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I called up the demo on my phone and it showed the full version. It didn’t resize for the phone. When I resize a browser window it “responds” and shows the mobile version.

This issue has been resolved. Please check out the demo again. Thanks for letting us know!

You’re welcome. Looks really good. Like this theme a lot.

Looks a good template. congratulations! :)

Wow, looks amazing – fantastic job! GLWS!

Hi, I am new to concrete5, I installed the system version 5.6.1 and then upgraded it to, I installed the Neuron theme as per the documentation. Everything is fine but when I try to configure the slider it works fine, but the if I try to click on the navigation it hide the images and as I have selected 3 images it shows only one dot at the bottom. Second thing is when I try to install default data for the same theme it doesn’t do anything and shows a blank page after few minutes of loading.

Please help if you understand anything.

My installation is local so I don’t have anything to show now.

Can you please create a ticket here: and paste the info above in the ticket. You’ll probably need to publish a remote version of the site for us to look at in order to resolve this issue.

Thanks for your purchase!

Got it!!

We just need to add images separately into the header rotator :)

Ok, great! I will disregard the ticket you created. Let us know if you have any other questions. Please remember to rate the file when you get a chance.

Very nice theme. How do I setup what page should be shown in the top navigation? I have a few pages I need to be shown in the top menu, others to be shown in the footer navigation.

To create a main menu item create a page that is located directly under the Home page in the sitemap. Make sure that you don’t have any “exclude from nav” attributes added to that page.

Good job. Looks great.

Can I get a few samples of what the backend is like or a admin user and password. I want to see what it looks like and how simple it is.

Hey CrowlJor, just thought I’d answer your question for you. If you go to and look at some sample videos on there, you can see how the backend works, as this theme uses concrete5.

Thanks for the helpful info!

How to change white background image to custom one?

We just uploaded an update to the theme that adds a couple custom styles (including the main background color). Once the file is approved (should only take a day or so) you can download from your downloads page and update your theme.

We will make notes on updating once it’s available.

Once you have updated navigate to Dashboard > Pages & Themes > Themes > Neuron > Customize. There you will see an option to change the main background color.

Thanks so much! it will be very helpful, will it by chance have a select image option? I love your work, it is the best! 5*

Thanks for the compliments! Unfortunately, it wont have the ability to upload/select an image in the new options. But, the new options page does give you the ability to add your own custom css, so you could use that to modify or add any custom css you want to the theme.


I got a German website here: FX-Trading & Research

My questions are: 1) I have many HTML-snippets. Will it work with this template? 2) Is this template fast enough? Is concrete5 generally faster than Wordpress? 3) What about SEO? Good enough?

Many thanks.

Best regards,


If you are new to Concrete5 I would suggest watching the intro video on and looking around at other pages on the site to get a bit of a feel of how it works.

Concrete5 does has an HTML block, which you can add to the site and add your own HTML snippets. This is a default ability of Concrete5

I believe the template is fast enough. Be sure you make use of the page cache and other caches that Concrete5 provides, and also make sure to optimize all images on your site. I think WordPress and Concrete can be very similar for page loads, but again, much of this has to do with setting up your page caches and optimizing your images. Also there may be differences in load times just based on your hosting setup. But, in general, if you think the demo site loads fine for you there shouldn’t be much difference when you actually host a Concrete5 site with our Neuron theme.

There isn’t anything built into the theme that provides extra SEO, but Concrete5 provides some basic things, and I believe there are extra plugins to enhance SEO, though we have no experience with them.

Hi digitalscience,

thank you very much. I will upload Concrete5 on my server and do some tests.However, this is a really very nice template. I should buy it:-).

Best regards, sdo2399

I see the theme has been updated. I have version 1.0.1. Could you point me in the update notes direction? thanks!


1. Download and extract the latest files from ThemeForest 2. Replace your current “packages/theme_neuron” directory with the new “theme_neuron” folder 3. Log into your C5 Dashboard 4. Click on the “Extend Concrete5 > Update” link in the Dashboard drop down menu. 5. You should then be taken to a screen letting you know there is an update available 6. Select the button to update the theme.

Let us know if you have any issues with this process. Thanks!

looks nice!;

So I purchased this theme this past day and am a lot confused about the block structure. Each page has the 3 main blocks that the theme sets

Content Top
Content Bottom

Well that’s all fine and good but they are effectively doubled and repeat whatever is added into each of these areas. So any block that is added into them is repeated immediately after the block and mirrored. What is the purpose of this and how can that be disabled? Or at the very least not SHOW the mirrored content on the live site.

In short trying to put Block A in “add to main”. Proceed to add the block and configure it however it needs to be etc. Save. View the page. The block displays twice. Obviously…. it only needs to be displayed once. There is no way to edit the bottom portion of the “add to main” area and if I try and move that portion of the blocks content when it is repeated it gives me some error “cannot move scrapook something or other” or it just moves the whole block all together to whichever new area I dragged it to and repeats it there. Tried a few fresh installs. Is there a specific version i need to be using of concrete5?

So installing the theme without the GRID framework causes an error to appear on the pages that use it. I commented out the page that handles the display and… magically nothing repeats itself so I guess for now this is a workaround.


JoeMC Author Team

Thanks for letting us know about this issue. We have resolved these issues and uploaded a new version. Hopefully the update will get through the review queue quickly. I will post a response as soon as I see that it’s available.

The new version now also allows you to use C5 Layouts without having to completely disable the Grid package. You still can not have both a responsive grid block added to the screen and use C5 layouts at the same time (in the same area), but you can now choose to use one or the other for any area that allows the responsive grid blocks.

Will this be updated to the latest C5 upgrade?

There seems to be a pretty big rewrite of some of their core things going on.

And any chance you’re going to do Domino in a C5 theme also?

As of right now we are not planning on updating Neuron to Concrete5 5.7. It does sound like a major upgrade with many changes… and I haven’t had a chance to even check out the latest version. Once I do check it out I’ll have a better understanding of what a theme update would entail.

We don’t have any plans on making Domino a C5 theme, but it’s always a possibility… It really just depends on how much free time I have. I would like to build a few more C5 themes in the future, though.

I’ve successfully connected to twitter and received the api key, but the twitter block will not display any tweets. I cleared the cache multiple times, but it still doesn’t seem to work. Can you please give me some pointers?

I have one other small CSS issue…when I use the ‘mtphr-title-sep’ class it’s putting the dotted background behind the text instead of stopping next to it. It’s doing it in the footer as well.

It seems it was a problem caused by the Showbiz product teaser addon. Is there a simple way to override the css so that it doesn’t mess with the Neuron design?

I’m sure there is some way to override it. Could you provide a link to your site where this is happening so I can take a look at the source code? I should be able to figure out a css snippet for you to use to fix this issue.

Dear Sir, I purchased your thema but by mistake I have read that it is only compatible with concrete 5.6.x and unfortunately does not work with my concrete 5.7.x I already configured. Please you can cancel my order?

Any and all refunds need to go through Envato support, as individual authors don’t have the capability to do this. I do have plans on updating this theme to work with the latest version of Concrete5, but I honestly can’t say when I’ll be able to get around to it.

Hi there, how do I get the our portfolio widget like is shown on your demo page?

You need to add a Page List block to the Main area and set the Custom Template of the block to “Neuron Page List 4 Column Grid”.

Also, take a look in your main downloads package from ThemeForest, in the documentation/layouts folder. There are layouts for each page, including 11_portfolio.png

Hopefully this will help you out. Thanks for your purchase!

Brilliant! Thank you very much! Love this theme by the way!

  • Nevermind, I found it!

When I go to the login screen on a mobile device, I get a Neuron themed login page, which is brilliant! However, when I visit on a desktop or full website experience I get the default Concrete5 login. How do I apply the Neuron theme to the full site experience, not just mobile?