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Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our item!

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Hi, is there a way to add a simple nav to the top with links to a few pages?

Hi; This is a full theme. See the inner pages on the demo. It has the menu and everything.

$25 for a landing page? way too expensive.

This is a full theme. See the demo. It has all the standard features … but the primary usage is as a landing page.

thanks alot! I missed that. I see it now…Also, what font did you use in the logo? Is that a free one?

Yes, it’s a free font (Dosis). The PSD is included with the theme.

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When looking at the site on my android 2.3, it works great! I wanted to know if you could embed a video in the main site slider as well as the mobile version? I didn’t see that in the CMS

Great to hear that!

As for the video – remove the slider and put the video “on the Mac screen” or put videos instead of images? Either way …. not build in at the moment but 10 lines of code …. contact our support if you need that done.

Slider is shown in some mobile versions. On the smallest ones it’s not. So if a video is put in it would scale to a certain point.

Can I make the Home Page like a normal home page with navigation, etc and create a number of landing pages in subdirectories?

“Classic” version of the home page is planned for the next update. Creating multiple landing pages … I’ll have to ask the devs but I don’t see it in the todo file.

I clicked on the middle of the laptop image and it then displayed as a theme. Great deal! I bet the price goes up.. Thanks A lot! :D

:) we knew people needed some “inner” pages so we decided to expand the landing page to a full theme.

Thank you for purchasing!

Absolutly super sonic install!! and looks exactly as advertised :D You gotta real winner here buddy, Thanks again

Glad you like it! Thank you for purchasing!

I love the live theme customizer. Is that available on all themes on CodeCanyon?

Afraid not. Most have custom coded theme options that don’t have a live, side-to-side preview.

Awesome work WF, Good luck with sales!

Peter Zickler..

Thank you Peter!

nice work GLWS :)


Hi, please upload some screenshots of the admin panel, and the fonts , colors, backgrounds and all styling and formatting options. Thanks

Why screenshots? :) Open the demo, click “customize the theme” and test all the admin options with live preview.

Why not show screenshots for your customers ? :)

I like the theme, and tried the customizer but many things are not clear: Fonts available, fonts sizes and colors, layout customization of the homepage, having a video instead of the homepage slider etc….

Let me know, Thanks

There’s no option for changing fonts nor font size or color. All color/BG options are visible in the theme customizer. As for the home page layout – apart from the options available in the customizer you can add/remove any section you want because each section is just a normal WP page. So you can have 1 or 10 … and place any content in it. Video in slider will be available in the next update, in a couple of days.

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I see, well if each section is a simple wordpress page that may be interesting.

I need only a video instead of the slider (no slider at all), would that be possible ?

And if we could have a demo with responsive videos on the pages that would be great. Thanks for the comment advice, didn’t notice it before :)

Video support is coming up first thing next week (till then you can change 3 lines of HTML … and just put it in).

This landing page is GREAT ! I give it 5 Enthusiastic Stars! You get a lot of bang for the buck with this one, support is top notch and I am excited to see that video options will be in the next update. I am looking forward to seeing your future WP Landing Pages. Thanks WebFactory!

Thank you very much for those kind words!

Very good work! Good luck with sales :)


have complete dummy content?

Yes. With 1 click you can make your site look like the demo by importing all of its content.

I am having trouble getting changes to the theme to actually populate the site- they show when I’m logged in and editing but not when I’m logged out or on any other browser. Any ideas how to over come that? I’m using Google Chrome, I will try something else in the meantime. Thanks.

Hi, thank you for purchasing. Sorry to hear you’re having problems.

Please contact our support via email with your site details (URL, WP username/password). We can’t provide support via comments.

Is there a demo with the new features (video and fonts) ? Thanks

All options are available in the demo under “customize the theme” button, fonts and video as well.

Congrats for the quick update. I tried to upload a video with your recommended heigh (320), and a 100 % width to have the video responsive but here is how it looks like: http://awesomescreenshot.com/08banu8c9

when I select a 450px width it’s better but the video is not responsive with a fixed width.

Any Suggestion ? Could upload a video ideally sized just to check ?

Would that be possible to have the video playing inside the tabled or the pc image, that would be great.

Thanks for your pre-purchase support !

Video is not responsive because the slider is not as well; it’s hidden on smaller screens. Future updates may address that issue as well as enable putting videos in the slider but we can’t give any dates at this moment.

Thanks. In the meantime, Is it possible to have the video placed in the same position where the laptop image is located ? http://awesomescreenshot.com/0efapndc6 Now there is a too big empty space between the left text and the video check it out: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0c4apnu4e


Video is right aligned in order to accommodate wide aspect ratio videos. There’s no option for that but you can change 1-2 lines in the CSS …