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Look Like Amazing , Good Luck bro :)

Thanks :)

Hi, Beautiful template and nice rhythm of animations. Just a quick pre-sales question: Is there any chance that your template include components like tabs, accordions, toogle, tables (base javascript components). Also i cannot find a typography and columns page to sort out the template real possibilities. Thanks, Kostas

Hi, yes the template has base javascript components (http://themes.apalodi.com/html/neutrino/features/ )

About typography, there isn’t page about that in this html template, but you could see this page on wordpress version which has all the elements like the html template (http://themes.apalodi.com/neutrino/features/html-elements/ )

I will include the columns page in few hours. Neutino is extremely flexible about columns. It’s based on 12 columns layout and you can have any number of columns up to 12. For example if you want 2+5+5 = 12, 4+8=12, 3+6+3=12, 2+4+2+4=12. You only need to combine them to make the final sum of 12.

If you don’t understand what I wanted to say, you can check out the demo version in few hours to see the columns.

Great work, glws ;)

Thanks :)

Whens the update due? I want to purchase! :-)

Hi, thank you for your interest.

If you you are talking about typography elements you can check them at http://themes.apalodi.com/html/neutrino/features/typography.html

These typography elements are already available. The thing is I didn’t display them before in the demo. So you don’t need to wait for the update because they are already there.

The typography page itself on demo isn’t in this version. I did push the update with that page, now we need to wait for it to be approved.

Hi, really nice work. Any chance you will do a one-page-version?

Hi, looking nice – its on my list of favorites :) At the moment Im searching for a all-one-page-solution with a kind of inline display (toggle) of portfolio item details, rather than opening a separate page for this. Hope you get good luck with the sale – it deserves it.

Thanks, good luck with your search.

Hello,my cellphone is Lumia 920 with a Windows phone system. Your program does not work on this system. Pls repair it soon. Thank you!

Hi, well I don’t have a Windows phone so i can’t test it. I even don’t know what is wrong. You could send me a screenshot at themes.apalodi@gmail.com

Very nice good sales;