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I’ve really been enjoying the theme, but when I try to define image width/height for an image in the slider, the image isn’t getting re-sized despite the fact that the image gets re-sized correctly when I place it anywhere other than the slider. The image width/height is being re-defined inside the “style” tag of the image.

If this has been discussed already I apologize. I went through each page of the comments using the “Find – Width” function, and didn’t seem to see this discussed.

but… height of slider depends on height of image. :P

I didn’t understand your response initially, but now I think you assume that I was just using one image per slide (in the slider) when I was doing multiple smaller images per slide.

As a work around I just used an online tool to resize the images to their necessary height/width, but it would be good if they could be resized with CSS in the slider.


The website all works great until I put it live and the icons don’t display? Everything is in the correct folders etc, so please could you advise?

Thanks, Amanda

Please ignore my comment, I changed the svg to png and it works!

Yup, that’s known bug caused by hosting.


The table (regular table at the very bottom on elements page) gets cut off when I’m viewing it on a mobile device:

Any way to fix this?

Hi, currently there’s no fix.

Are you planning on fixing this?

To be honest, not really because it’s minor issue and there’s no easy way to fix it.

Hello – can you help me please, i want take a video with .flv on the webside and open it in a iframe -or in fancbox is this possible? Thanks and greeting s from germany

Marvelous design and very clean code! Thanks for producing this! :)

Thanks! ;)


how can I make google map taller… Can’t seem to find map size setting?


Google Map’s width depends on grid so if you want to make it larger just put map in bugger container <div class="sixteen columns">map code</div>

Kindly assist, I have been having issues viewing this template on IE7, IE8 and IE9. It seems to only work on IE10. My slider doesnt work and I get the error message below:

Webpage error details

User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; GTB7.4; (R1 1.6)) Timestamp: Fri, 19 Apr 2013 02:44:25 UTC

Message: Expected identifier, string or number Line: 318 Char: 2 Code: 0 URI: .../scripts/custom.js

I did it too and didn’t notice any issues.

testing it on other browsers gives no problem expect for IE8 n IE7 . The error that comes up points to the CUSTOM.JS file. I also validated the pages on and I get a positive feedback, but the actual test running of the site shows and error with the .js file

IE7 is NOT supported, as for IE8 try tu put all java scripts in footer.

Hey Vas, nice template,

This may be in these comments but is there an easy way to add an href to the top animation panels?

Hi, could you clarify your question? :)


I’d like to add links to the <section id=”layerslider-container”> area. For example, the template’s first slide currently had a button “Powerful HTML5 Template” ... I’d like to add a link to this object.

I could most likely figure it out but if you have any insight, considering it’s your template, it would be great. Thanks!

Just place it in <a href="#">Link</a>

Hello How could I put forward jCarousel to only one image per click!? as when in the smaller media query.


Unfortunately it’s not really possible with current script. :(

Is it possible to remove the style switcher? Also If that is removed how would you edit the background colour? I would like the wood one, but not give the user the ability to change it.

Yes, it’s possible to remove it. Switchers is only for preview purposes.

Dear Vasterad,

I’m having some problems with displaying the products in my shop. The sizes of the images aren’t the same. As an example:

Category 1 (this works just fine): Category 2 (looks terrible):</>

Please help me, it is driving me crazy.

Kind regards,


Hi, questions regarding WordPress please post here

Hi Vasterad,

Was thinking of buying this template, but in IE8 in compatibility mode on Windows XP the drop down sub menu does not stay out when trying to move the mouse over to click on it. Would adding the following meta tag to the header resolve that issue without affecting any of the template’s features?

<meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=Edge,chrome=1”>

Thanks, Clark

I wouldn’t recommend to test sites in compatibility mode. I tested every my template before release on each browser and everything was working. ;)

Hi, i just installed theme and it’s really great but i don’t find the way to have icons in the menu bar ?

can you help me ?


edit : ok i just find it.

For whose answering : just go to the “Menu” settings and there is a choice box fot the icons.

Great theme

Hi, questions regarding WordPress please post here

Hello, I just downloaded the theme and opened it in Dreamweaver CS3. The content section displays to the right of the header and footer and not in the middle but it is fine in the browser. Am I supposed to add code to make it line up or is this how it displays in the editor?

Hi, sorry but I don’t have any experience with Dreamweaver and cannot help.

I’m having an issue with my site appearing in IE8 – specifically the slider on the main page.

I haven’t changed any part of the javascripts that are called, they are all in a folder and that folder is being found okay. I just get a spinning circle without the images appearing.

Got any suggestions?

Well, it doesn’t work even on Firefox. I’d recommend to take a look into your code and compare with my from demo live preview and find bug. ;)

hey, I just wanted to let you know after tearing apart my site and trying to figure out the issue – I did finally determine that I had placed an HTML comment in the menu and the javascript didn’t like it for some reason in IE8 only – after removing that, everything started working again – I wanted to leave a comment on here so you know what the issue was and that I appreciated your responses.

Thanks for information. :)

Hi Vasterad, very good looking template, would like to buy it for a customer (Lawyer).

Its very important for him, that the phone Number in header stays visible, even in responsive mobile mode – right now there is only Logo and Menu staying on the top after resizing. Can you tell me, is that changeable in your Code?


Prosilbym o kontakt mailowy, zaradzimy cos. :)

Hej, przepraszam ze nie odpisywalem – Urlop byl :) Gdzie znajde twoj kontakt mailowy?

hi, in IE 9 its showing different font please, tell me solution. Thanks..

Sorry, everything works for me.

Hi, great template. I’m using the floating Back to top script ( with Nevia, as it is needed on mobile version – too much to ask visitors to scroll back up on each page. The issue then is the Nevia navigation disappears in Mobile view. Can you possibly tell what is interfering? Or is there a better way to have a scroll back to top button that does not interfere with Nevia? Thanks!

Thanks. Is there a reason why it was hidden in mobile view, where it is needed? Was it because it made the site navigation disappear in mobile view also?

Actually, found another ‘Back to top’ script that works beautifully with Nevia desktop and mobile, in case someone is interested: And thanks for your help on a Sunday!

There’s no special reason so without problems can be visible on mobile devices. But please keep in mind that scripts I gave you are visible on all resolutions because there’s no extra CSS that will hide them. :P