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does this work with worpress?

hi trmslan,

like other admin templates here it’s just a basic html template. You will need to convert it to a wordpress theme for it to work with wordpress.

I should bought if it got a better table and form.



is there a possibility for<div class="widget collapsible" /> to init it as a closed widget to expand?

It’s a great template! Thanks for it!

R. Daniel

You can add “widget collapsible collapsed” as the class and on global.js add this inside the $(document).ready function:

$(”.widget.collapsed > section”).hide().prev().find(’.widget-collapse’).removeClass(‘widget-collapse’).addClass(‘widget-expand’);

Thanks for purchasing!

How to convert to a Wordpress template?

Could you add some of those awesome buttons from NeueAdminII to this template? i really miss them ;-)

how does the js validation work?

in chrome it works automaticly, firefox it doesnt work here… :-(

Hi Bartolo,

I’ve included a fix for this for IE/Firefox. You can download the updated package and just use the latest index.html for the login. Cheers!

Great template. I am buying it as soon as the bank transfers money to my debit card :)

Purchased this template yesterday and the form validation does not seem to work in firefox. I noticed you updated the package a month ago because of this issue but it still does not seem to be working for me. Any ideas?

Tried it on Firefox 4

Please add novalidate attribute to the form. e.g. < form name=”myform” novalidate > This should fix the jquery validator on firefox 4.

Thanks, that now works great :)

Can we use this template in order to skin a web application we plan to sell through Themeforest?

Yes as long as you buy an extended license which entitles you to resell the template as part of another package on the marketplace.

I have integrated your template in a Grails application. Everything has worked exactly as described.

I am looking for a way to change the width of a widget. I have the following:

Is there a way to force this widget to be 30% of the web page? Or, is there perhaps a guide to the grid layout. I am NOT a great CSS programmer, so I may just be confused as to the best way to use grids.

Thank you.

Is there a fluid width version of this theme?


I purchased your template and is very good, but I have problems with tables and ie8. Specifically with paginate and sortable tabledate. The IE8 slows down a lot to collapse.

With firefox, google chrome, and other browsers (even with IE9 ) works well and is very fast.

Can you help?

Is it allowed to remove the copyright in footer

Yes, your free to remove it.

I am trying to click on, “Users” inside the Admin menu but nothing happens. How can I view this?