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Looks absolutely stunning! Good luck with sales!

Thank you!

All the elements are very well designed and it looks perfect in my mobile as well. ood work

Thank you!!

Good luck with sales :)

Thanks drupalet!

Really nice!GLWS :)

Thanks themerox!

Thank you!


Hi! Love the theme, currently converting it to WordPress. The “Pending Tasks” menu seems to be sitting behind the solid color panels, any ideas? http://security.emc2innovation.com/

emcniece—caught that. Can you check preview you against your version? May just need to email you updated file.

Got it – updated css/bootstrap-overrides.css, menu is fixed. Thanks!

Perfect. Please let me know if I can help with anything else.

Do you happen to have any screenshots on the dashboard using the horizontal nav layout?

Looking into it now.

I have resolved the issue. The problem is that /js/script.js NEEDS to come BEFORE /js/chart-data.js

Thanks for looking into this anyhow.

Forgot to post back! Thank you for sharing. Please let me know how else I can help you.

With all due respect, I love your theme and would like to purchase it but you’re making a mistake in pricing it at $21. Envato lets you make deposits only in $20 increments and to purchase your theme, assuming you’re not in need of anything else (as I am) then the purchase is essentially $40 to the user, not $21. This is making me look at other themes. Please reconsider repricing your theme to a standard amount. Thanks.

Hi! I wish I had control over the sale price, but Envato makes that decision, not the seller. Good luck with your search.

This theme is well worth $21, great job!

Thank you!! :)

Hello, I like this theme but can I display table rows line-by-line when they the appear on small resolutions like this example: http://acmdemo.deadpixelstudio.co.uk/clients ? (Try to resize or use your mobile to see how it looks and table rows are displayed in separate lines)

Hi! Thanks for the feedback—I will take a look and post update.

I thought there were new updates… the gallery, timeline and the weather widget on the dashboard… Where are these in the demo, am i missing something?

Nope - update hasn’t been completed yet - still working out some kinks in the color picker. You’ll know it’s been updated when it says v1.3 in the preview file.

im waiting the 1.3v to purchase it, whats the ETA?

Hi there, working out the final kinks in the color picker. Wish I could give you a firm date. I’ll update you when I can.

Hello, Amazing dashboard, how hard is it to add a admin dashboard to an HTML site?

Also how hard is it to add this template to a wordpress dashboard..sorry if these are stupid questions I admit Im a noob.

Also its a little jerky in the demo in my Firefox, is it just me?

Hi Jai—It is not just you, sllide ups/downs are jerky. Close to releasing next update which will have these smoothed out. Unfortunately I do not know the answer to your first two questions.

Beautiful theme! Can’t wait til 1.3! :)

Great news! Thanks man!

James—it’s posted.

Got it and love it. Thanks again!


I love your work have a project i would like to get started on! are you available for hire?

Please email me at slickgfx@gmail.com

Regards, Alex

Thought I’d come by and say, for a second time, that I love this template. Thanks again.

Hey! Thanks so much! Feedback in any capacity is very welcome. Either here or sent to info@yoktemplates.com

Nice and classy;


Are you considering making this an Angular theme?

Hi James—Not anytime soon. Thanks for the inquiry

Good Afternoon,

Has this theme for wordpress? he has included the financial district as well?

Hey there! Theme is not available as WP. Let me know if you have any other questions.