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Would you provide that css support for buyers, to make the video more centered without that big empty space ?

No, the scope of our support doesn’t cover that (full ToS).

What a pity, the theme is great looking, but from a marketing standpoint videos on header convert usually more than sliders : and having an unprofessional looking video with a big empty space really spoils the theme.

Anyway, congratulations for the rest of the theme because it’s really original and very stylish.

Thank you.

Hi Chaps!

Loving your work but have a couple of annoying niggles…

The “tablet” slider holder doesn’t seem to work the same as the laptop (eg. vanishing) on iPhone displays or vertical iPad. It kinda morphs into the stone from 2001 A Space Odyssey and fills the screen.

And the “hoverable” stuff disappears too on iPhone and vertical iPad. Such a shame as by the nature of where it is on the page it’s the most important section for readers?

Were you aware of these issues?

Cheers guys,


Hi thank you for purchasing!

Product features were removed from the smallest screens because they were simply too tiny. We’re also not happy with that but until we customize it so that it supports touch screens and can fit such a small width it’ll stay hidden.

We’ll have a look at the tablet issue and issue a fix ASAP if it applicable. If you have any further issues please contact our support via email ‘cause we can’t provide technical support via comments.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

Would be great to get the Product Features on the mobile site, even if it’s just the text, otherwise I can see me having to double up on the main site just so I can get my message across on a mobile device.

I’m pretty sure on the tablet, laptop holder is fine though.

Thanks, great theme! Any other issues and I’ll email.


You’re welcome!

Devs say they’ve identified the tablet issue and will push an update ASAP .

Hi There,

Trying to get this slider to work but nothing displays… could you post an ‘idiots guide’??

Ashley @ Creative Toffee

Hi, thank you for purchasing. Sorry to hear you’re having problems.

Please contact our support via email with your site details (URL, WP username/password). We can’t provide support via comments.

Great landing page theme! I tested the demo with video instead of slider. Can you change position/size of video without any problem?

Will you integrated Aweber subscription form in coming release? Support for language/translation ready?

v1.2 is waiting approval. It’s translation ready and has an option to align the video.

Just bought it! Thanks for the updates with language and the video :)

Thank you for purchasing!

If you run into any problems please don’t hesitate to contact our support via email.

Hi, the issue with Google Chrome has problems rendering images in the slider. On the first page loads ok, but when you move the mouse cursor on the articles of the showcase, the pictures come out from the frame of the slider staggering all over the header of the page. Are you aware of this bug? The same problem occurs with your demo on Envato.

Hi, thank you for purchasing.

That bug has been fixed in v1.1 so please be sure to force refresh in order to load the new CSS . If the problem persists outside of the demo please contact our support via email.

hi, thanks for the swift response, but I already solved by resizing the images to 417×268. If I post images larger the error occurs anyway, and I must point out that I bought yesterday his theme so I have the latest version … But now I have a new problem. Android 4.0.4 on ICS on my Samsung Galaxy S3 my website as you see in the screenshot attached, how can you? http://www.radiolifestyle.it/community/images/photos/Screenshot_2012-07-21-15-08-04.png http://www.radiolifestyle.it/community/images/photos/Screenshot_2012-07-21-15-08-31.png

An update to solve that issue will be uploaded shortly.

As already staded – please contact our support via email for any issues. This is NOT the place to get support.

How is it possible to add text over the video ?

When will be the next update with a more centered video ?


Hi, thank you for purchasing.

Please contact our support via email. We can’t provide support via comments.

I really love this theme….just wondering if there is a way to integrate other autoresponders?

Not a fan of MailChimp, is there a way to use Aweber?


Hi; Aweber integration is planned for a future update. Unfortunately can’t give you any dates. Sorry.

This landing page theme is great and also the fantastic support from WebFactory! I give it 5 Stars!

Keep up the good work :)

Thanks WebFactory!

You’re welcome. Glad you like it!

Going to purchase but wanted to know if there is an option to display the blog on the main menu. I seen a page for comments, but I’d like to know if there is a traditional blog page that lists entries that link off…

good work

Hi; Yes there are “archive” pages, ie: http://netix-wp.webfactoryltd.com/category/blog/

How do you change the favicon?

Hi, thank you for purchasing.

Replace the favicon.ico file in /netix/images/. Please send all further support request via email. We can’t provide support via comments. Thank you.

The social media icons in the footer are not working (not in the live preview and not in my purchased version). It just keeps showing a twitter icon with no link and a spinning loading circle. Any thoughts?

Hi, thank you for purchasing. Sorry to hear you’re having problems.

Please contact our support via email with your site details (URL, WP username/password). We can’t provide support via comments.

As for the live preview – I can’t see any problems. Twitter feed is showing 1 tweet and the social icons are in the footer (their links are not configured …. it’s just a blank link).

How hard is to customize the header image (laptop and computer)? Is it simply a background image?

Yes it’s just an image.

Ive been testing the theme, and I really like its look.

The main problem is that in mobile devices, the slider, video or image on the header disappears.

That lack of responsiveness for the totality of the header is the main issue of this theme

2 Questions:

1-Any possibility to add a responsive slider or a responsive image on the header instead of the non-responsive laptop image or the non-responsive video alternative ?

2-Is this responsiveness issue of the header identical in the html version of this theme, or is te responsive in html ?

Thanks for your help

HTML version has the same responsive template so it wont make and difference. We’ll add your request to the wish-list and see how complicated it is to do.

Thanks ! Netix is probably the best looking landing page wp template on envato.

Before buying, the only doubt I had was about the header responsiveness.

So hopefully a new feature like that, and a good iphone experience would boost sales and give netix the top ranking it deserves.

Good luck and thanks !

Thank you!

This theme is BEAUTIFUL ! And a steal at $25!

Request, would it possible in future updates to have the video play in the laptop screen like the slider does?

Hi, glad you like it!

Yes, that’s planned for a future upgrade.

how hard is it to just put an image in the main slider area? (no computer or tablet) We’d like to use this: http://codecanyon.net/item/hotspot-map-wp-powerful-annotations-tooltips/2826664 in the hero spot.

Slides are pulled from a category you select but I find it easier to remove that part of the template all together than to modify the PHP loop.

ok. will purchase this weekend and give it a whirl!

Glad to hear that :)

Love this theme, almost done with my site. One question: what folder are the icons in? Would like to replace an icon with a similiar one.

Hi, thank you for purchasing!

The theme uses font icons so you can’t change an individual icon.

Thanks for the quick reply. Any way I could get a FourSquare and a Wordpress font icon uploaded? Thanks again…

I doubt it but check out the original font, maybe there’s something helpful there – http://fortawesome.github.com/Font-Awesome/

hi ! could you please tell us when the next update is planned with the responsive header project ? (In general terms of weeks or months) Thanks !

Hi, sorry we can’t give you any dates.

If using the “archive” page as a blog will it display a preview of a featured image or a video from each post on the “archive” page? I couldn’t tell from the demo.


Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

Yes, a featured image is shown on all archive type (categories, tags, ..) pages. As for the video – that depends on the way you insert it in the post.

hi love this theme. im trying to edit the “Join our newsletter via integrated MailChimp newsletter subscription” section. how do i do this? i want to remove “mailchimp” part at least.

thanks juzz

Hi, thank you for purchasing. Sorry to hear you’re having problems.

Please contact our support via email with your site details (URL, WP username/password). We can’t provide support via comments.

We’d also kindly ask you to read the provided item’s documentation. In most cases it will help you resolve the issue in matter of minutes.