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Ok that worked, now I am wondering i have set up categories in the members area . Is there a way, I sure there is, to specify that only specific category shows on certain pages. For instance John Doe is on committee a with 6 others and Jane Smith is on committee b with 44 others can i just show who is in committee a on one page and B on another?

Also i like the original layout and theme but is there a way to add some color to the start white background?

Finally, there are no images for the team and I do not see a place to add them …. please advise

• You can display member category groups by using the Default page template on your page and using the following shortcode in your content:

[mtphr_members_archive categories="sponsors"]

Change sponsors to the slug of your category. You can also show multiple categories using commas to separate them (sponsors,workers,testers).

• Use the Featured Image link on the edit page to set images for your members

• The only way to change the background color is by CSS:

body > .wrapper { background: #AECDFF; }

Add this to Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Settings > Style & Layouts > Additional CSS

in the sample for slider you use the following code…[post_slider title=”Site pages” type=”page” order=”date”] how do i customize it to show the members?

Use “mtphr_member” for the type instead of “page”

Is it possible to add a second navigation bar to specific pages and if so how?

You could add a secondary navigation in the sidebar by using the Custom Menu widget in the sidebar. Use the WooSidebars plugin to create a unique sidebar for your page

Hi! Is it possible to change the background of the pages from white to an image? If so, please help me do this. Thanks!

You would need to add this via css (in the Theme Settings > Styles tab)

body > .wrapper {
background: url(path to your image here);

How do i add my own logo to site? Or can i add my own custom header?

Upload your logo on the Appearance > Theme Settings page.

Is there a way to make the logo a little larger height and width without the navigation popping up to the top of the menu container?

You need to add extra css (in the theme settings) to get the layout you want. Feel free to create a ticket if you need more direction.

Excellent theme and excellent support. Modern, flexible and cutting-edge. I recommend it.

Hi there, I like your theme and thinking of purchasing them. but I am wondering if I can increase the height of the slider.

Yes, you can.

I’ve create a Page for the site home page. I’d like to remove the grey header bar from this page, while leaving it for the inner pages.

How can I do this?

If neccessary, I’m able to edit the code in page templates.

Add the following css to Appearance > Theme Settings > Style & Layouts > Additional CSS:

.home #page-header { display:none; }

Hi I have problems with layer slider. I can not configure it correctly. my web a hug

ups…..ok disabled. sorry

It looks like you have some permission issues on your directories/files on your server. I’m seeing a bunch of 403 errors in the developer tools:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden)
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden)
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden)
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

YES !!! fuck dreamweaver…... change set permission when upload files using FTP… Great support !!!!! thanx

Hello, I would like to know how to put the layerslider only on the first page (home) or at least be able to put smaller in the other pages. thanks

You almost got it, but you have the Slider added to a Page Header widget and not the Header Rotator widget. If you have created a custom widget using the woo sidebars, you’ll need to go in and select the Header Rotator widget as the widget area to replace.

Ok !!!!! Great theme !!! Fantastic support !!!!!

This is a stylish, well thought out, brilliantly supported theme, and has been a pleasure to adapt.

I have two questions that I hope you can help with:

1 – is it possible to use manual excerpts in post blocks? I currently have them displaying in archive pages, but not post blocks.

2 – what is the best way to hide the post author?


1. I will check on the manual excerpt issue, and make an update to the Metaphor Shortcodes plugin.

2. You will need to install and activate the child theme that came with your download (since you’ll need to make a modification to theme files). Within the “functions.php” file of the child theme add that following:

function neuron_entry_meta_top() {
    <p class="entry-meta entry-meta-top">
        $meta_order = array( 'date', 'categories' );

        foreach( $meta_order as $meta ) {

            switch( $meta ) {

                case 'author':
                    // Show the author
                    echo '<span class="entry-author entry-utility">';
                    $prefix = 'By: ';
                    $author_link = get_the_author_link();
                    printf( __( '<span class="%1$s">%2$s</span> %3$s', 'neuron' ), 'entry-utility-prep', $prefix, $author_link );
                    echo '</span> ';

                case 'date':
                    // Show the date
                    echo '<span class="entry-date  entry-utility">';
                    $prefix = 'Date: ';
                    $date = get_the_time( get_option('date_format') );
                    printf( __( '<span class="%1$s">%2$s</span> %3$s', 'neuron' ), 'entry-utility-prep', $prefix, $date );
                    echo '</span> ';

                case 'categories':
                    // Show the categories
                    $categories_list = get_the_category_list( __( ', ', 'neuron' ) );
                    if ( $categories_list ) {
                        echo '<span class="entry-cats entry-utility">';
                        $prefix = 'Categories:';
                        printf( __( '<span class="%1$s">%2$s</span> %3$s', 'neuron' ), 'entry-utility-prep', $prefix, $categories_list );
                        echo '</span> ';

Also, after activating the child theme you will need to go to your menus page and select your menu as the main menu again.

Let me know if you have any questions on this.

Worked a treat! Many thanks for awesome support as usual.

I wonder whether, for your next update, you would consider a categories widget for Members, like the one you have for the Gallery Archive page header.

Great! Glad to help.

We will make a note of the Member category filter as a possible update in the future.

I need to add the alt tag to logo header image. How can i do? Thanks


JoeMC Author Team

The best way to do this for now is to install and activate the child theme that comes with your download. Then in the functions.php file add the following code:

function get_neuron_header_logo() {

    // Get the source & dimensions
    $arr = get_neuron_header_logo_src();

    if( $arr ) {
        return '<a id="logo" href="'.home_url().'" class="clearfix"><img src="'.$arr[0].'" width="'.$arr[1].'" height="'.$arr[2].'" /></a>';
    } else {
        return '<a id="logo" href="'.home_url().'" class="clearfix"><span class="wrapper">'.get_bloginfo( 'name' ).'</span></a>';

Then add the alt tag to the within that function.

Great this trick working fine. Thanks for support

I’m trying to do W3C validation and returns me some errors which is attached. It could be a problem with the short code?

1. Line 82, Column 3923: No p element in scope but a p end tag seen. … qualsiasi problema



JoeMC Author Team

I’ll make a note to look into this. Thanks for letting us know.

good morning as I can remove the white area below the slider


JoeMC Author Team

If you want to remove the white area below the slider, the easiest way would be to hide through css. Add the following custom css to your Appearance > Theme Settings > Style & Layouts page in your dashboard:

.home #main {
  display: none;

Hello, good afternoon, as I can change the color of the menu or put a background


JoeMC Author Team

#site-footer {
  background: #CCC;

thank you very much for your help, I have just one last query, as I can disable the pages COMMENT


JoeMC Author Team

Yes, every post/page has the option to disable comments. You can disable the comments by using the Quick Edit feature when you hover over a page title in the Page Edit list screen.

Or you can also select all pages at once using the checkboxes and select “Edit” in the “Bulk Actions” drop down, and select “Apply”. You can then select “Do not allow” in the “Comments” drop down. Be sure to hit “Update” after.

OK, this will sound like a dumb question but how do I get the titles on a page with that square grid running beside the title? I can’t seem to find the correct shortcode.


JoeMC Author Team

Those are created using custom styles applied to a heading. Create a heading and then select/highlight it. Then select Formats > Custom Styles > TITLE SEPARATOR

That will add the appropriate class to the element to create what you are looking for.

OK, the theme doesn’t seem to have a shortcode for the alert boxes. So how do I add one?


JoeMC Author Team

The theme actually does have a shortcode for alerts, but it has not been built in to the Metaphor Shortcodes generator.

Here are some examples of the alert shortcodes:

[alert]Alert message goes here[/alert]
[alert type="info"]Info message goes here[/alert]
[alert type="error"]Error message goes here[/alert]
[alert type="success"]Success message goes here[/alert]

I want to set my slider to Hompage only, yet after adding the slider, it shows up on all pages. I don’t want it on all pages and there doesn’t seem to be a setting allowing me to have it on the homepage only


JoeMC Author Team

You need to use the WooSidebars plugin (Appearance > Widget Areas) to create a unique Header Rotator Widget that displays only on your home page. Then you would place your LayerSlider widget into this custom widget area as opposed to the default Header Rotator Widget.

Please read through this FAQ on using WooSidebars and creating custom widget areas.

The bundled LayerSlider suddenly demands a registration code or it refuses to work anymore. What can i do?

Is this the text you are seeing?

“You need to authorize this site in order to get upgrades or support for this plugin. Purchase a license or enter an existing purchase code.”

You can disregard that notice as it’s not meant for versions that are bundled with themes (though, there isn’t any way to disable it). Your LayerSlider will continue to work. Any updates to LayerSlider will be included in updates of Neuron.