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Hi, Great looking theme! I purchased it yesterday. Is the tagline supposed to be displayed on mobile devices? If not, how can I make it also show on mobile devices? Thanks!

just to confirm, this will display the tagline on mobile devices? right now, it is not displaying. thanks!

Yes, it will. :) If you couldn’t find it I’ll help. Cheers.

Perfect…thank you!!!

Hi Vasterad,

Great theme! I’m having trouble getting the Twitter to link up for some reason. Could you take a look at it?


Please follow documentation. You need to change auth keys in twitter.php

Hi Vasterad, still enjoying the theme! how do you turn OFF the style switcher that appears in the top left corner of the page? thanks!

By removing switcher’s code on the bottom of each file.

Hi Vasterad, i want to display 2 testimonials at a time on the home page…how can the display time be increased 2x? thanks for the great support!!

You can increase duration in flexslider.js at the bottom of file (there are settings)

thanks. are you referring to this line – slideshowSpeed: 7000, //Integer: Set the speed of the slideshow cycling, in milliseconds – or something different? Also, it seems this will impact all sliders…is that correct? is there a way to just increase the speed of the testimonials slider? thanks again!

$(window).load(function() {
    animation: "fade",
    slideshowSpeed: 12000,

and just add in HTML .testimonials class to existing .flexslider class.

Hello Vasterad, thank you for a great template. :) I have been able to build my website but I am just missing one final step: glyphicons. The preview always looks good but when I upload it to the ftp server these icons are not shown. How can I make it work? Appreciate your help.

Hello again, I am having problems to display on IE8 the image-slider and the images for the Portfolio items on the Index page. Do you how to fix it? Thanks!

Didn’t notice any issues on demo live preview.

Actually I haven’t changed the slider config compared to your demo. I got this error reported but not been able to test myselft my site on IE8, could you have a look? I appreciate!

Hi Vasterad,

It seems that the slider caption box (and text) does not display on mobile devices…is this by design, or is there something that can be done to display it on mobile?


In media queries you can remove caption classes that’re displayed (display: none;)

hello there! Have a problem with sending email. did everything as it says in documentation but everytime i try to send email it gives me an error – ERROR! Please ensure PHP Mail() is correctly configured on this server. What does it mean?

Contact with your hosting provider.

It’s not hosting provider problem. Look, email sends only when I type my own email in the “email” box that I put in contact.php file. If I put smthng different it gives error.

But script works for me on demo live preview so the issue is on your end

hey, can you give an example of coding the slider images on the main page to be hyperlinked to another page? I’ve tried everything I can think of – my sliders are just single images -

Here is the code I am using but I am not getting the link to be active: <article class="ls-layer" style="slidedelay: 10000; slidedirection: top;"> <div class="ls-s4"><a href=""><img src="_images/banners/banner1.jpg" class="ls-bg" /></a></div> </article>

Provide me a link to your site.

I just sent you a private message with the link

Hi Vasterad,

How can the accordion be configured so that all options are closed when the page is loaded? Meaning, the plus sign (+) is displayed for all of the accordion’s tabs and none are open by default?

thank you!

Use toggles (they’re on faq subpage) instead of accordions



Thanks for the great support!

I’d like to create a logo using the same that is used for this theme’s tagline that is displayed at the top of each page.

I thought I could just install the font fontawesome-webfont that is in the fonts folder of your distro (under HTML) and then use them with my image/photo editing software but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Is there a way for me to do this?


Hi Vasterad,

I’m using the Flexslider for an image gallery, cause it seemed simpler for me to understand than the Layerslide.

So far, my only problem is that all the captions appear on the first slide (overlaid on top of each other), instead of each appearing with the image slide they belong to.

Is there a way to fix this? Thanks for your help! Esther :)

Nope, but you can copy first slide e.g. three times and you’ll get what you want. :P

Okay, I don’t know what I was doing wrong, but it’s working now…so I’m delighted. Thanks!

Hello Is there a simple way to center the main navigation ? At the moment it is left justified. Looks funny if you only have 5 pages as they are all on left.


Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to do it

You can try it, maybe I’m wrong (I hope I’m wrong). :P

Hi Vasterad,

I have another question! :)

I am stuck trying to get the contact form to work. I know it accesses the .php file, because the Success message appears. But the message just stays there in the form. And I never receive the test messages.

I’m probably doing something stupid. Would you mind taking a look?

Contact page: Contact form php here:

Thanks so much!

As if it detects my IP address and says…”I know that’s you, I’ll just not send that email?”

Aha, I have found out what the problem is. My host (Dreamhost) has some contact form issues with their anti-spam filters. I’ll document the fix I found here in case anyone else is using Dreamhost as a host.

Contact form “from” address can’t be the address the person enters on the form, it must be a dreamhost-based “from” address, like

So I changed the From: field in contact.php from “From: $email” to “From: $address” . The test email I sent worked right away.

Hi Vasterad,

When I move the slider caption box to the right bottom of the slider image, the right side of the caption box is flush with the edge of the image. It seems to be related to the amount of text I’m using for the caption. Do I need to insert a carriage return or something to avoid this? If yes, what’s the proper way to do this? I checked the online documentation that came with the distro but didn’t see anything on this. Thanks!

Please provide link to your site.

Hi Vasterad, Unfortunately, that’s not possible at this time. Are you able to load the code on your demo site or at least increase use the same values and increase your caption text length to the number represented by the x’s above – 77 characters? Maybe you’ve already tried this and it looks okay on your site? I can keep playing with it if everything works fine for you. Again, terrific job with the theme and thanks for the great support!!

Sorry but only live preview can help to solve your problem. It could be related not with slider exactly but with other customizations etc.

hi there, is there a login/registration screen? thanks, Afshin

Hi, unfortunately not but you can buy login/register panel on CodeCanyon.

Hi Again, i like your neat design bu i have another q: i was just testing the shopping cart and realized that it is not talking me to Checkout page, i am trying to develop this template in .NET, is your page based on pure HTML5/CSS5 or you have some PHP in there? thanks

Template is based on pure HTML/CSS

Hi there,

The small icons in the navigation are not showing up in Chrome but are in IE and Firefox.

Have you seen this problem before?

Nope, does it happen on my demo live preview too?

Any chance of being able to purchase a version of this as an email template? I run a weekly newsletter and would love to have this format for it. So far I’m combining the CSS into the HEAD and trying to filter out the Java but it’s a slog. :) Any hope?

Hi unfortunately not. :P

Any plans to update the Twitter feed in the footer to the new API? The old API was turned off permanently by Twitter as of yesterday. :)

Nevia supports API 1.1 since last update (few month ago). ;)

I am having a bit of trouble getting this theme uploaded to wordpress, is there any way you could explain why it keeps telling me that the style.css is missing?

You bought HTML template, this is not WordPress theme. WordPress release is available here for $45

Oh damn, is there anyway to get a refund or pay you 30 more dollars and get the wordpress one?

Hi, unfortunately only Envato can give refunds so contact them here