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How do I add slider in the content on my page? The only option it gives me is to add it on the header.

How do I add slider in the content on my page? The only option it gives me is to add it on the header.

Hi, you need to create a new “Simple Slider” and then add this shortcode to your content [slider id=”80”]. 80 is the ID of that slider you created.

Hi, great theme! Love the flat design. Question about uploading media: I am attempting to upload a .jpg for my slider and it says cannot upload file type for security reasons. Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi, if you are using WordPress Multisite you can go in Network Admin Settings and add the support for jpg format.

Or you could use these plugins. https://wordpress.org/plugins/mime-types-extended/ or https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-add-mime-types/.

It could be that the .jpg file is to big so you will need to increase your upload limit or make the image smaller.

Hey, great theme! But i do have an issue with the Contact Page Template, for seme reason its not saving the settings from the Neutrino Settings Contact Form Tab. The page defaults to CONTACT PAGE FLUID LAYOUT = On (even if its selected Off) and the CONTACT HEADER STYLES show my contact page as checked on, even tho in the settings they are not checked. Any ideas?

Hi, maybe you have enabled custom styling options on the Contact page. Every page, post, product and portfolio has those options that overwrite the options from Neutrino Settings Page.

By a strange reason I am unable to add a slide in the back end. The buttons to upload and remove the images doesnt work.

I migrated the content from the dev site to the final…. It was working in the dev site

I downloaded the theme, re-uploaded it, deactivated all plugins and still no luck. :(

In the console click the file that is generating the error and send me another screenshot.

Thanks for your help! At the end the problem was generated by a chrome extension in my end. :x It is weird because is the same browser I use in the dev site. but anyhow… :confusedsad:


Great support as always.

Quick question. Is there a quick way to translate the site?

Hi, I’m having trouble with the slider. The uploaded images are not showing in the slider. I’ve uploaded an image at the same size as the example images. The text and button shows but no image. The sample images (Lego dudes) however show fine.

The source code shows: <div class="img-overlay"> <img src="" /> </div>

Any idea what’s going wrong here. Is this a WordPress 4.0 incompatibility issue? Please advise.

Cheers Mark

I’ve emailed you the details. Thanks!

Problem solved – just needed to make the image slightly higher (660) than required so WordPress crops the image to 650 then the slider uses that version. Thanks for the help Harun, great support!

I’m glad I could help.

This theme looks great ! Thanks Apalodi.

Is there any known issues with Wordpress 4 ?


Hi Eric, there are no issues with WordPress 4. The demo page is using WordPress 4.

Good to know. WP4 should then be added to the Software Version of this theme :)

You are right, I forgot about that :)

Hi there – I have encountered a small error when using your theme, I am sure it is my end though. When adding a “read more” tag on a blog post, I get the following on the button on the blog page “fdsfs Continue reading”.

Do you have an idea as to why this might be happening?

Hi, I don’t know how that got there in the previous update, it slipped under my radar. The problem is that some content-*.php have that text inserted before the Continue reading. You could delete that text from there or you could wait for the next udate that will fix that. It will be available in 1-2 days.

Perfect – thanks. Your fix solved the job.

Dude this theme is DOPE!

How am I just discovering your great coding and design?


Thanks, better late than never :)

It is really nice theme^^.

I have a simple question.

What is the latest version? 2.5 is right?

Yes, 2.5 is the latest version.

Thank you for your reply.

Good day! set the template on http://zarol.ru/ I want to make that column blog pictures displayed with animation as in section Related Projects and more precisely when the mouse hovers over the thumbnail pictures increased as here http://themes.apalodi.com/neutrino/portfolio/little-airplane/. Tell me how do I do that? Thanks in advance!

Hi, the blog gallery doesn’t have those animations. Only single featured image has the image zoom option.

The Page Blue Dot post has that effect because it’s standard format http://themes.apalodi.com/neutrino/blog/

You could set your posts to standard format and then the gallery will be displayed on the single post page.

Hey, how can i change easily the menu to a horziontal veriation? (please describe) The Neutrino settings say: “Select your menu in header – No items of this type were found. You need to create custom menus first in order they apear here.” Can you help me?

Please watch this video on how to create menus. https://ithemes.com/tutorials/creating-custom-menu-in-wordpress/

After you have created a menu you will be able to select it.

Hey there, how can I change the aspect ratio of the header slider in desktop mode? the 2.5/1 aspect ratio doesn’t work for most of my images

Hi, to do that you will need to change the image size for header images. Go to neutrino/apalodi-theme-options/theme.php and find a line add_image_size( ‘thumbnail-header’, 1920, 650, true ); and change 650.

Hi I have a pre sale question. I’m wondering how the pages are created? Is there a page builder? Thanks.

Hi, there is no page builder inlcuded. You can buy a page builder and use it.