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Hi Cubell,

Great theme, thanks for all the hard work!

I noticed the other day that when I use the Lazy Load plugin, it causes any items after the initial 6 posts to appear without the feature image on the splash page. Do you have any recommendations on a similar plugin that doesn’t conflict with the Ness post feature on the homepage?



Hi again,

Ah I see what you mean! Can you try to edit core.php in Ness/library and look for this:

if ( ! function_exists( 'cb_parallax' ) ) {
    function cb_parallax() {
        if ( is_single() ) {
And change it to:
if ( ! function_exists( 'cb_parallax' ) ) {
    function cb_parallax() {
        if ( is_singular() ) {
See if that fixes it all :)


That did the trick! Do I need to do anything similar if I want to use the slideshow or Full Screen options, or should this one trick allow the images to work in any format?

That’s good to hear :) and it should all be fixed, let me know if it isn’t.

Hi Cubell,

I bought you’re Ness 1.3 and i really love it! great work.

Well though i have 2 questions for you hope you can help1

1- is there any chance i can adjust the white border thickness of the thumbnails on the category page’s? i really want them to be a bit smaller

2- i have a vector logo whith transperay background and it works fine as a PNG file but the resolution not so good, i uploaded a normal as well as a retina double the size! is there any chance i can upload other files as PNG as a vector, when is zoom at a retina screen it still looks crapy

thanks for the help!

grz Marnix

Hey again,

Can you share a URL to check it out? The truth is, WordPress creates a 1400px wide thumbnail for the theme to use there, so it is likely what you see is the intended image. Are you using an ultra high resolution screen by any chance (retina)?


Hey Again,

Here is an example:

Yes i am using a retina display but it looks also crappy on a normal screen, no matter if i upload a high resolution image or a smaller one it ’’zooms’’ or scale’s it. It doesn’t happen on a normal background image on a page, only the category page featured image.

Thanks again grz Marnix

Hey again,

I had a look and that indeed does look pixelated! But it is definitely because the image used is 1100px wide, that isn’t very big! This is the original image:

Try uploading a 1400px + width version and it’ll look like the demo site does :)


Hi Cubell, I have come across an issue that I just can’t figure out. It seems another user – lashimmer touched on this about 5 months ago, however I don’t have the technical experience to replicate his solution. The issue is that feature images are not appearing on my pages. There is no issues on posts or categories, however pages specifically are giving me only the grey bar no matter what setup or image style that I use. I have determined that there isn’t a plugin issue and I’ve even tried uploading a fresh style.css all to no avail.

Any help would be great.


Hi K,

I’m sorry to hear that, but I’m afraid support can only be provided for confirmed buyers, can you please login with the account you purchased the theme with to ask the question or register in the support system: and I’ll do my best to help you.


Hi guys! I really like this theme and I’m pretty sure I’ll get it soon for my blog. I wanted to know wether you have example of how Disqus integrates itself in your design. I mean visually of course :).

Hi Madebykarl,

Thanks very much for the kind words and for getting Ness, I hope you enjoy using it :)

Even though you probably have seen it already, but Disqus comments when used simply replace the WordPress comment system and is visually the default Disqus design :)



tro4130 Purchased

Hi, I love this theme and have used it for a site but am having issues with the footer for mobile. The footer area seems to not respond to mobile and stays very large causing horizontal scrolling. Is there a quick fix I am missing? I have removed widgets and plugins but still see the issue.

Hey Tro4130,

Thanks for choosing Ness, your site looks fantastic, great job :)

I had a look and it’s because you have added this CSS code to your site:

.wrap {
    max-width: 1120px;
    min-width: 900px;

That isn’t from the theme and is causing the site to be non-responsive, as it is making the footer be 900 pixels in width (and phones are maximum around 480 pixels in width).

Try wrapping it in responsive css:

@media only screen and (min-width: 1020px) {
.wrap {    max-width: 1120px;     min-width: 900px; }

Hope this helps.



tro4130 Purchased

Thank you very much for the compliment and the help!

You are very welcome :)

Hi Cubell,

I have a little question,

Is it possible to change the line height (spacing) of the H2 section? i changed the font size but the space is to big now.

Thanks for the help

grz Marnix

Ah I see! I wouldn’t recommend editing the stylesheet, instead, add your custom CSS to the Theme Options -> Custom Code -> Custom CSS box, and that will load on top of the stylesheet and take priority.

Hope this helps.


Hi Cubell,

Thanks for the reply.

I will change the font size and line height for H2 in the stylesheet but can you help me what code i have to put there? To change the fonts size and line height of H2!

Thanks again!

You’re welcome :)

You could try by adding this custom CSS to the custom css box in the theme options:

h2 { font-size: 10px !important; line-height: 15px !important; }

Hope this helps.


Hi Cubell, we’re now running this theme on our new online mag. It look great at the mo and a great basis for a few things we’re adding ourselves. Quick question, is it possible to have a blog layout where one post is 100% width, followed by two posts next to each other at 50% each, and then 100% again…a bit like the Ink theme demo by Codestag but obviously not full screen? Thanks

Hey Smallredgorilla,

That’s great to hear, hope you enjoy it for a long time :) But I’m afraid that blog style is not an option, and to create it would require a big customization! Sorry I can’t be more helpful on this one!


Righto, no worries. We have an option B which is just a few CSS tweaks and will look just as awesome. Just echoing @jagadishsr below with a problem showing related articles, I forgot to say. We only wanted two related showing, but when two is selected 3 show instead, so we’ve set it to 3 so it shows 4 and is more balanced. If you select only 1 to show however, it displays 1 which is odd compared to the above. Also the excerpt option on related posts doesn’t work, although we’ve chosen not to use it anyway…just to let you know :)

Thanks for that! I will be looking at the related posts and try to figure out what exactly is going on! Thanks again :)

Hi Cubell,

We are happy to have Ness theme. Initially we purchased INK theme and tried to replicate it as Airbnb’s Blog as my Colleague wanted it to look exactly like the same. Then when I went through the source code was surprised to see that no special plugins were used and a theme of the same style is available in the name of NESS. Gosh, we got you. That’s the small story behind our Blog.

Blog URL :

Well, small things to be sorted out. Will provide as a list.

. The logo needs to be centered (only the main logo, not the scolled down one, it can be left aligned as the previous, next posts come on the center) . In the home page & category pages, thumbnails of the posts create an empty space. The selected layout is 2 columns and while scrolling down it creates one blank space. Unable to figure it out . Related articles appearing in the bottom of each post has to display only 2 posts, but showing 3 instead. . Content spacing sometimes seems to be much. Is there a way to standardize this? . The homepage does not display the Title but displays the URL itself. . Trying to give a background for the footer like our main Site But the image is not visible properly. . It may not be the theme’s fault. But when we browse the Site some external URL is loading which makes the Site very slow. Can you throw some light on this?

Thanks again for a great theme. Love the Read % feature.


Hey Jagadishsr,

Ness isn’t a theme in the same style as AirBnb’s blog, AirBnb’s blog site is actually using Ness as their theme :)

And thanks for the kind words and for getting Ness too :)

1- I’m afraid this isn’t really possible as the header is coded to have the logo on the left to allow for the read progress to appear in the middle of it (when you scroll, the sticky one is literally the same code of the one that loads above images).

2- If you go to Settings -> Reading, make sure you are set to show 10 posts, not 9.

3- There is an option in the theme options to set how many related posts to show, try decreasing it there.

4- The footer background is set to use CSS cover, and because your footer is the height it is, CSS renders it like that. There isn’t anything the theme can do about that as that is how CSS cover renders it. The only way to change it is to make the footer shorter by editing/remove widgets that you have there.

5- What do you mean by external URL loading? Because the theme follows WordPress best coding practices and doesn’t load anything external.

Hope this helps.


Quick question. The homepage cover image is too dark? How to make it appear normal/lighter? I tried copy and pasting the custom CSS you gave for making the slider lighter but I’m not using the slider. Only the homepage cover image.

I appreciate your help…

Hey again,

Try adding this custom CSS as well to change the cover:

.cb-cover .backstretch img { opacity: 1; }

Should do the trick :)


Perfect. That worked. Thanks!!

You’re welcome :)

is there a way to change the size of the youtube videos to a 16:9 aspect ratio ? They are displayed with black borders on the side. Check this as an example

Hey Kidszrevil,

Thanks again for choosing Ness :)

After looking into it, I have managed to achieve that actually. Copy/paste this custom CSS code into your custom CSS box in the theme option and see if it helps:

.cb-media-embed #cb-media-embed-url  {padding-bottom: 45%;    height: 0;    width: 80%;    position: relative;    margin: 0 auto;    top: 50%;    transform: translateY(-50%); }
.cb-media-embed #cb-media-embed-url iframe, .cb-media-embed #cb-media-embed-url video, .cb-media-embed #cb-media-embed-url audio { height: 100%;    width: 100%;      left: 0;   position: absolute;    top: auto;    margin-left: auto;}

Hope it helps :)



tadah Purchased

hi~ Cubell, I have a question, Is this theme has dummy files or any manual guide for setting?

Hey Tadah,

Thanks for choosing Ness, I hope you enjoy using it :)

Yes, the theme comes with dummy files and documentation, you can see the documentation online too here: and it has a section about how to import dummy data.

Hope this helps.


Hi Cubell,

I have the following question:

Can i set the container of 1 particular page to max width? not al page’s but just one.

I have a map which go’s the 100% width but it stops where the container stops and i want it over the whole page width

Here the URL :

Hope you can help, thanks again!

Grz Marnix

Hi Marnix,

I understand, but that is completely different, special unique code was written to make that possible for images, but it can’t be applied to other elements, the only way would be to write extra code targeting Google Maps code, but that is potentially a big customization job and requires lots of testing/tweaking to get right.


Hi Cubell,

Okay , but i don’t use google maps, i use a plugin with short code, is there any code i can use to try that? it is a simple short code plugin

Hey again,

I understand, but a shortcode is simply a bit of code that executes other code, and no matter what the other code is, it will be bound by the limits of the width of the content area, unless there is special code written to target that specific code. Due to the way WordPress works, it isn’t easy/possible to do it without custom Javascript code.



Congrats for your work, this theme is so simple and sophisticated at the same time :) I have one question with embedded FB video player that I wish to display on top of posts.

On the front side it is not centered (whereas the Youtube player is automatically centered) On the admin side, here’s what I insert : I don’t know how to center this player… Thanks a lot for your help! Thomas

Hey Jonatlang75,

Thanks for choosing Ness an for the kind words :)

I have never used Facebook embed video before, so it must be loading special code. Can you share the URL of that post to take a look and see if I can help?


Hi! Thanks for your reply, here is one page for example Thanks for your help, Thomas

I replied on your ticket in the support system for this :)

Can you tell me how to activate The Read Progress bar? Thank you!

Also, how can I add a new menu-section with more articles in ? Like

I succeeded. :) My question to you is : Is there the possibility of to put 3-4 languages? I don’t want an absolutely translator. I want only version of , , etc. The francais version will show an article there only if I will post an article in spanish (to select the language when I’m posting or something like that).

Another way is to duplicate the wp on another folders: /italiano , /espanol etc and to redirect then ?

Take a look at ; I would like to have English, Spanish, French and Italian.


Hey Magheralex,

I answered your tickets in the support, hopefully I was able to help :)


Hi there! I wrote a comment on another of your theme pages about how much I love Ness :)

By the way congratulations about using Ness for their blog area, how fabulous!

I just have a couple of clarification requests before I proceed if you have a few moments?

1)I know you said in your other reply that woocommerce now formats correctly within Ness. Do you have any example sites or client sites that use this so I can see how it looks?

2) I’m pretty sure that I saw that one can have a normal header menu if we need it?

3) For the home page, I’d like it to be like the chrome home page a bit, the one with a big image, small menu, and when you create an account it greets you by name and asks what do you want to do today?

I know this will require customisation.

I just want to make sure that there is nothing in the theme that would prevent this being done?

I want people to sign up for an account on my wordpress site, then it will greet them by name as long as they stay logged in, and ask them a different question. Then a field they can fill in. I then want their answer to be displayed for x amount of time.

i think it will look fab with this theme but I just want to make sure nothing will prevent this type of work. (do you do customisation on your themes for an extra fee?)

Sorry for all the questions. I’m just too excited about the possibilities!

Warmest Regards to you

Hey Heardworld,

Thanks so much for all the kind words :) And thanks very much again – I was really happy to see Ness on AirBnb :)

1- I’m afraid not, I haven’t asked permission from any users to show it. But if you install WooCommerce in TwentySixteen (Default WordPress theme) that is how it will look in terms of style, just in Ness’ width/theme general styling.

2- Yeah, there is an option to have a standard text menu appear in the header, but just in case you are also wondering, when you do that, because it takes up space on the menu, the progress bar/next previous design features that show in the sticky menu when scrolling down a post don’t output.

3- That sounds like specific and potentially quite a bit of code needed to be written to do that! I am unfortunately not available for freelance work, so I’d recommend you check on Envato Studio (site run by the same people who run Themeforest) for a developer, and any good developer should be able to code anything you want up, so there would be nothing stopping him from customizing the theme to work that way.

And don’t be sorry for the questions! I’m happy to answer, so if you have any more questions, shoot away :)

Thanks again!


Hi Cubbel,

I have a question about the integrated lightbox,

I always worked with tilled gallery’s as you explained :

- The theme only uses the WordPress gallery, and for the tiled/circle galleries, you do it by installing JetPack and enabling the tiled galleries module (free plugin), and it will look like it does in the demo site.

- You’re welcome. If they are opening in a new page, double-check your gallery settings, the link option should be to “media file”, if set to that, they should open in Ness’ integrated lightbox. If not, share the exact url of the relevant post to take a look.

And it always worked till now, i think because of an update of Jetpack, i did deactivated already doesn’t work. The image’s are not opening in theintergraded lightbox anymore as you can see here :

Please help!


Grz Marnix.

Hey Marnixnln,

Hope you’re well :) I had a look at the post and the lightbox seems to be working well, have you disabled your w3 cache plugin or reset it to default settings? Because I was going to say that if you have minify options active, it might need tweaking to ensure it does it properly, but it’s quite complex this way and depends on your actual server type. However, I’d recommend installing bwp minify plugin or maybe autoptimizer instead if you really want minify :)


Hi Cubbel,

Thanks for the response, yes i fixt it by now by turning off Browser cache in W3 total cache. So not the minify. Do you now which setting it could be in browser cache? And do you recommend to turn minify off?

Thanks grz Marnix.

Ah I see! I’m afraid I don’t know exactly what setting it could be, as it really depends on your actual hosting server. That is why they are turned off by default, you need to look through the cache plugin documentation and then adjust settings according to your server setup to set it properly and not have issues.

Hi Cubell,

This is a presale question.

1.- Can I place a right sidebar widget in pages or posts?

2.- Can I build a page with my own content and not with a list of categories, author posts or contact page? I would like to use a blank Wordpress simple page to insert my own content with a right or left sidebar.

3.- Can I place in homepage a full screen gallery not linked to a post?

Thanks in advance for your answer,

Best regards, Javier Olona

Hi Javier,

Thanks for the interest in Ness :)

1- Yes, inside each post you can set a sidebar to be on the right/left/no sidebar. But this isn’t an option for pages I’m afraid.

2- You can definitely use WordPress pages and insert your own content, if you can get the content to output as you wish when using the default theme (TwentySixteen), it’ll work the same in Ness.

3- No, the slider shown on the demo site is coded to show posts, you would need to customize the theme code or try installing something like Revolution Slider plugin to add a slider inside a custom page.

Hope this info is useful.


How do I add a background image to a ‘Page’ like your Contact Page.. We’ve added a featured image but its still not working. The ‘backstretch’ class isnt even appearing in our page source?


FYI. I have added a background image class to the ‘featured-image’ div for a quick fix. but need to be able to change these per post.

look at this link –

Hey Esthetik,

I just created a new page to test, and all I do is set a featured image and publish and it looks like that (the featured image style is set to “Full Screen” option. Is that exactly what you did? If so, try disabling all plugins (and refreshing cache plugins) in case one of them me be interfering,