My site does not work properly and some errors ...

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My site does not work properly and some errors occurred. What should I do?

If any errors occur, or something is not working properly then please answer these questions first:

1.) Are you convinced that you are using the correct version of the theme (compatible with your OpenCar version)?
2.) Have you uploaded all the files correctly?
3.) Have you installed the theme correctly (followed the installation instructions carefully)?
4.) Do you use/have used a third-party modules (including language packs)?
5.) Are you convinced that all third-party modules what you are using is compatible with your OpenCart version?
6.) Have you modified any code yourself (OpenCart core files or theme files)?
7.) Are you using some sort of scripts?
8.) Are you convinced that your server supports OpenCart 100%?

First of all. If you’re using any third-party modules (including language packs), then step by step remove all of them and see which one is the troublemaker.

If you’ve made any changes in the code then I recommend you restore original code as much as possible and see if it helps.

If this does not help then try to install the theme again (fresh install, no code changes). Remove all old files and replace them with new ones. In most cases, it helps.

Note: For best results, is recommended to use fresh installation of OpenCart and please make sure that you follow the installation instructions carefully.