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Hi, very good template! Are there any plans to add support for internationalization?

Kind regards,


Hello Francesco.

Thanks for your words and for buying our theme.

As this is an HTML template you will need to replicate the pages and translate the content to have the site in different languages. Then create a link in each one to each different language.

Best regards.

hey guys i was wondering if you had considered including some sort of simple photo gallery page. a way to popup a single image or multiple images from thumbnails. love the “back to top” addition! cheers rob

Hi Rob.

Unfortunately we are not planning to add a lightbox to the theme in the near future. Although if we have more requests for this feature we might consider implement it and we will let you know.

Thanks again for your purchase. :)

Best regards.

Hello Rob,

Just to let you know that we have implemented a gallery page with lightbox. The update is in the queue and should be available within 24h. Stay tuned to download it :).

While you wait you can check it here: http://leaftree.pt/nestor/gallery.html

Best regards

Hey, I really like this template, but i noticed that the slider on the Home Alternative (http://leaftree.pt/nestor/index-2.html) doesn’t look like it should on mobile devices, while the other two do work. Can we expect a fix for this? Because this is the one I want to use on my site, but before I can use it it has to be mobile friendly.

Kind regards

Hello dear customer,

Just to let you know that we released an update that fixes the second slider for mobile. Please go check the demo. In order to get it just download the theme again a replace the style.css file with the new one.

Best regards, leaftree

Wow, thanks for the fast fix, I really appreciate it :)

You are welcome! :)

Hi, I just purchased this theme thinking fully it was a wordpress theme! DOH! Do you know if anyone has turned this into a wordpress theme at all or do you have a beta that I could start using? Or can I return the purchase? I really need it to be wordpress compatible! thanks.


Unfortunately, this theme you bought is not the WordPress version, like you already noticed. But you can find the WordPress here: http://themeforest.net/item/nestor-responsive-wordpress-theme/7855137

About the return of the purchase, we cannot make such things, you will need to talk directly with Envato and explain the situation and ask for a refund.

Let us know if you need further help.

Best regards, leaftree

Thanks a lot, this is the exact layout I was looking in a theme. Like Rob, I am also interested in a lightbox gallery page, let us know if you plan on adding one.

Hello dear customer,

Just to let you know that we finished implementing the lightbox as requested by you and other clients. The update is in the queue and you can watch it live here: http://leaftree.pt/nestor/gallery.html

Stay tuned for the update which might be available within 24h :).

Best regards

Wow! You guys are great, Thanks a lot!!!

Hello dear customer,

Thank you for your words :). We hope it serves your purposes.

Best regards

Just read the answer to my questions above!!! Thanks!!


Thank you a lot for the purchase.

In order for us to help you the best is to send us an email through our contact form on ThemeForest: http://themeforest.net/user/leaftree#contact

To add a glass icon you have the ionicons font that comes with the theme: http://ionicons.com/

There is a new version available that the theme doesn’t have, however the glass icons are still the same.

About your second question, you can add a “title” property to the “a” tag with the venobox class with a short description about the image.

Send us an email if you need further help.

Best regards, leaftree

Thank you so much for the info and the update!

No need to say thank you. We hope you enjoy working with the theme :).

Best regards, leaftree

Hello, I downloaded the theme and when I tried to install on my wordpress this message appeared: the theme have problems on the style.css.

Can you help me?


Hello Karina.

This theme is built in HTML, you can find the WordPress version of it here: http://themeforest.net/item/nestor-responsive-wordpress-theme/7855137

Obrigado. :)

Cool one, good luck;

Thank you! :)

Hi. 2 questions. 1) If possible, I’d like to move the button from the center of the home page slider to the bottom right? (see screenshot below) 2) I’d like to reduce the height of the home page slider. Where would I do that (See screenshot)


Hello Corey.

As it doesn’t appear the purchase badge on your message we want to make sure what version of the theme did you buy, because there is a WP version from another author. Did you buy the HTML version of Nestor?

Best regards, leaftree

Hi, I did buy the Wordpress version. I didn’t realize I chose the HTML5 version to leave my message. I’ll go leave the message there.

No problem. Thanks for purchasing Nestor. :)

Best regards.

Hi guys, thank you very much for html Nestor. If you ever come to Russia, Saint-Petersburg, you can stay at my place and you’ll have unlimited free vodka.

By the way, how does one change the charset in “gDescription” (description of the landmarker on google map fragment) in app.js?

Thanks in advance.

Hello dear customer.

We don’t have plans to visit Russia in the near future, although we will keep your contact and get in touch with you if we visit that wonderful country! :) Also we will offer you a bottle of our best portuguese wine. ( Thanks for the best comment ever! :) )

Now, back to business, we have no idea on how to change the charset for google maps but we will have a look at the google maps api and let you know if we find something.

Best regards

Hi again.

We inserted russian characters on the gDescription and everything worked fine.

As side note, we found that you can change the google maps options language if you import the script this way on the contact.php file: maps.google.com/maps/api/js?sensor=false&language=ru-RU

Although this didn’t have any impact on the description characters as they worked fine without this modification.

Let us know your thoughts and if you need further help please send us an email using the profile page contact form: http://themeforest.net/user/leaftree#contact

Best regards.

Hi there! Last week russian characters in ‘gDescription’ turned to hieroglyphs when the landmark was clicked. Today it works fine. Tested several other languages – everything is displayed correctly. No idea what was that due to, but now there’s no need to worry.

Thanks again. Regards.

Hi, I’ve got “Paged Result” turned on on my projects page, and I have it set to only show 6 projects. I have 8 projects loaded into my projects page total, and there is no pagination showing up underneath to navigate to the other projects? What should I do?


Unfortunately we can’t verify you as a customer of the Nestor HTML version. What version did you buy?

If you bought the Drupal version and you are looking for support send us an email using our contact form here on themeforest: http://themeforest.net/user/leaftree#contact

If you bought the WordPress version please contact bitfade: http://themeforest.net/item/nestor-responsive-wordpress-theme/7855137

Best regards, leaftree

Good Evening, I noticed that when I click on the mobile version of the menu and select one of the items with a sub-menu, the dotted line above my selection turns blue regardless of the color scheme I’m using. Is there any way to fix this so it doesn’t change colors at all? Thanks in advance!

Hello dear customer,

To solve that problem you will need to open the style.css file and under the line 992 you will find the following code:
border-top: 1px dotted #cdcdcd;

Replace it with the following:
border-top: 1px dotted #cdcdcd !important;

After this you shall end up with no issues. As a further reference, if you have more support questions please use our contact form: http://themeforest.net/user/leaftree#contact

Best regards,

When it comes with mega menu i will buy i give u to 7 days to add this features if you can not add i will buy stability. because stability comes with mega menu but one thing i consider the nestor design is very well great design. thanks it comes with stiky header, gallery but mega menu is less. i hope you will replay me.. :)

Hello. Thanks for your interest.

Unfortunately we are not planning to implement mega menu in the theme, so maybe the best option for you is to go with other theme.

Best regards, leaftree

Thanks your templates are really good, keep it up. thanks again for quick response.

Thanks a lot for your words. :)

Nice theme!

Any plans to add masonry to blog / gallery and portfolio?

If so I’ll make a purchase :-)

Hello James,

Thank you for your interest but unfortunately we are not planing to release that feature on Nestor.

Best regards, leaftree

No worries. You have any other templates with masonry built in?

Hello again James,

No, unfortunately we don’t have any template with masonry built in.

Best regards, leaftree

hi! i really enjoy your template, thanks a lot for the great work. at the moment, one index shows up a slider, another index shows the parallax effect. is there a way to combine both “worlds”, a slideshow with parallax effect?

if so, please let me know how :-)

best wishes, lorenz

Hello Lorenz.

Thanks for your purchase.

We didn’t include that feature on the theme, although with a little work on the html and css you can achieve it. In order for us to help you on what to do, can you please send us a message through our profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/leaftree#contact ?

Also, for future reference, all support question are answered via email.

Thanks again and we are looking forward for your email.

Best regards.


How do you create a secondary navigation. Currently you just have one dropdown, I need it to dropdown again, can this happen?


Hello dear customer,

First of all, thank you for the purchase.

For future reference, we do not give support through the comments section, for support on the item you have to send us an email using the contact form here on ThemeForest: http://themeforest.net/user/leaftree#contact

Now, since you already asked here we will answer you here too :). Bootstrap in its latest release removed the multilevel menu functionality, so by default it is not possible to have that. To accomplish a multilevel menu you will have to change the Bootstrap or redefine it using the style.css. So far, there is not a perfect solution but take a look at this one (it is for WordPress but the techniques are there): http://www.jeffmould.com/2014/01/09/responsive-multi-level-bootstrap-menu/

We hope it solves your issue.

Again, thank you for the purchase.

Best regards,

I face a little gap in this template that is very very bad. in mobile or tablet the footer elements ( 3 columns ) has a very huge gap that’s looks very bad. if you have any solution.


Thanks for your contact. As the “purchase” badge is not showing on your profile name we are not sure if you bought the HTML version of the theme. Maybe you bought the Wordpress version which is made by another author: http://themeforest.net/user/bitfade

Let us know your thoughts.

hi, thanks for this nice piece of work. my client noticed, that there is a problem with the “Bitter” font – it is not shown correctly at some Windows 7 PCs. Even at your demo at http://leaftree.pt/nestor/ , the font is not embedded. times new roman is there the font shown. this problem occurs also using google chrome, but, not on every computer. do you know what causes this problem? best wishes, lorenz

Hello lorenz,

First of all, thank you for your words and purchase.

The issue you are reporting is very odd, and we can’t replicate it. We don’t have windows computers here but we will try to replicate the issue and if we do we will let you know, but so far both on Chrome, Safari and Firefox we are unable to do it.

Sorry if we can’t be more specific about it.

Also, as a side note, we don’t deal with support questions here in the comments section. If you need further help please contact us using the support tab: http://themeforest.net/item/nestor-responsive-html5-template/7222691/support

Again, we will try to replicate the issue and if we succeed we will let you know.

Best regards,