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Hi, will you be coding this as a WP theme too? Would definitely buy the WP version.


This isn’t my design (Neutron – PSD Theme) and I don’t have currently permission to upload Wordpress version so I can’t promise anything at this point.

nice animation on slideshow!

Thanks, but I can’t take full credit for that. I used AsyncSlider from CodeCanyon.

Many folks are still on IE7 … As much as we dislike IE we should support this version of the browser. Can we expect IE7 compatibility? If so we will buy.

Also your newsletter subscribe button and text area have height slightly off. Great template otherwise.

It might not look as good with IE7 but it is totally usable, so yes.

I primarily tested this theme with Firefox but I can see that in Chrome the submit button is 1px too high. I will propably release fix update tomorrow. Unless you have found any other bugs?


Great theme. I did have a question/problem though. For some reason I can’t seem to get the twitter feed to load. I have added the twitter name to the .php files, but all I see is the “Oops, our twitter feed is unavailable…”.

Am I missing something?

The Tweets script should work “out of the box”, so you don’t even have to set your Twitter username in config.php file for testing purposes.

The first thing came my mind was that have you uploaded the theme to a real web server because PHP won’t work otherwise?

You can also test the Tweets script easily by opening the file directly from your browser, so for example in my demo site the direct file url is:

In there you should see the tweets and also if everything works fine, tweets.txt file should exist in php/cache folder.


I have it hosted here:

But it’s still not showing up correctly. Any ideas?

It seems that the script can’t fetch anything. So check if your server doesn’t have PHP extension curl enabled.

Here is simple guide for it:

Hello is it possible to have a light version of the template. I need it with minimal effect, no slide on homepage just with portfolio and contact. The navigation is cool.This template is great but homepage is to much Thanks Carl

Well you can just remove the slider from the homepage (or the whole homepage) if you don’t need it.


Ok thanks!

Hi Smuliii

Just bought Neutron – tried to upload the .zip via Wordpress but I get a ‘500 Internal Server Error’.

It takes quite a while for the file to upload, too.

Any help is very much appreciated!

Oh dear I’ve made a mistake – not a WP theme. How foolish.

Neutron is very nice though! I will use it on another site.

Sorry to hear that, but hopefully you’ll find some other use for it! ;)

Thanks anyway for buying it!

Seems I’ve run into a bit of a snag. The slider on the homepage only displays correctly once, then after that all of the images are center aligned and shifted to the left side of the screen.

Here’s the page:

It’s fine on OSX , but on PC it’s misaligned.

Any ideas?

I don’t know have you already fixed this but at least with my PC the slider works perfectly fine.

Hi there,

love this template but got stuck with the google map. I understand that i can place several addresses and several markers.

This is the original code in the custom.js

        address: 'Level 13, 2 Elizabeth St, Melbourne Victoria 3000 Australia',
        zoom: 16,
        markers: [
            { 'address' : 'Level 13, 2 Elizabeth St, Melbourne Victoria 3000 Australia' }


If I were to add another address in Melborne and want to have a marker for both locations on the map what do I need to add to this code?

Thank you!

You just need to add second marker, like so:

    address: 'Level 13, 2 Elizabeth St, Melbourne Victoria 3000 Australia',
    zoom: 15,
    markers: [
        { 'address' : 'Level 13, 2 Elizabeth St, Melbourne Victoria 3000 Australia' },
        { 'address' : '2 Collins St, Melbourne Victoria 3000 Australia' }



the slider does not work properly on IE7 . The browser icons pile up :(

will you correct that? Please send me an update when you fix it.

The theme uses CSS3 selector in the slider to position all the browser icons, but unfortunately IE7 won’t support those so that’s why theme has extra polyfill script (selectivizr) for that purpose.

Now it sounds that IE7 hasn’t downloaded that script properly and that’s why it can’t figure out where to place all those icons (so it just pile them up).

Alternative solution, but not so customizable, would be to just give every icon its own class (like .first, .second) and then replace nth-child selectors in style.css file (lines 598-636) with these new classes.


Hi there I have a problem to get the tweets to work. I noticed a bit further up that you provided the link to your php/tweet.php and there not the latest tweets in there.

1. How do i get the tweets to work – set everything as described in documents? 2. Why is your tweet.php not showing the latest tweets of your timeline?

Thank you

1) The script uses PHP extension called cURL, so it’s possibly that your server doesn’t has it. So I would suggest to check PHP info page and/or contact to your host provider to ask are they allowing cURL.

2) There is also option to ignore replies, so it only shows the actual tweets.



Demo is not working…. Can this be fixed please

Any chance this template will come out for wordpress?!

Probably not, too few sales.


I can’t seem to figure out how to get the “Leave a Reply” to work for the comments. When Submit is clicked, it just refreshes the page.

When clicking Submit, is it supposed to create a new <article>?

Any help would be appreciated.


This is just a HTML Template, so it doesn’t have a working blog section.

I saw the question for a WP version of this theme was already asked. But it was 6 months ago. Is there any update on this topic from a license perspective? Did you get a permission to do a WP theme from this?


No, I don’t have a permission to create a WP version. And also the sales are quite low, so it wouldn’t even be worth it.

hi and good morning.

hope you can help me with the problem I have with the mail form. hosting provider tells me this:

The contact form you are using is attempting to send mail as the person who filled out the form. This latest policy change will block e-mail if the FROM address is using one of those domains listed in the link above (hotmail, gmail, yahoo…etc).

I would recommend changing your contact form to send using a FROM address that belongs to one of your DreamHost domains. You can set the REPLY-TO field to any other e-mail address and the mail should send without issue.

I do not understand how to do this since I do not program it, follow the instructions in the documentation only.

Sorry for the inconvenience

thank you very much for your attention ..

greetings and happy new year

sorry for my english…

Hello I have the same issue as dminorgraphics Purchased 1 year ago

The slider on the homepage only displays correctly once, then after that all of the images are center aligned and shifted to the left side of the screen but only in EI.

Do you know why it’s doing this? Thanks for your help

See screen shot
Check out the page in question

Thanks a million for your help!

Hi Love the template. One issue: Main page works fine on all browsers. other pages with drop down menus work fine except on our best friend MS ie 7/8. The menu breaksdown and the page floats to the left. Here is the site

Hi I bought this theme but when i tried to upload theme i got error message style.css file missing. Please help