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that comes complete with a template? Premium Resources LayerSlider (10$ Value) fancyBox2 (19$ Value) Glyphicons Halflings PRO (59$ Value) HTML 5 AJAX Contact Form (6$ Value) slider, contact form, icon?

Yes, everything is included (implemented in template).

Thank you. buy it


I changed some of the links in the top linkbar. Now when I open a site the respective linkbar entry doesn’t change color. The highlighted linkbar entry always stays on “home”. All I did is change some of the link locations and delete some pages. Any suggestions?

You need to add id="current" for each page. It won’t sets highlight automatically because it’s pure HTML template. ;)

Thank you, that fixed it. Great and fast support!

You’re welcome. :)

Hey Vasterad,

Is it possible to create sub-menus in the main menu bar? Meaning, if i highlight one of the menu list items can another list be displayed? If so please kindly instruct how this can be achieved.


Sure, follow an example below:

   <li>First Level
         <li>Second Level
               <li>Third Level</li>

ah i see where i was going wrong… thanks a lot for the quick response!

Hi Vasterad, I have another question about Twitter.

I’ve downloaded the updated version of Nevia with the new twitter.php. I followed the instructions in the documentation and created an app to generate the keys. I’m sure I have inputted the correct keys into twitter.php but it is still not displaying my Tweets.

Are there any specific settings that need to be set on the site?


Hi, please follow this guide

Thanks again! The fix was changing ‘use_whitelist’ => true, to false for me.

Sure, I’m forced to update all templates because all have that option set to true. :)


I need to find out about this, in the Blog Medium page, when my blog do not have articles, the right hand side bar seems to run out of alignment, it will drop into the footer side.

How can i fix this?


I’m having some problems with my small icons (large icons work fine). I’m uploading the theme as it’s packaged originally but the menu icons and small icons on icons.html doesn’t show.

Can I e-mail you a link to the site? Thanks.

Worked fine, thanks!

Two new questions;

1. How can I make the sidebar force a height on the site even though the main window’s content is only a few rows? Right now the sidebar is clipped by the footer.

2. How do I disable responsiveness completely?

Thanks for an awesome theme!

1. Fix:

2. In responsive.css remove all media queries except 960 grid and clearfixes at the bottom.

1. Worked great, thanks!

2. I did and it looks good in tablets and mobiles, however if I resize my browser size on my MacBook it resizes the site. Any ideas?

Yup, remove all media queries at the bottom of style.css too. :P

how can i use coloured icons? included icons have this option or should i find others?

You can color FontAwesome colors by adding inline css to element e.g. <i class="icon glass" style="color: #72f00" />

thanks for the really fast reply, you rock :)

You’re welcome. :)


I am getting the following errors on IE8

1) expected identifier, string or number custom.js 2) permission deined jquery.min.js 3) object does’nt support this property or method

works perfectly on Chrome, Firefox, Safari

I don’t get any issues on IE8 (both IE10 in devloper mode and on remote machine with IE8) so can’t say what’s wrong. Probably you’ve an odd Internet Explorer. :P

That was a quick reply especially on a Sunday

It was ok on 1 out of 3 machines I checked it on. Thank you

IE is really weird and I’m sure you understand that. Thankfully IE8 uses decreasingly people and we can turn a blind eye on java script issues caused by IE debugger… :)

Hi there. I purchased the Nevia Theme ($45 template) and I am following the steps as given in the documentation to download the theme. 2.WordPress Upload

1. Unzip the “zip” file you’ve downloaded with theme, you’ll find “” inside 2. Navigate to Appearance Add New Themes Upload. 3. Follow the instructions on the screen, select the zipped theme folder (“”). 4. Hit Install Now and the theme will be uploaded and installed. When I clicked on “Install Now” buton in step 4. It’s giving me an error message error page url on our server is : Not sure what is wrong. Please help. Thanks., Monika

Also, “Are you sure you want to do this?” is a message and “Please try again” is a hyperlink and clicking on that hyperlink goes back to the Theme upload page

That’s weird, maybe you have an old version of WordPress?

Definitely not because we updated it to the newest version before install.

I purchased this template and the navigation menu doesn’t behave the same way for me as it does on the demo. I don’t get a change to the dropdown menu in smaller sizes. What could be wrong?

Does small menu works on demo preview?

yes…everything works fine on the demo preview, but after downloading files and uploading to my server, the navigation doesn’t reduce to the single bar like the preview. Here is where my copy is located:

I’d recommend to upload all scripts because now they’re not uploaded (404 error). ;)


Are there limitations regarding the server? I see the script files in the folder on the server but as you said, they don’t appear to be there when you look for it in the browser. I’m thinking there might be some kind of server issue, such as something being outdated.

You are right. Contact your server provider because it must be related with that.

Hi – I’m looking at purchasing the Nevia or the Centum. One question, does the Nevia come with HTML templates? Only reason I ask is that on the Centum page it specifically lists the 15 HTML templates that are included. If Nevia comes with any, could you please let me know which ones? Thank You

Everything you can see on demo live preview you’ll get in package except photos from preview because I can’t include them. :)

Great. Thanks for the quick response!

Hi your work is great..! Though I need a little help, I tried a lot but not able to make jcarousel auto scroll. Please tell how I can I make the recent-work-jc jcarousel auto scroll.. And also stop it while hover.

Questions regarding WordPress release please post here or if you’re asking about HTML version, you should buy it first (I cannot see your buyer badge). ;)

My designer had purchased it and made my site using it. But now he left, and I’m not a professional developer myself. I created account here, just for this template, so as I could improve my site. I ll be really thankful if you could help.

Hi, sorry but please contact via account where template was bought. It’s not because I don’t believe you but please understand me. :)

Hi, there is some bug regarding displaying sidebars content which is overflowed if main page content is missing. For example, open live demo, go to any left or right sidebar page and remove contents of page-content.

I see no problem because you can change ‘eleven floated’ to anything you need.

But this solution will not be universal. So I keep using my method with css margins

Why not universal? You can add after comma ”,” next class.

I get this when using layerslider: GET http://localhost/layerslider/skins/fullwidth/skin.css 404 (Not Found)

Everything works, but i get 404 on this file. Any suggestions ?

It’s because I moved skin source inside style.css. I’d ignore that. :)

Hi, it kept bugging me so I found the solution.

In custom.js add skinsPath to layerslider like so:

skinsPath: “resources/nevia/css/” //point to your css folder location

and then in your css folder create a folder called fullwidth with a empty file called skin.css.

Do you have a fix for the top search which is broken in IE 8? Tested in IE8 on Win7, Vista and XP and the search bar in the header is broken in all cases. A fix would be greatly appreciated.

Otherwise, this theme is great! thanks for your hard work.

Hi, I can’t see that issue on IE8. Could you give a screenshot? However you can use .ie8 .any-class to style something only for IE8.


I have a problem with the slider. Its not working on any other page except the home page on my site. Test link –

Please help.

I don’t know, it may be related with your hosting, customizations but I don’t think that it’s because of template because I run sub folders without issues. That’s weird.

Still haven’t been able to figure out what was creating the problem. Have shifted to the flexislider

That’s so weird. In next few days there’ll be update to new layerslider, maybe it will helps.

Hi Vasterad,

First off, awesome template, very well done!

Questions about the top-search. Do I have to do something to make it work? it just goes to the 404 page no matter what I put in?


It’s just HTML template. ;) You need to implement your own PHP script for search with mySQL

Awesome template. Clean design. Well commented. One of the best templates I’ve purchased here on themeforest!

Thanks. :)