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Hi Vasterad, Is there anyway to link to a page containing toggles and have a specific toggle that you specify in the URL when calling the page open automatically when the page loads? I know this is a long shot, but will ask anyway. Thank you

HI, unfortunately it’s not possible in easy way and you need to make some customizations with toggles script


I would like to know how to edit css parameter when window reduction occur? I realized that there are 4levels of changes while reducing the browser window.

Please see the screenshot below for each level:

The website link :

Thank you
PS : Very nice template but the codes are hard to understand and the documentation is not too elaborated

Well, there’s no “magic CSS” and to style site on each resolution use media queries (in Nevia it’s located at the bottom of style.css). Here’s good guide for beginners

Thank you, I will try it and give you my feeback

Sure thing. :)

Hi Vasterad,

I have some pages where the main content is longer than the sidebar and some where the sidebar is longer than the main content.

I have a problem in that when the sidebar is longer than the main content it gets cut off to the length of the main content.

Would you be able to give me some guidance here?

Thank you

Hi, add this to JS:
window.resizesidebar = function() {
    var windowwidth = $(window).width();
    if(windowwidth > 768) {
        var contheight = Math.max($(".eleven.floated").outerHeight(true));
        var sbheight = Math.max($("aside.sidebar").outerHeight(true));
        if(contheight<sbheight) {
    } else {
$(window).load(function() {
$(window).resize(function () { window.resizesidebar(); });

Hi Vasterad,

I was wondering why all your image files are emtpy images. I thought the stock images were included in with the template?

Stocks cannot be included because it’d be against license. :)

ok, thanks for the quick reply.

Sure. :)

Hi, Can you help with the code to keep the social icons appearing on the mobile portrait size? thanks!

In media queries remove social icon’s class from “display: none”.


hi, can the mobile and tab are same as the desktop version?, as i dun want the mobile device version

besides, can the menu bar have 3rd level?

i have paid for it, how can i get the non mobile version ?

I’ve send it for you via mail.

Hi Vasterad,

I would like to use a secure (https:// – emphasis on the “s”) page on my site.

It seems that a secure (https://) page will not access the fonts used for this theme –,300,600,700

What is the best way to also use this font on an https:// page?


I found this suggestion to update style.css…

< @import url(“,300,600,700”);

> @import url(”//,300,600,700”);

Any concerns using this?

basically, drop “http:”

Instead of using a protocol in your URL, like or

You can use


and this should work more reliably.

Hi Vasterad,

I’m having issues in IE where the pages won’t load, and if I hit the back button they will then load. Home page usually works fine, it’s subsequent pages and in no particular order. Works fine on other browsers. Any suggestions? is the staging server.


Does my demo live preview works? Did you tested your site without many customizations?


I took off the Google Search Box and the site is working better in IE. But I’m still getting this error: Can not call methods on jcarousel prior to initialization; attempted to call method “destroy”. jquery.min.js

It’s just a single still image that I have in there.

Any thoughts?

Have no idea. It’s caused because of some customizations so I’d recmmend try to find what exactly causes it.

I would like to style the select list that comes into action when the browser is reduced to its smallest size and the menu changes to a form—I want to make the menu selections big enough to be comfortable for touch. Can you tell me where the styling for that list is?

Well, unfortunately current menu is a just dropdown and we can’t modify how it looks like. However you can use other script for mobile menu. I recommend this one

I’ll try that. The instructions for that script may as well be in Martian as far as I’m concerned but I will write the author and see if he can help me. Thanks.

Yup, implementing that script isn’t such easy. I’d recommend to ask on any forum or something, because authour may not help. :P

duplicate post.. sorry

posting again, sorry for tags:

hello, i have trouble using sidebars. for ex, there is a right sidebar like this:

<div content> <div container floated></div> ......... <div container floated> <div eleven floated> <div page content>....content here… </div> </div> <div sidebar>.. sb here ..</div> </div>

if the content in the elevent floated part is too short, the sidebark shrinks. an i lose the content on the sidebar..

you can see better here: open page with chrome and remove some nodes from elevent floated.. for ex the blackquote part, paragraps, accordion… and you will see that the sidebar becomes useless.

well.. for the sidebar problem: i made it by changing responsive.css, the line: .floated.sidebar { position: absolute; top: 0; bottom: 0; } to .floated.sidebar { position: relative; top: 0; bottom: 0; } it looks, working for both left and right sidebar ;)

btw there is a typo in the next line..

Check my js fix in previous comment. :P

First of all, great theme! I’m using Safari and the item-description in the portfolio items doesn’t have the same appearance as in Firefox. The shadow on the left and right side doesn’t appear on Safari, it looks much better in Firefox. Could you please have a look at it?! Thanks!

Hm, you’re right. I’ll take a look but it’ll take a few days because now I’m focused on upcoming release. :P

Anyway, it may be related with webkit box shadow, so please try to play with this code. ;)

-webkit-box-shadow:  0px 1px 3px 0px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5);

Hi Vasterad,

Are there any concerns in removing http: from the following? I have a secure checkout page and this was tripping a security warning message in IE 8 for mixed content (secure/non-secure).

<!—[if lt IE 9]> <script src=””></script><![endif]—>

Is there a reason why you keep http: in this statement and the style.css file for google fonts statement in the downloadable distro? I’m just curious to learn if there is a technical reason.


Hi, there’s no technical reason any you can use ”//” instead of “http://” or “https://”

Hi, is a great theme and i love it! But i am having some minor issue as below. For issues below, you may refer my link.

1. If i am using style 2, when i minimize my browser to mobile size or i view it with my iphone @ safari i found out that there’s scroll bar appear at the bottom, which scroll from left to right, i have check the downloaded version, also the same thing. It works well with Style 1 but not style 2, anyway i can fix this?

2. Actually i have quite a lot of menu items, more than your version, i found out when i resize my browser to tablet size, not the mobile size, my menu item, the last few item will be missing, then there’s a line, border-right:1px; drop down at the bottom of Home menu button. Can it directly show the Mobile Version Menu instead of making my menu items went missing? Cause i believe that i have quite a lot of tablet users, so i do not want my menu items went missing, i do not mind, that my menu change to Mobile Version Menu.

How can i fix this two issues?


No 2 place in

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px){ here }

TQVM It works!

It must because by using this code on tablets you’ll see menu from mobile phones. Please be sure if everything you did is correct.

I found another issue, which i need your help. I have use your table, 4 columns, but when i am viewing it in Mobile, the alignment a bit runs off, you may view this link with mobile size.

Can i have something where i can hide 1 column when it is view in MObile. Means, there’s 4 columns, but when view in mobile, may be i only view 3 columns. Or may be makes the column drop down, like how you have done for the Pricing table.


Add to each element extra class e.g. “disable” then in CSS media query add ”.disable {display: none;}

TQVM It works!

HI sorry, i just realize the issue no 2 wasn’t really fix. There’s line appear at the bottom of the menu, you may refer the link below for the image, how it looks like.


Mobile menu must be visible on browser resize too.

Yes, i do not see the mobile menu, when i resize using browser desktop, you may visit my website, check my image here I am not sure what happen, that there’s 2 line appear at the bottom of the main menu…


I found out this, the mobile menu appears when the width is 770px, the line appears when the width is in 966px May be i am using quite high resolution in my desktop, anyway to fix this? TQVM

Great template, with very emphasis on that word. Template. I am enjoying tweaking your thoughtfully written code. Been at a standstill right now though. I have stripped the header area of all content with exception of the logo, with the sole purpose of just centering the logo in the header area. Nothing else. Removing the social media, search bar, and tagline is easy, but I cannot find a way to just center the logo in the header area. Do you know any tags I can add to main css files to just center logo? Nothing seems to stick.

        <div class="sixteen columns">
            <div id="logo" style="margin: 0 auto; width: 300px; margin-top: 50px;">
                <h1><a href="#"><img src="images/logo.png" alt="Nevia Premium Template" /></a></h1>

Should works.

It does. Perfect! Thanks for your promptness, and the great theme. Looking forward to your next creation.

I’m releasing next template in next 3 days. Follow me to get notice. :P

Hi, i have apply the disable css you have mention into the table, it works, but the last column view in Mobile, do not have border-right. I think in you css, you have hide it, how can i make the borders show?


ok i try add it at the bottom of style.css then. TQVM

Hi, Fixed, because this happens only when the width is 958px, so i edit this line instead :D TQVM

@media only screen and (max-width: 958px)

I told you in this comment that previous code was wrong :P

Can I use my own background image. And is this easy to to do?