removed). I’ve also looked through these comments and support for answers but there’s nothing to help me, and I really need help! Your assistance would be much appreciated.

Well coincidentally Ticksy seems to be back up now! I answered your ticket, check it out.

Hey, fantastic theme! I was wondering how to get the unique navigation option in posts (percentage read, next/previous article) as I’m a technically inept and couldn’t find it in the documentation. Thanks)

Hey KT1234 :)

It’s all done in the theme options, just make sure the navigation menu is set to the slide in option, because the text menu takes up the space those options need to show.


Hello – Could you make this theme compatible with PhotoSwipe?

Hi My url is Now plugin is active but not working. Thanks

Sure thing, but can you give me an exact url of a post where the photoswipe is setup and should be working? Have you tried turning the Ness lightbox off? you can turn it off in Theme Options -> General.

Hi For example In the bottom of the page is gallery. Plugin is active but is no working. I was trying turning Ness lightbox off but in this case was no slideshow – only 1 picture was shown