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Hi, this theme will be update? Because i want purchase it but last update 16 September 2016. Thanks

Hey Gerardo,

Yes, Ness will 100% get an update. The Codetipi release pipeline includes Ness v2, Fotomag v2, 15Zine v4 and Valenti v6 :)



i have a presale question. the theme doesn’t update for over 2 years, does is work with future wp versions like 5.0 support php 7.2 and will updated in the near future?

thx for answer

Hey Dq-8,

Thanks for checking out Ness :)

The theme hasn’t been updated because it is currently still working well :)

The theme does work on PHP 7, and there will 100% be a new update to make sure it’s working on latest WordPress and PHP 7.2. The new update is in the Codetipi release pipeline so hopefully will be completed and released in early 2019.


Hi! First of all, thank you for your work! I have a problem regarding the home page. I can create a slideshow with my posts (exactly like in the demo), but I can’t find a way to display the posts as an image gallery. To be more explicit: let’s say that the home page slider is the first section; if you scroll it, you have multiple posts grouped in 2 columns (“Tiled Gallery”, “Post With Pagination”, etc.). After these 2 section is the footer. So, what settings did I missed? Because the second section is missing for me. I hope that I was clear enough! Thank you!

Yes, that was the solution! I just needed one more post. Thank you for time!

Happy to hear that, you’re welcome :)


hadfang Purchased

Hey ! Thanks for the amazing theme. Though, will it be updated soon for WP5 ? Second question, it seems that de Typography section of the Ness customization page doesn’t affect anything on the style of the articles I am writing. Could you thing of a reason for that ? Best :)

Hey Hadfang,

Thanks for the kind words and for choosing Ness :)

Yes, the theme will definitely receive an update in the future, however, the theme should work fine on WordPress 5, what issue are you having with it there? Regarding the typography, can you share the url of a post and point out what isn’t working exactly?



hadfang Purchased

Hey ! I will definitely wait for the update :). Regarding my issue, turns out that I forgot to deactivate Elementor plugin. It seems that articles created with Elementor are not affected by the typography setting inside Ness. Everything seems to be good now. Thanks !

Sounds good and happy you found the cause :) Elementor has its own font settings so that would be why in that case.

I purchased the theme in 2017 and haven’t needed to update my website since 2018. I went in today and wasn’t able to update any content. Each time I try to save changes I get an “Updating Failed” notification. Are you aware of this issue? Is there a way to fix it? I’d love to continue using the theme if possible.

Hey there,

I’m not sure that the theme would be the cause of that. Have you tried disabling all plugins and trying again to see if perhaps it’s actually a plugin? Are all your plugins + WordPress core up to date?


Thank you! I installed the Classic Editor plugin and the theme now works again.

Ah perfect, happy it’s all good :)

For this theme: I had support in the first period: just purchased template. Very satisfied with the service. Now after 5 months, I have opened a ticket. But I haven’t answered for days, even if I have responded quickly. I see other tickets open in their assistance system where they answer in about 20 minutes. I will wait for this answer to understand how to evaluate my review for the template.

Hey Andrea,

Happy to hear that :) I just had a look and you’ve received answers to all your tickets now, hope they help!


Hello there,

We just purchased the theme and we were hoping the demo content includes the images. Is there a way we can install/get all the content exactly like the demo including the images?

We found the demo XML file from the download and imported it but there is no image included.

Hey Eaccelera,

Thanks for choosing Ness, I hope you enjoy using it.

Some of the images uses in Ness have had licenses purchased, and these licenses do not allow for redistribution of images, that’s why no images are included. However, you can easily set nice free images to the posts by installing this free plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/instant-images/

Hope this helps.