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nice template, GLWS! ;)

Thanks linethemes! :)

Really really nice work! I love it very much! Clear and clever!! ;)

Thanks for your words, we appreciate it! :)

Thank you.

Thanks drupalet! :)

Very nice looking template. GLWS!

Thanks meatless :).

nice template, GLWS :)

Thank you AliA.

Great!Good luck :)

Thank you :)

Nice work, congrats ;)

Thanks navigator!


UoB Purchased

how can i plug it into WP website ?! :)


Thank you for your purchase.

This theme is not a WordPress theme and unfortunately at this time we are not planning to launch it to that platform. If you want, you can convert the template to WordPress for your personal use.

Again, thank you for your purchase.

Best regards


UoB Purchased

thank you ..

YES! I’ve been waiting for another amazing theme from you guys! Great Job (:

Thank you Alec! :)

Why no pricing table??

Hello Peter!

You can see pricing tables and other elements on the “Elements” page: http://leaftree.pt/nestor/page-elements.html

Thanks for your comment.

Best regards.

Hey guys, nice template. One question, planning on a sticky menu?

Hello again pixelsign.

We have good news. :) We already implemented the sticky header and we will release an update with it during this week.

Stay tuned. ;)

Best regards.

Thank you! Purchased it and I love it. Gonna wait for the updates :)

Hello again pixelsign,

Just to let you know that we updated the theme and you can find the sticky header on the features menu.

You can download the update :).

Best regards

Is there a way to make this theme boxed too? I only want the index full screen and all the sub pages boxed.


First of all, thank you for the purchase.

We also received an email from you and we already answered your question there.

Best regards, leaftree

Hello James,

We would like to inform you that we implemented the boxed version and the update is in the queue for approval. You can check again tomorrow and download the new version with other new features.

Best regards, leaftree

Beautiful theme, excellent presentation and outstanding support. I cannot recommend these guys enough.

Hi Rob!

Thanks a lot for your kind words, it means a lot to us. We are glad that you enjoy working with the theme. :)

Best regards


Nice template! I just purchased it and find it easy to work with. However I have one questions:

1) I started with the index.html but decided I wanted the sticky header, so I copy-pased in the code in the <header> seaction from the file header-3.html. However, the header is not sticky as I expected. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks, Marit

Hello Marit!

First of all thanks a lot for your purchase and words on our theme.

About your question, if you want to make the header to stick in the top of the page you just need to import two lines on the javascript, and you don’t need to change the <header> section as it is the same for the two versions. If you go to the “Sticky Header” title inside the “Customization” section of the documentation you will find the steps to achieve this.

If you need further support on this please contact us using the contact form on our profile page.

Best regards and thanks again.

Thanks :)

One more question: How do I turn of the automatic rotation of the text on the first hero-image?

Best regards, Marit

Hi again Marit.

To prevent the slider to start automatically you will need to change a property in the flexslider function on the app.js file.
Go to line 16 of this file and you will see the flexslider function applied to the .flex-bullet-slider, inside this function add the property:

slideshow: false;

If you need further help please send us a message through the contact form on our profile page on ThemeForest: http://themeforest.net/user/leaftree#contact

Best regards.

1) Where can I find the two lines of javascript that makes the header sticky?

2) Also, I added the slideshow: false to the js file, but the slideshow is still running.

Hello again Marit,

It is strange that the slider is still running automatically, it shouldn’t since that is the proper way to configure it. Can you send us the link to the website using our contact form here on ThemeForest? We usually use the email system to give support to our customers since it is better and faster for us to interact and solve the problems: http://themeforest.net/user/leaftree#contact

About the sticky, you have that information in the documentation under the section “Customization -> Sticky Header”. Don’t forget to download the latest version of Nestor, since we implemented it recently.

Best regards

Really nice work, i have a question, its easy to modify the css for menu and the slider to look like this?


if its easy i ‘ll buy thanks!

Hello Adam.

Thank you for the interest in our theme.

Unfortunately we don’t think that you will achieve that look very easily, it would take much work on the CSS and you would have to deeply change the slider or buy a premium one.
Of course, it is possible to change Nestor to look that way but we are afraid that you would have to put a considerable amount of time on doing the changes comparing with working with other themes that have a more similar aspect on the header/slider.

We would love to have you as a customer but we need to give you an honest answer.

Let us know if you have further doubts and good luck finding the best theme to suit your needs.

Best regards.

Thanks for the response, i really appreciate it.

Hi there, nice work with this template, is this template compatible with fullPage script or jquery singlePageNav script?

I really love the template and I’m going to buy it anyway, but I need it one page style, if you can help me with it, will be great :)


hey, thanks a lot, im gonna try right now (I’ll keep you up to date if works)

hey there! I forgot to tell you before, I made it, if you want I can upload the files :)

Hello Besotico.

It is nice to know that you could make it! :)

At this time we are not considering a one page version for Nestor but if we do in the future we will let you know. ;) Thanks a lot for thinking about sharing with us, we highly appreciate it!

We hope you enjoy working with the theme and thanks for your purchase.

Best regards.


I was wondering how I could change the Google Maps position on the contact page? I can’t find where the coordinates come from.

Best regards, Marit

Hello Marit.

You will have to change the coordinates in the app.js file. Please, go to the documentation and under the “Customization” section you will find the “Google Maps” subsection with the steps to change it.

If you have doubts please contact us using the contact form under our profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/leaftree#contact

Thanks for your purchase.

Best regards.

Nice template, the developper is very fast to answer in case of problem.

Thank you so much for your comment Sébastien! :)